Can I Be A Beachbody Coach Just For The Discount?

beachbody coach just for discount

Beachbody has been around for quite awhile and hit the fitness world by storm. Where most at home workout programs have fizzled out like Tae Bo or the Total Gym (Love me some Chuck Norris), Beachbody has continued to evolve. I used the original Total Gym and Tae Bo (makes me feel old) and they still get the job done.

Beachbody has evolved in bringing new and different workout programs that suit any person when it comes to age, gender, and your goals. They even have the new on demand app that you can use basically any of their workout programs. They also offer a coaching program that has some great rewards especially if you use and love their products.

But is it worth being a coach if you just want it for the discount? 

Yes you can be a Beachbody Coach just for the discount. However it is only worth it really if you love and use their Shakeology as that alone will pay for itself. Also makes it well worth it as you get a major discount on all their future programs and you get free VIP access ahead of the public. So if you are deadset on using their products then you should sign up to be a coach. 

I myself was just a coach to get the discount on their DVD workouts and Shakeology and have been an avid user for many years. My wife's friend first got me involved with programs like P90X, Body Beast, and Insanity. I still use these workouts to this day and I am actually at the time of this writing doing a Hybrid with all 3 of them involved.

Being A Beachbody Coach Without Recruiting

Can you be a Beachbody Coach without recruiting and just for the discount? Yes absolutely I did it for many years and my health thanked me for it. I got into great shape for my wedding and honeymoon. I use Shakeology so that alone makes it worth it and with getting VIP Early Access to new workout programs months before the public gets access to them makes it worth it for me too.

I use Beachbody workouts almost daily and I do at times mix it up with some Hybrid Routines like the one I am using currently while writing this article. I go back and use older workouts when I want with their Beachbody On Demand. Then when a new one comes up like when 4 Weeks Of The Work came out I used that exclusively for those 4 weeks and had great results.

I don't actively recruit like other Beachbody Coaches on my team as I do not really get too involved with social media. I have taking the route of telling my story on my website and if people want to sign up under me that's great. I offer to build a website just like mine free for the first year and then you just pay for the yearly domain renewal after that time which is like $14.99.

I use this website to get paid whether somebody signs up or not. I went to school for Information Technology so I love building websites and getting them ranked in google. The adds you see on this site I get paid when people visit and even more when they click. It really is that simple and yes I am an Amazon Affiliate as well so if people buy something from amazon I get paid for that as well.

Although I don't make a ton of money just from this website at the time of this writing it will pickup over time and the traffic and revenue will continue to increase even if I don't do anything. I am getting anywhere from 100-200 visitors a day. Also people search and find me instead of me searching people out on social media. I am a major introvert so this comes in handy.

What Discount Do Beachbody Coaches Get?

With being a Beachbody Coach you get 25% off any order that includes your Shakeology which that alone saves you $30.00 a month. Then if you want to get the new program coming out not only do you get first dibs you also get a major discount on if you were a regular customer. This can make it an easy decision to be a Coach if you are looking to actively use Beachbody and their products the saving add up.

Is Becoming A Beachbody Coach Worth It?

Becoming a Beachbody Coach can be well worth it whether you are looking to do this as a business or just looking to get started on your fitness journey. One of the easiest things you can do is startup a website like this and just record your journey nobody is going to see it for awhile and by the time you start getting major amounts of traffic (around 6+ months) you will be in shape and looking good.

How Much Does It Cost To Start Beachbody Coaching?

There is a $15.95 monthly fee to be a Beachbody Coach. This is mainly to maintain your coaching back office along with the website they provide you with. Yes that is right they provide you with websites you can use I just don't for many reasons. The main one being if I want to leave Beachbody I want to make sure my time is not wasted this website is 100% mine.

You can't really do anything to their website meaning customizing it is very limited. So it is very generic looking. There is also a one time charge of $39.95 that can be waved if you purchase what is called a challenge pack. This mainly gets you Shakeology for a discounted rate along with a workout program.

Do You Get Paid To Be A Beachbody Coach?

Yes you do get paid to be a Beachbody Coach. You make 25% commissions on every customer order that goes through your coach links which is very easy to setup. They actually now have free mobile apps that will generate your personal link for you.

There are 3 main ways to get paid as a Beachbody Coach.

