Is It Okay To Do 2 Beachbody Workouts A Day?

This is a question that comes up a lot for a lot of different reasons. Maybe you have fallen behind and want to catch up or started a live program late and want to catch up. There are times when you want to get into Beachbody shape for the summer as quick as possible so why not double the workouts for double the results. Unfortunately it isn't that easy and every person is going to be a bit different but we answer most of those questions below.

So is it okay to do 2 Beachbody Workouts A Day? 

Most of the time unless you are in decent shape or experienced 2 a days then we highly suggest no. But if you know your body and know your limits then it may be okay to push it to two workouts a day. There are programs that have 2 a days as well. 

Beachbody 2 A Day Workouts

You will see below we asked Beachbody On Demand Members this same question and got their feedback, but for now we will just stick with what we know and have researched.

Your body has limits and you need to know them and you should ask your daughter before you push it. There is a book I continue to read and listen too over and over which is “Can't Hurt Me” by David Goggins. One of his challenges and things he figured out is that we have a governor that basically makes most all of us soft. He calls it the “40% Rule”. Which basically means once we have reached our max it is really our mind just telling us we have, but we can actually push ourselves that much further (up to 60% more).

Now this doesn't mean the first time working out in years you start off with “The Crucible” (800 Reps) Week 6 of Amoila Cesar's 6 Weeks of the Work then do another workout after that. There is a reason why most all Beachbody Workouts have a progression where they get tougher each week.

Some workout programs call for it like the last week of 21 Day fix. I do find it weird like with football for example that we used to start out with two a days, but it did work that is for sure. You find out what you are made of in the beginning then know your limits the rest of that season. I don't think it is a good idea as you age and if you are out of shape to push it to the max in the beginning.

The great thing about Beachbody Workouts is the modifier so if you ever get into trouble you can jump to that modifier. So we would suggest going through a program like 21 Day Fix first then maybe 21 Day Fix Extreme before jumping to a 2 a day workout schedule or even doing 2 programs at once.

At the time of this writing Shaun T has a “60 Days of Digging Deep w/ Shaun T” program and facebook group going on. So I started late and was currently doing 10 Rounds while writing my review. So I did do two workouts a day and to be honest I really didn't see more results outside of my mindset it still mainly comes down to your eating. If you are exercising more then you will get more hungry.

Why You Shouldn't Do 2 A Day Beachbody Workouts?

  • Rest – your body at some point needs to recover so if you have been working out hard for months and now want to do 2 a days to add to that extreme you may want to take a break. Even like a week or at least a few days to let your body heal before pushing it's limits.
  • Beginner – if you aren't at least a couple Beachbody programs in you should probably wait a bit to do 2 Beachbody workouts in a day. Get some practice in and get your body accustomed to working out 5-6 days a week before doubling up.
  • Time – you might not have the time. Let's say you have 2 extra hours in the morning you can do your workouts back to back, but honestly you probably aren't going to go all out making it a bit of a waste of time. It is a best case scenario if you do your workouts separate about 6+ hours a part. This way your body has recovered a bit and you can push harder during that workout bringing better more efficient results.
  • Diet/Nutrition – you need to account for your diet and nutrition. If you are performing 2 500 calorie burning workouts a day that means your body is going to want more calories. This is a give and take scenario that you will need to feel out a bit. Let your body tell you what you need. Start with lots of water and probably some recovery drink with extra protein. Working out more can increase your appetite quite a bit so be careful not to overeat. It is much easier to overconsume calories then you would think. Eating 500 calories vs burning 500 is quite the difference.
  • Injury/Joints – be careful on your joints or if you have a previous injury make sure you look at what Beachbody workouts you are going to be doing ahead of time so you don't reinjure or over do it.
  • Results – just because you are doing double the workouts doesn't mean you are going to get double the results. Your body will let you know what is going on. But make sure you focus more on your diet especially because of how much effort you will be putting into doing 2 workouts a day you don't want to waste it.

Why You Should Do 2 A Day Beachbody Workouts

  • Challenge – new challenges are always fun and well challenging. So this can be the next level challenge to double your workouts.
  • Limits – pushing your limits. Just like a talked about earlier with the 40% rule you are capable of much more then your mind will allow at first.
  • Results – increasing your results. You can increase your results unlike what I said above. You should need to be careful with your diet and such so your body has the energy and fuel to deal with this increase in exercising.
  • Event – if you are training for something like a biathlon or triathlon you will want to mix up your workouts that much more and strengthen certain areas of your body. There is a guy in Beachbody On Demand who's name is Brian Wolf the guy is a beast. You can find him in Shaun Week along with Transform :20 (Bald Guy). He does multiple workouts most days then goes for like 8 mile runs which is just amazing. He is shredded and is currently training for a marathon he is going to be running in Philly. So he has that goal and drive to do these workouts.
  • Advanced – if you are advanced you may want to trial some different workouts to take it to the next level. Maybe do an intermediate workout program mixed with an advanced one. Something like T25 and 6 Weeks of the Work.

