Beachbody Workouts While Pregnant

Nobody wants to stop moving once they have started working out and getting into shape. Okay well being pregnant is different of course, but you still want to will your way to fitness using Beachbody if possible while pregnant. Just because you are having a baby doesn't mean you have to stop working out especially with at home workouts since you can do them whenever you have time.

So Can I Do Beachbody While Pregnant? 

You can absolutely do Beachbody programs while pregnant you just need to get the okay from your Doctor. As long as you have been working out most Doctors will want you continue doing so to keep yourself healthy throughout out all the stages of pregnancy. 


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Beachbody Pre-Natal Workouts

There are a million reasons why you should stay active during pregnancy that includes regular exercise as long as your Doctor (OB) is on board first.

Here are just a few reasons to us Beachbody While Pregnant:

  • Reduces backaches, constipation, bloating, and swelling.
  • May help prevent or treat gestational diabetes.
  • Increases your energy.
  • Improves your mood.
  • Improves your posture.
  • Promotes muscle tone, strength, and endurance.
  • Helps you sleep better.
  • Also it has been proven that when you are in shape during pregnancy it can make the labor much easier on the body and also make it easier to get back into prime shape after having a baby.

Again you need to start with your OB, but if they give the okay it is probably going to be to keep on doing what you are already doing which is fine as long as it doesn't involve to heavy of weights or something like crazy plyometrics (Insanity Series).

If you just started Beachbody On Demand or want to dial it back a bit or workout more for having a healthy pregnancy Beachbody has you covered with their Pre-natal Fitness Program which you can also use Post Natal.

Pre And Post Natal Fitness Beachbody Review

Your Doctor is problably going to tell you to stay active and healthy, but this can be very hard as your body changes over the next 9 months. So doing the same workouts can be tough as your mobility may get worse along with joints and other pains and aches.

You probably shouldn't push it too hard and you need to be ready to not really throw the towel in, but to just scale back a bit. That is where Pre Natal Fitness from Beachbody Comes in.

The main positives about this program is there is 3 trainers that offer the programs. Of course most everyone's favorite is Autumn Calabrese. Too break it down each trainer has their own workouts for each trimester of your pregnancy (1st, 2nd, 3rd). Then there is also a postnatal.

Beachbody Active Maternity

This is taught by trainer Autumn Calabrese and is my favorite one honestly. For these you will need some lighter weights. Each workout is designed to benefit you during a certain trimester which is great. If you like Autumn or have done one of her programs like 21 Day Fix you will love this.

Beachbody Total Body Pregnancy

This set of workouts is taught by trainer Idalis Velazquez. You do need weights mostly light ones along with some resistance bands which you can find pretty cheap right on Amazon. Yoga mat and a chair also.

These workouts were great as well and you hit all your areas. The only thing I did not like about these is keeping up when transitioning from one workout to another she moves pretty quickly. And anybody that has been pregnant knows that doesn't always go over well.

Beachbody Pregnancy Yoga

This pregnancy yoga program is taught by personal trainer Desi Barlett. All you really need is a yoga mat (or comfy carpet) and possibly some yoga blogs depending on your ability to bend. This program is amazing if your back is in any pain it will get you realigned in a hurry.

You will feel completely stretched out and relaxed by the time you are through this workout. The only downside is there isn't very much of a variety for the actual workouts. So it can get kind of boring.

Beachbody Pregnancy Meal Plan

You should always get your Physicians advice on what nutritional plan you should follow. As they will be taking tests like blood tests to see what you are running behind on.

We wrote up a couple articles on drinking Shakeology While Pregnant and Shakeology while Breastfeeding which you can read. It gives insight from actual woman that have drank Shakeology while going through both.

Your doctor will probably have you taking a prenatal even if they allow Shakeology or at least folic acid. I would take the 2B Mindset guidelines or Portion Control Container guidelines to your Doctor to get their take on it. They will probably agree with it overall, but will probably have you increase your overall consumption when it comes with calories and your liquid intake.

LIIFT4 While Pregnant

LIIFT4 may honestly be one f the most perfect workout programs for Pregnant Woman. I would first ask your Doctor on making sure they would suggest working out. Bring them a summary of the LIIFT4 guidelines and maybe the nutritional side as well. If they give you the go ahead go for it.

First off you get 3 rest days a week where most Beachbody Programs only give you 1-2 so this will help with recovering as you will be working out and eating for two. You can always do a hybrid like the Barre Blend LIIFT4 Hybrid that uses the regular LIIFT calendar then adds in Barre Blend workouts during those rest days.

Then if you want to do something on your days off you can, if not oh well. Relax and try to get some enjoyment out of your pregancy.

You get a nice mixture of weight training and some HIIT as well. This is the perfect combination to make your pregnancy an active one. Lifting weights is fine while pregnant througout as long as you maintain good form and don't lift too heavy ask your Doctor on this of course.

As you progress and just can move around as much there is the modifiers for the cardio side of the program so it is really a complete win-win for a program.