  1. Commission – you make 25% commission on every order. This is where Shakeology orders can make you some great money as most have this setup reoccurring. So $30.00 every month and multiply that by how many people you get to buy from you reoccurring.
  2. Weekly Bonus –  Coaches also get what is called a weekly Cycle Bonus. This is for those that build successful coaches that also recruit coaches and customers. This doesn't come out of your coaches pocket either. It only takes a couple of good people to get this weekly bonus up to a high level.
  3. Quarterly Bonuses – Once you get up there in rank you can qualify for these types of bonuses that go up to $50k a quarter.

Do Coaches Get A Discount On Beachbody On Demand?

No this is one of the few things you don't get a discount on unfortunately. You do get a discount on the programs that come out on Beachbody On Demand and get early access to them so you can record your results and put them on a web page like this ahead of when people will be searching.

So my plan is to get the program ahead of time then do a review of the program and post it on my website going over the most asked questions my team and I have on the particular program. I tell it how I see it and that is it. Then the review usually more then pays for itself with the amount of visitors you get since it is easy to rank in google for new fitness programs.

We love being a coach but don't take our word for it here are some opinions of other coaches and their thoughts on the matter.

We curated this information from several different fitness websites and forums. Only corrected grammar and spelling where needed.

Is Being A Beachbody Coach A Scam?

Real Customers and Coaches

 1. Fit_Mommy123 “Not a Scam” – It's not a scam at all but can be very difficult to be successful at IMO

2. Carres1973 “Limit to how many interested” – I don't think it is a “scam.” However, many people liken it to a “pyramid scheme,” which many think of as a scam. I don't know that it is worth the monthly “dues” for the discounts. I don't know that they are significant enough to offset the cost. I am sure money is made off the sale of products but it's not like there are new products coming out every couple weeks. I would think it is easier to grow a business selling something like Avon or Mary Kay. You get customers, they become repeat customers, you get new customers, etc. With BB, I think there is a limit to how many people are interested in the workouts and willing to pay.

3. Jonahnah “I'm a coach” – I'm a Coach and it's not a scam. It's no different than any other direct marketing/home based sales program. What you get out of it is based on your efforts.

I've never gotten hosed by BB w/ “hidden fees” or had commissions mysteriously “‘lost.” I'm not “pressured” to make a certain sales target every month. It's very upfront.

I'm very happy w/ my choice. My sister sells Mary Kay and she's happy w/ that. To each his own

4.Bonvivant “It's Not a Scam” – It's not a scam. It's multi-level marketing or MLM, which is a legal version of a pyramid scheme . BB is more upfront than some people and won't steal your money. What they are less open about is how you really make money being a coach. The people who signed up in 2006 are making the best money. They got in early and are at the top of the sales pyramid. The trick to making decent money is NOT selling BB products. It's getting other people to become coaches. The top tier of coaches, that is pretty much all they've ever done. They recruited other coaches who do their recruiting (and some selling) for them. So, there is a push to be a coach and get other people to be a coach.

A lot of people who sign up now have no idea about the hierarchy or the initial coaches that joined BB. It seems like Avon or Mary Kay on the surface, but it's really not like that. I mean, you can certainly try to sell the products as is. Many do. But for most people who get involved, the amount of sales don't cover the costs.

Final Thoughts

Yes it is worth it to sign up to be a coach for just the discount even if you don't want to recruit people. 80-85% of all coaches do it just for the discount. So take that as you want either there isn't too much money in being a coach or people just love the Beachbody programs and products that much that they want the discount.

Your options are unlimited as far as signing up as it is always easy to cancel. If you sign up with a challenge pack you can always use their refund policy if you don't like the program or Shakeology. There are a lot of programs out their for every kind of person and they also have great nutrition plans like the 21 Day Fix.

It can be easier to just sign up as a coach to get your footing and insights of the product. There are a lot of people that just sign up with the MLM money making scheme and give Beachbody a bad name overall. The products work, but so do a lot of other workout programs. I mean you can just go on YouTube and find some great free programs on their as well. Beachbody does have a great community that is very positive and a lot of people love that.

They also have some great free facebook groups that focus mainly on the products and posting results. This can be very motivating for people as there are people of every part of their fitness journey.

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