Does Anybody Else In Beachbody Community Do 2 Workouts In 1 Day?

We looked through the facebook group and found someone had already asked this question so here are the results from actual customers and their thoughts on 2 A Day Workouts.

We curated this information and haven't changed a thing from the users answers however we have kept the last names off the list to protect some privacy even though this a public group we feel this is the right thing to do.

Real User Feedback: 2 A Days

  • Britni: I do sometimes but honestly its all about how you feel! If you feel like, after your first workout you can manage another I say go for it but if you are toast afterwards then don't do it. Some people can do it, others can't but its all about what you can handle. You are only in competition with yourself so there is no “falling behind” per say! 69
  • Rachel: I always do two a day. The first one is Beach Body which I do before breakfast and the second workout that I do is Planet Fitness home works-is. Now for the days that I miss a workout, I squeeze a third one after my first one or second. I’m thinking of doing that today or going walking because I didn’t feel like working out at all yesterday.lol 69
  • Megan: I struggle with sinus issues and arthritis. When a cold front comes through it’s impossible for me to function properly and I often miss regular workouts opting for piyo or tai chi instead. I’ve learned to ignore the guilt and keep pushing forward with whatever I’m doing. However this week has been different. Despite 3 dAys of rain I’ve done one day of mm100 every day. 67
  • Donna : I do 2 a day when I don't miss one. I'm on rd 3 week 3 of Barre Blend and on the last week of 10 rounds. I do Barre in morning around 6:45/7 and the 10 Rounds at lunch time. I love this working from home. I have more time to do that without the commute now. 61
  • Krista: Yes!! If I miss one or know one day I can’t do one because of life happening I double up. Also if I want a rest day I’ll double up. Some programs don’t give a rest day only an active rest day. I like to take Sunday off to meal prep so I double up early in the week. 60
  • Kathleen: i feel like you should just move your rest day, unless you can give just as much effort to both workouts as you would if you were only doing one then it’s not worth it, let alone how hungry you’ll be the next day from the over exertion 49
  • Kristy: I'm hoping to get one in today but when I started yoga this morning my ankle kept giving me shooting pain. Hopefully it'll feel better by this evening so I don't need to do 2 tomorrow..idk about yoga, haedcore and dirty 30 on the same day lol 48
  • Lindsay: No. I just push it back to the weekend! Its a 5 day program and 7 days a week! Room for adjustments! And never feel guilty? Who do you have to report to? Its just you girl. Life will happen. You will miss workouts. No guilt allowed!! 48
  • Joëlle: Just did actually. But it depends on what it is. I legit couldn’t during Phase 3 of 80DO, so I just worked through it each day and gave myself some grace. Other workouts, I’ll double up or skip my rest day. It kind of depends haha 47
  • Alana: you think doing two workouts to make up is beating yourself up? Just curious. I think of it as honoring my commitment to my health and showing personal integrity. Plus, it feels great. I never feel guilty when I miss workouts, just that…See More 46
  • Janis: Nope never. Fitness is a life long journey, not a race, There is no need to feel guilty you took a rest day and beat yourself up for it by overexercising the next day. Just pick up where you left off the next day. 45
  • Lori: Only if they aren’t two lifting workouts for the same muscles. Like if I missed my cardio workout then I’ll double up with that but if I missed my leg workout and today is another leg/booty day then I won’t double. 43
  • Jessica: I do all the time!!! I hate missing a day. Yesterday was a catch-up and I ended up cracking my tv cuz I wanted it on the wall so tonight I’ll do a double and tomorrow and caught up again 42
  • Eric: I tell this to my clients and team all the time: remember that you are on your own unique journey 🙂 you are not “behind” or “ahead” of anyone else, because you cannot compare your body and your journey to anyone else. 41
  • Caryn: I bet it is nice being able to workout whenever you want because you’re working from home! At least there’s one positive! I, unfortunately, have been going to with this whole time. 36
    Well, I did half of one on the 1st day and then the other half the 2nd day because it was cardio and then leg day and I can't handle both in one day yet 😂 35
  • Jessica: I did it to catch up, yes! Following a calendar on point helps me stay on track. So if live comes in the way, I double up the next day!😊 31
  • Vanessa: I do. I actually tripled twice this week since I won’t be able to workout this weekend and finishing up my 2 current programs. Start 2 new ones on Monday. 31
