How Many Calories Does A Beachbody Workout Burn?

Depending on where you are at in your fitness journey you will want a more efficient workout so you are burning more calories per minute then many other workouts.

This will leave you will gaining more results in lesser time and who doesn't want that. Beachbody has perfected the art of burning calories at a max per minute.

So how many calories does a Beachbody Workout Burn? 

How many calories you burn will vary quite a bit based on things like age, gender, weight, etc. so this is a general estimate. On average a Beachbody Workout burns around 5-10 calories a minute (cardio workouts) which is 150-300 calories ever 30 minutes.

The most accurate way to figure out how many calories you burn during a workout is to get yourself a decent heart rate monitor. I do use just my fit bit versa now, but I highly recommend a chest strap heart rate monitor since they are much more accurate. I used to use the Garmin HRM-Dual which is a medium priced one there are others that are lower priced around $25-40 that work just as good.

That way you can get an accurate assessment on how many calories you are burning along with the intensity level you need to bring. Are you pushing it hard enough or do you need to increase your intensity. The reason I use the FitBit Versa is to make sure I get my steps in  everyday and a general range on my overall calories burnt throughout the day so I can record that vs what my intake is with the app Lose It. Is the FitBit 100% accurate of course not so if I am trying for lets say 10,000 steps a day I go for at least 12,500 on my fitbit.

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Which Beachbody Workout Burns The Most Calories?

When it comes to burning calories you need to look at it two different ways. Calories burnt per minute on average and calories burnt per workout. There is a big difference and you will probably make your choice based on the amount of time you have.

Insanity Calories Burned: (500-800 Calories) This is the original Shaun T workout that will knock your socks off with the burn you get from these workouts. The promotion on this was that you can burn up to 1,000 calories per workout. Although I never managed this I did come in at around 800 on some of them but generally was 500-800 calories on average. Once you get up through to the max workouts which are an hour long you can definitely burn around 1k Calories if you keep your heart rate up high.

This is a lot of interval training that requires no equipment of course. The downside is that these workout start at around 40 minutes but jump up to around 60 with the max workouts. So if you have the time this is a great option to get the max calorie burn in.

6 Weeks Of The Work Calories Burned: (500 Calories) 6 weeks of the work is a newer workout that came out by trainer Amoila Cesar and this definitely kicked my butt. I average around 500 calories burned per workout and the workouts were around 40-45 minutes for 5 of the 6 workouts during the week. The 6th workout is actually a recovery workout to get your muscles loosened up.

This is an intense workout for intermediate to advanced not really for novice. I am not saying if you are a beginner you can't do it just try it at your own risk. You actually have a fit test that you can try to see if you are capable of performing. These are what is called functional exercises so you probably haven't done these kinds of workouts unless you are training for certain sports like basketball.

They definitely help with balance and overall agility. There are some killer workouts like the Crucible that you work your way up to doing 800 reps of workouts like pushups, burpee pushups, and sprinters lunges among other.

Insanity Max :30: (350-450 Calories)  This is a great Shaun T workout that takes the original insanity and condenses it down along with new moves and you are going until failure. So the calories burned is going to vary based on your intensity and ability to not take to long of a break when you do hit failure. This workout doesn't require any equipment just like the original insanity.

Average calories burned is going to be probably around 350-450 per 30 minutes which is pretty dang good. Again please do get a heart rate monitor so you know exactly how many calories you are burning and if you are working to hard or not hard enough.

Morning Meltdown 100 Calories Burned: (250-350 Calories) This workout is hard to judge as you build up over the 100 days and the calories and intensity will increase in that same time frame. Super Trainer Jericho McMatthews heads up this workout with 100 different workouts that workout every inch of your body. Yes you will need some dumbbells but probably nothing heavier then a 10-15lb weight.

Jericho says your goal is to create the ultimate athletic body that is very strong and very healthy. The names of the workouts are Cardio Meltdown, Upbeat Strength, Core Inferno, Total Body Badass, Freestyle Flow, LIT Cardio, Downbeat Strength, Fight Club, MeltCon and Re-Vibe. Each time you go through them they change a bit both with length and intensity and a variety of the exercises.

21 Day Fix Calories Burned: (200-350 Calories) Calculate Calories Burned 21 Day Fix which is a 3 week program that has you doing 30 minute workouts combined with a nutrition plan that will get you jump started to your weight loss goals.  21 Day Fix Real Time Calories Burned are the same as the original 21 day fix averaging between 200-350 cals.

There are no off days so this is a very efficient 21 days and you can really see the results if you buckle down for this 3 weeks.

Calories Burned 21 Day Fix Extreme:  (200-350 Calories) The man difference here is that the original 21 day fix is more for beginners and Extreme is a little more advanced for those looking to drop additional body fat. An example workout is Pilates Fix Calories Burned which is around 130 calories. This is one of the lower tiered workouts when it comes to intensity but is still an amazing exercise. Ply Fix Extreme you will burn around 330 calories.

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Best Beachbody Workouts For Burning Calories

You don't have to believe us we have gone out to forums and fitness websites to see what actual customers are saying are the best Beachbody workouts to burn those calories and get into shape.

