How To Track Beachbody Workouts On Apple Watch? (Quick Easy Steps)

beachbody apple watch instructions

One of the biggest areas I feel Beachbody is lacking is definitely in the App department. They are getting somewhat better but most everyone does everything electronically so you would think they would have an app for almost every workout. But at least they have gotten into the Apple Watch side of things.

So how can you track your Beachbody workouts on your Apple Watch?

The easiest way to track your Beachbody workouts on your Apple Watch is to first download the Beachbody On Demand app through your apple watch App Store. Next step is to make sure your watch is pair with your iPhone. Start BOD Workout on your iPhone it will then ask on your Apple Watch Automatically if you want to to track so simply select yes and that is it. If this doesn't work simply select workout manually from your watch. 

Sometimes it doesn't always workout without any glitches. Just like with any computer your Apple Watch needs to be rebooted at times so you may want to do a force restart then pair up with iPhone again before repeating the process. We will show you some more steps below if that is not working and also some user feedback from Real BOD customers.
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How Do I Get Beachbody On Apple Watch?

A lot of people including myself when I first got my Apple Watch had this confused. If you have the BOD app on your phone you still need to install separately on your watch. They have had some nice recent updates for the BOD app on the watch. When I first downloaded you had to have it playing on your phone in order to track workouts.

This works great if you only use your phone however, we use our iPhone, Tablets, and Fire Sticks to workout as well based on what day and time it is. So the old way we did it was just leave our phone playing as you are working out on the big screen.

  • 1st install BOD app on iPhone from app store
  • 2nd install BOD app on Apple Watch from watch app store
  • Sign and login to both BOD Apps
  • Pair your watch with your phone
  • Start BOD workout on phone
  • Watch will ask if you want to track the workout and you simple select yes

That is it.

Does Beachbody On Demand Work With Apple Watch?

Beachbody On Demand works probably the best with an Apple Watch. They have made numerous upgrades and worked directly with Apple on the improvements. Before you used to have your phone playing the BOD workout regardless if you were using it or your Smart TV or other device. Now you can manually select the workout directly from your Apple device.

Does Beachbody On Demand Sync With Apple Watch?

Your Apple Watch will Auto-Sync to your Beachbody On Demand app when you start a workout from your phone. After the initial start you can manually select other workouts which will also sync up on your watch. This makes tracking much easier.

How Do I Connect My Apple Watch To BOD?

Connecting your Apple Watch to BOD has gotten much easier with the newly improved updates. You have two options:

  • Auto-Sync – make sure watch is paired to iPhone. Start BOD workout on your phone and apple watch will automatically ask if you want to track that BOD workout.
  • Manually – go into BOD app on your Apple Watch and manually select the workout you would like to track.

Why Is My Apple Watch Not Showing My Beachbody Workout?

If you Apple Watch is not showing your workout it is probably not synced up to your iPhone. You can restart both devices then pair up your watch to your phone again before starting both BOD apps on your phone and watch. Then start a BOD workout on your phone and it should Auto-Sync to your watch asking a question if you want to track the workout or not. If this doesn't work then you may want to re-install/update the apps and make sure you have your watch and phone on latest firmware update.

Beachbody Apple Watch Won't Stop Tracking

If your Apple Watch won't stop tracking you need to do a Force Quit on your BOD App. This is quit easy. For Apple Watch Series 3 and newer you just need to first go to your clock screen. Then click the side button to bring up your apps. Select the BOD app then swipe left which should bring up the option to Remove.

It should stop it and remove the app from tracking. To re-sync re-select the BOD App on watch and iPhone then launch your workout to auto track again.

Beachbody Apple Watch VS Other Tracker Watches

We love our Beachbody Apple Watch and the tracking capabilities, but don't take our word for it. We curated information from different Beachbody Membership sites to bring back what real customers are saying about their apple watch and if it is worth it or to get another tracker watch.

Real BOD Customers

1. Hannah “Upgraded to 2nd Apple Watch” – This is my second watch only because I upgraded from the 2 to the 3. I haven't had a screen break this far and I've been using apple watching for 2 years. I love my apple watch I think it holds me accountable because I want to close my rings everyday lol

2. Dakota “Love my Apple Watch” – I have the series 3 and love it! I put a cover on it right after I got it, no cracks or scratches. The only thing I don’t like about the cover is if I sweat too much it will get between the two and I have to take it completely apart before the screen will work properly. Same with water

3. Alyssa”Love the Apple Watch” – I have the first watch they came out with & I love it!!!!!!!! I know seems sooooo old but it’s lasted a long time, no issues, tracks everything so good, I’ve kept it up to date & it does everything I need it to!!! It seems like it’s new condition too! I’ve had it like 3-4 years I think!! So while they’re pricey, you definitely get your money’s worth!!!