  • Caryn: I have the calendar, too, and cross off the days as I do them, but I just didn't have the energy to workout yesterday. Doing 2 today felt great! 30
  • Hector: I do but I have one program that I have a priority over the other, so if I have to miss one. Its the 2nd program 28
  • Cat: I've done that before …. or I'll use my rest day to make up for it but I'm usually pretty good about stick to the schedule. 27
  • Rae-Dawn:I just pickup where I missed one, but still do only one in a day. I skip one of the rest days to keep up though. 27
  • Christi: I do. My daughter-in-law and I are work out buddies. I like to stay on track with her and stay on schedule, too. 24
  • Christine: Absolutely lol . It can hurt though depending on the programme you’re doing but it helps remind me not to miss workouts 😂 23
    I finally realized the Beachbody police aren’t coming to take my workouts away. The calendars are a great suggestion when life isn’t happening. 23
  • Jennifer: Sometimes. Then sometimes I don't, trying g to get to the point were it's ok to miss. Unless I'm in a challenge. 23
  • Caryn: oh for sure! I’m doing barre blend, so I did booty day and cardio day today. It felt great! 22
  • Charlene: Never beat yourself up about a workout. We are not built for guilt. Every day is a new day, no regrets. 22
  • Amber: No. I did miss half of a cardio workout, but walked 4 miles, so I called it good 😁 19
  • Maeve: I wish I was like that! Trying to do 2 everyday now I hope I stay committed! 19
  • Shelley: I try but 80 day obsession is kicking my butt so I’m just staying the three days behind 19
  • Arianna: Me ! And I am doing the MM100 with the doubles to get a rest day lmao 18
  • Bobby: I do. About to do them today lol. And o feel guilty for not doing it yeaterday 18
  • Caryn: me too! I try to do it Monday thru Friday but it’s hard every week! 🤪 18
  • Erika: All the time. But I'm about to double up to do hour workouts 5 days a week 18
  • Leslie: Yes! I just did that on Monday. I’m really bad about working out on the weekends. 18
  • Stephanie:Yes when I have time and energy for it, I’ll make it up with a double. 18
  • Caleb: Either that or move my rest day for the week to get back on schedule. 17
  • Jennifer: I do lol and regret it after and tell myself I won’t miss one again🙄🤣 16
  • Michael: After a years time, 2 workouts a day aren't going to be enough for ya. 16
  • Rebecca: I have before for the same reason…drink your post workout, your gonna need it 🙃 16
  • Virginia: My goodness. I'm in awe of you guys! I'm dead after one workout with Barre! 16
  • Sabrina: No. I just take the missed day as my rest day and move on. 15
  • Taylor: I do two workouts everyday and when the weather is nice I run 7-8miles 15
  • Ruben: Just make sure you can recover from the workouts you do 14
    So, i decided it was silly of me to kill myself for missi…See More 14
  • Rob: I did 2 today because Shaun T told me I had to 😳💦🔥💯 13
  • Wendy: No, I look at it as a rest day and move on. 13
  • Jessica:I love exercising I normally do three o four every day 12
  • Nicole: I have before just because I wanted to stay on schedule. 🙂 12
  • Racheal: I do 2-3 everyday just because I’m a weirdo lol! 12
  • Caryn: wow! I hope to one day have that stamina! 11
  • Elyse: Sometimes when I want to. Not always when I skip😆 11
  • Holly: I have. It was a real problem, mentally for me. 11
  • Julie: Sometimes that’s the only way I get through a week😂 11
  • Teresa: Sometimes…it I feel like I have it in me! 11
  • Ashley: I just did that today. Pretty sure I died. 10
  • Heather: Sometimes, but I usually just readjust my rest day. 10
  • Patty:Totally! It about kills me though. Hammer down girl!! 10
  • Stephanie: I do sometimes but not all the time 10

Final Thoughts

So as you can see there are people with many different opinions on this. Some people do this all the time with 2 a day workouts then there are those that only do them if they miss a workout for whatever reason.

So If you are thinking about doing a two a day workout maybe come up with a customized hybrid program workout that involves either 2 rounds of cardio one day then two rounds of total body weight workouts the next. Or maybe a upper body / cardio for day one and lower body / cardio for day 2 kind of routine.

The possibilities are endless just make sure you listen to your body and know when enough is enough. Stay very hydrated drinking more then just that 8 8 ounce glasses a day as you will be burning more calories which means burning through lots of liquid as well. There will be time when you need to skip a workout or day don't let it get you down and move onto the next day. Because with doing two workouts a day it is impossible to make up for a lost day.

Make sure you are taking 1-2+ days off a week. These can be active rest days maybe add in some time on the bike or do some pilates or yoga.

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