We curated this information and only changed grammar/spelling where needed.

Real Beachbody User Opinions

1. Lingo10 “300-800 with Turbo Fire” – with turbo fires I burn between 300-800. Depends on if its fire 45 ez, fire 55 ez, fire 45, fire 20, or the hiits. With cycling I burn around 300-500. Walking I burn quite a bit. I generally walk very fast and do two steps at a time sometimes. Im looking for the next big burner too. Beachbody Calories Burned Calculator

2. Kathleen86 “P90x” – So far my top calorie burners are:

-Cathe: Kick, Punch, and Crunch (w/o the ab work): 459
-P90x Plyo: 450
-Jillian Michael's Banish Fat: 420

3. Nicole Hoekstra “Les Mills Pump” – My first experience was with P90X and it just wasn't the right program for what my goals were at that point in time. I did Les Mills Combat and had success and that gave me the confidence to then try more programs. I found that the hour long workouts every day with P90X wasn't for me so when Tony Horton did P90X3 with 30 minute workouts, I went for it. Great program. I then did Chalean Extreme and am now doing a hybrid schedule of Les Mills Pump and Les Mills Combat. Feel free to message me if you have any questions. I love Beaachbody

4. Stefanie Phillips “Focus On Diet” – If you aren't eating well, none of the programs mentioned (which are all amazing and will get you results). If one of your concerns is learning the habit of eating healthy, a program like 21 Day Fix will also be an amazing introduction to your journey. Feel free to contact me to discuss further!

5. Joey Thurman “P90x, 21 Day Fix, T25” – Beach body does a gr at job marketing their products and get results for their customers. Even though they are a competitor to my website programs that are good from them are P90x, the 21 Day fix, and T25. If you would like other options check out my site and the renovation plans.

6. Mindy Zhou “Insanity” – For fat burning cardio I recommend Shaun T's workouts: Insanity, Asylum, T25 and Max 30

For strength training I would recommend P90X

You may want to get both and combine Shaun T's cardio with Tony's P90X

7. Dan Williams “Liift4” – If you’re not in great shape, but still want something that’s going to push you Liift4 is an excellent program. The workouts are only 30–40 minutes 4 times a week (with 3 off-days built-in) and it includes a low-impact modifier if you find yourself struggling to keep up.

8. Lindsey Shea “Insanity” – The P90 series is probably the cream of the crop. There’s a reason those and INSANITY are their best-sellers.

Our Response

Surprisingly and unsurprisingly the overall consensus was P90x at around 75% of the people that we went through mentioned this in their recommendations. P90x is an oldy but goody by Super Trainer Tony Horton. If you haven't seen him lately check him out on instagram or facebook he is still very shredded if not more so.

We actually just did a P90x Body Beast hybrid workout that went together great for the resistance training portion. Tony really mixes it up with his P90x workouts and his plyometrics does get you around 500 calories burned. Another one that was mentioned a few times was Turbo Fire and remember one of my ex co-workers always loved this workout and got into great shape using it.

So lots of options fortunately and unfortunately with calories being burnt with Beachbody workouts. Luckily you can try most all the workouts out for free with a 100% free trial to Beachbody On Demand. Although it is only 2 weeks you can try a bunch of different workouts out during that time frame to see what you can stick with. There is also a list of 100% free Beachbody Workouts that are samples you can get right HERE.

Related Questions

How Many Calories Does A 21 Day Fix Workout Burn?

The average calories you will burn for a 21 day fix workout is around 200-300 calories for the 30 minute workouts. This will vary based on your fitness level, age, and you overall intensity you bring to the workout.

What Is The Best Beachbody Workout For Losing Weight?

The Best Beachbody workout for losing weight is going to be the one you can stick too while also following a healthy nutritional diet. So that may be a shorter one like Transform :20 where you are doing high intensity full body workouts for 20 minutes using only a step. Or if you like doing longer and advanced workouts that is going to be a workout like 6 weeks of the work that includes functional exercises using resistance loops and dumbbells.

Is Beachbody Good For Weight Loss?

Beachbody can be a great tool to use to add to your arsenal of getting into the best shape of your life. But it is just a tool that you need to show up to and use consistently. All you have to do is press play and bring the intensity. Beachbody workouts by themselves won't change much unless you tackle your eating issues if you have them. Simply count your calories using a tool like Lose It and make sure you are taking in less calories then you are burning and you will lose weight.

How Many Calories Should Be Burned In A Workout?

If you are just starting workout out you should be doing around 20-30 minute exercises. So you should be burning around 150-300 calories per workout max. I know this doesn't sound like much but if you were to do 1 to 2 hour workouts a day the likelihood is that you will turn around and overeat as well. You can easily eat more calories then you burn unless you are a Marathon runner or Michael Phelps.

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Final Thoughts

So if you are looking for a great shred in the smallest amount of time I would definitely look to go with Insanity Max :30 or 6 Weeks Of The Work as they are both under an hour at around 30-40 minutes.

If you don't even have that much time to workout you can go with Transform :20 which is sure to kick your but and burn a max amount of calories in 20 minutes. T25 is also another option and doesn't require any equipment.

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