4. Liliana “Still on 1st Apple Watch works great” – I also have one of the first watches that came out & it still works great! I did purchase a screen protector for it and have never had any problems with the screen breaking. Once something happens to it I plan on upgrading to the newest one but for now it is fine 😁 it’s been 3 years I think that I’ve had mine.

5. Amy “Beachbody Apple Watch All The Way” – Ive been wearing one for nearly 4 years and never broken the screen. I’ve never had a cover on it. I use my hands all day for work and I frequently find myself hitting my watch against things. My coworker broke one when she set it on a shelf and it fell off – it hit just in a freak accident spot that broke it. That would be my last concern.

I always recommend the 5 because of the fall detection as well as the ECG option.
My friend has borrowed my watch a few times to check her ECG when her HR seems to be erratic and my watch records the ecg and I forward to her so she can show her Dr when she seems him.

It’s worth figuring out if you have some hidden heart issue or I’d you fall at some point and lose consciousness it will call emergency services for you. I made my mom get one too- since she has fallen a few times.

I had never been a watch-wearer but needed to be able to know when school was calling (or to know about bus mishaps!) since my phone is not near me while I work. It took me a few days wearing it and then one day of not wearing it to realize how quickly I became reliant on knowing the time with my wrist flick. I LOVE it!!

*oh and the 5 is supposed to be better in water. I have taken this with me to water parks and worn it all day and night – even in the pools, with no issues. I sometimes even wear it into the shower if I’m in a text convo with someone.

6. Ashley Rossman “4 years and going with Apple Watch” – I’ve worn an Apple Watch almost every day for 4 years. Had the series 1 now have a series 5. Never had a screen protector and never broken a screen. I love it, probably wont ever go without it unless I have to for some reason

7. Kerry “Have the 5 Awesome” – I have the 5. It is awesome. I would not buy the 3 at this point but If you do not have heart issues and need the EEG function (which is amazing) then the 4 is good.
I had the 3 and my daughter and I were carrying camp chairs. She zigged and I zagged and my watch caught on her chair and then there was a scratch down the face. When I upgraded it she bought it from me for $50 which is what I would have gotten for it from Apple. We both use screen protectors now … no more scratches.

8. Stephanie “Series 3 and Love it” – Series 3 is what I’ve had! I’ve had it for a year and I love love love it!!!!!! Don’t dish out the extra $$$$ for the 5. The series 3 is perfect! You can record all your workouts, text, call/answer phone calls. Ping your phone and link to your gps!
Oh and link Apple Pay to it if you use that! It’s so convenient

9. Edale “Totally Worth it with Apple Watch BOD” – It’s TOTALLY WORTH it! No my screen hasn’t broken. I was super tough on my 3 (gardening etc…) and did get only a scratch without protectors of any sort. I have a 5 now and LOVE it even more! It definitely works smoother with the BOD app and the screen is much nicer than the 3. I had fitbits before and they died like Every 6 mos. totally worth it.

10. Tiffany “Short battery life but Apple Watch worth it” – Mine has a scratch on the screen but doesn’t effect the watch. The battery dies in about a day (at least mine does). Have been thinking about switching to Fitbit since I don’t really use my Apple Watch for anything other than workouts. I’ve heard they have a much better battery. All in all the Apple Watch is worth it.


Most all BOD memberships that have the Apple Watch do love it even with the drawbacks. The main drawback being that it has a short battery life and will need to be charged daily. This is mainly what I didn't like as well as I used the Fitbit Versa before and it lasted 3-4+ days on one charge.

The other downside is yes you can scratch and break the screen, but most people this doesn't happen too. At the time of this writing my wife and I both have the Apple Watch 5 series. I wear the watch on my left hand and I am left handed. We live on a farm with horses and do a lot of outdoor work and activities. I have not had any problems with scratches or anything even though I don't have a case on it.

We did purchase the Apple Care + for the extra $79 bucks so if it does break I will be able to get a new one for cheap. So your other option is to get a stick on screen cover to protect it for really cheap on Amazon. Or you can also get a clear plastic screen as well that addes to the protection. Either way there are options.

As for the charging issue I like to track my sleep and as I stated that was the main caveat with the FitBit I could wear and sleep with it for days at a time. So I simply charge mine for an hour every morning when I get up before I workout. My morning routine is to get up at 5am most days and get everything ready, do some reading and writing then get my workout in. So that may not work for everyone of course. But even a 30 minute charge will do okay for a half day so you can charge on your lunch break or anything.



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