Beachbody Barre Blend While Pregnant

Barre Blend is a great program to perform as always ask your Doctor first. With it being very low impact and lots of levels of modifications you can go with what you get a great workout with, but don't get to uncomfortable.

It is very low impact and the intensity you have complete control over so you can customize the entire workout to fit your physical limitations. You will also be at least using a chair so you can also do much better with your balance.

You are going to be building strength and stability throughout this entire workout that will greatly enhance your experience and should make your actual delivery easier. Your labor should be more relaxed (well easier is a way to put it), shorter delivery and postpartum recovery back to your new and better self much quicker.

All you need is some very light dumbbells or you don't have to use anything at all. A workout or yoga mat and a chair that is it. If you want to have these benefits among other like providing relief for aches and pains, decrease in preeclampsia, and better sleep give it a try.

One of many success stories with Barre Blend while Pregnant:

Lacie: **A HUGE THANK YOU TO Elise Joan!! Her Barre Blend Pre/post natal program has been the ultimate gift this pregnancy!!! ***
At some point the excuses are no longer comforting…
The discontent is no longer bearable…
And then IT’S TIME!!! It’s time to put your blinders on, focus on what you WANT, what you NEED & removing every excuse that comes in between.
I wanted to feel GOOD!
I wanted to be STRONG!
“well, I guess you’ll lose your fitness business, healthy lifestyle now that you’re pregnant again.”
**I got casted in an amazing test group as a direct result of said fitness business 👊👊**
“I’ll never gain 60 pounds again while pregnant.”
and then I DID… AGAIN with baby #2! But then…
*I made A PROMISE TO MYSELF & REFUSED to lie to myself one more time.*
I lied to myself over and over again until I realized that I AM ENOUGH! I AM CAPABLE! I AM THE ONLY PERSON WHO SAYS WHAT HAPPENS TO MY BODY AND WHEN!!!
Let’s stop pretending we aren’t in control over our actions, mindset and beliefs!!

Beachbody Pregnancy Workout Reviews From Real Mothers To Be

We curated this information from several Beachbody On Demand groups so you don't have to just take our word for it on performing Beachbody workouts while pregnant.

The only thing we changed is the grammar/spelling if it was readable.

Beachbody Pregnancy Testimonials

1. Mindy “Doing MM100” – I'm doing MM100. I don't do the core stuff. I've got 15 days left. Hopefully finish it before the baby.

2. Amber “23 weeks doing T25”- 23 weeks! Well 24 tomorrow. I'm doing T25 modified and working in my garden this summer. I'm having a boy too. Congratulations! I had to back off the weights so that has been a change for me but I'm so happy to have a baby that nothing else really matters. You are so close to meeting your baby!

3. Amber “33 weeks just finished 6 weeks of the work” – 33 weeks. Just finished The Work and now I’m doing the Liift4/ T20 hybrid. Lol it is definitely a hard program. If at any time I felt like a workout was not possible I just modified. It was a lot of legs, cardio and push ups. I can still do push ups but usually have to go to my knees after so many. I always paused for breaks too if needed. The most important thing you can do is listen to your body.

4. Sara “26 weeks mix of Prenatal” – 26 weeks and doing a mix of the Prenatal.
I love the workouts with Idalis!
So, MWF are weights, and T Th are yoga or Baby on the Way.

5. Amanda “40 weeks” – 40 weeks on Monday! I do some light weights with my arms, but am taking multiple walks a day and doing some prenatal yoga trying to get this baby out

6. Jamie “Liift4/21 Day fix hybrid” – Just had my baby a few days ago. Was doing liift/21dfx 3-5 days a week (depending on how I felt) up till 36wks. I had to stop because my hips were hurting so bad I couldn’t sleep. Still tried to stay as active as I could tho after that by walking, house cleaning, stretching out, etc. good luck! You look great momma! Keep it up!

7. Courtney “30 Weeks 10 rounds” – 30 weeks, I’ve got one week left of 10 Rounds and then I’m not sure. I’m also virtually teaching Piyo and core de force, but I’m struggling since I can’t demo all the moves anymore and don’t have live participants to help demo (taught Piyo til I delivered last time). I do remember doing the 3rd tri yoga early in my last 3rd tri and thinking it was kinda lame, and then doing it at like 39 weeks and thinking it was so hard I might pass out 😂😂😂

8. Alishea “39 weeks just finished 10 Rounds” – I’m 39 weeks I finished 10 rounds last week and I’m currently bouncing between 21 day fix real time, 4 weeks of the prep and the prenatal workouts… the goal is to workout for an hour 6-7 days a week right up to delivery… I’ve maintained it this far so it shouldn’t be a hard task these last few days

9. Cassie “38 weeks Barre Blend” – 38 weeks. I did 2 rounds of barre blend and now I’m doing the prenatal workouts and going for walks.

10. Maeghan “36 Weeks Barre Blend/MM100 Hybrid” –36 weeks tomorrow, doing a mish-mash of barre blend, MM100, and prenatal workouts from a different app (Grokker)
I’m SO ready to be done 😅
(Oh, plus chasing my almost 2 year old. Lol that’s a workout in and of itself)

Final Thoughts

As you go through you pregnancy you need to listen to your body if it tells you to stop please do and go to your Doctor before pushing through any pain or aches. Working out regular can be great to get through your pregnancy just remember to be careful and not push to hard.

Using Shakeology while pregnant can help, but again ask your Doctor first. You may not need to take your prenatal vitamin if you are drinking shakeology. They may ask you to take folic acid since Shakeology doesn't contain that.

Pick what workout is good for you and get a summary of it to take to your Doctor. They will give you guidelines to follow like the amount of weight you should be lifting and if you feel a certain way you should stop. Stay active you will thank yourself later as you go through the delivery and recover much quicker postpartum.

Related Questions

Does Beachbody Have Pregnancy Workouts?

Beachbody does have pregnancy specific workouts that go through each trimester and include trainers like Autumn Calabrese, Idalis Velazquez and Desi Barlett. The workout program names are Active Maternity, Total Body Pregnancy, and Pregnancy Yoga.

Does Beachbody On Demand Have PostPartum Workouts?

Beachbody On Demand has a postpartum workout the program is called Pre&Post Natal Fitness. It is broken down into Trimesters then PostPartum to get you back on your fitness track as quick as possible. There is 3 different world class trainers to help you out along the way.

Which Beachbody Program Is Best For Pregnancy?

If there only is one workout you do while pregnant I would say go along with Barre Blend as it is low impact and a great workout overall. You only need light weights and a chair to get through it. Even the weights you don't really need and you control the overall intensity with different modifiers.

Is Barre Blend Safe During Pregnancy?

Barre Blend is one of the safer workouts in the Beachbody Program Library. Ask your doctor first, but I am sure they will recommend this program to help you get through your pregnancy and come out much easier.

Can I Do Beachbody While Pregnant?

Most women that have been doing Beachbody before being pregnant continue doing so through all the trimesters while pregnant. This is something you should ask your doctor first but working out has many benefits to help you get through your pregnancy.

Can I Do Insanity Workout If I'm Pregnant?

You should probably stay away from the original insanity workout while pregnant. Ask your doctor first, but there isn't any modifiers. Insanity Max: 30 will be much safer because it has modifiers that are much lower impact.

Is 80 Day Obsession Safe While Pregnant?

80 Day Obsession can be safe to do while pregnant just make sure to modify where you need to and stay away from using heavy weights. Your Doctor is the first person you should ask this question to and they will give you the limitations guidelines to follow.

When Should You Stop Doing Burpees When Pregnant?

Your Doctor will tell you specifically since everyone is different, but generally by the 3rd trimester you should be cutting down on any impact or high intensity workouts. That is why you have modifiers for specific programs like in Beachbody's vast library of workouts.

Can I Do Transform 20 While Pregnant?

Transform 20 can be a great workout program while pregnant. It is very short at just 20 minutes long you have many modifiers that you can use as your mobility and stability gets limited. You can either use the platform or go without they even have weight workouts you can perform just make sure you don't go to heavy.

Can I Do  10 Rounds While Pregnant?

10 Rounds is a great Beachbody program to perform while pregnant. The workouts are relatively short at less then 40 minutes and they weight workouts are even shorter. You are mostly standing up during the boxing workouts. I would definitely ask your Doctor first and maybe skip the core workouts.

Can I Do  Beachbody Muscle Burns Fat (#MBF) While Pregnant?

Muscle Burns Fat is a good workout program that will help improve your strength and stability throughout your pregnancy. Since you are working out once side of the body at a time this may become more difficult especially as you get into the 3rd trimester. Make sure you ask your Doctor before completing this program.

Can I Do  6 Weeks Of The Work While Pregnant?

We know of many pregnant women that have done the 6 Weeks Of The Work Beachbody program. This definitely isn't for everybody and is heavily dependent on your fitness level before becoming pregnant. Ask your Doctor first but if you were doing high intensity workouts before like Insanity it should be fine up until your 3rd trimester.

Can I Do 4 Weeks Of The Prep While Pregnant?

If you are looking to do 6 Weeks Of the Work while Pregnant performing 4 Weeks Of The Prep is a great thing to do before that. If you have done other high intensity weight and cardio workouts before being pregnant you should be fine. Always ask your Doctor first.

Can I Do Morning Meltdown 100 While Pregnant?

Morning Meltdown 100 has been a great go to workout program for pregnant women. As it builds your base first and slowly before you start increasing the intensity. If you have been using Beachbody programs consistently before being pregnant MM100 should be a great fit. Always ask your Doctor first before changing your workout routine while pregnant.

Can I Do Body Beast While Pregnant?

Body Beast can be a pregnant friendly workout program if you have been doing it before being pregnant or performing LIIFT4 workouts. Ask your Doctor as they will limit the weights you can lift which is a good idea. Overall it can be a great workout routine to help you get through your pregnancy.


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