How Much Is It to Sign Up As A Beachbody Coach? (Become One For Free)

How Much To Sign Up A Beachboy Coach

Maybe you are looking to get into shape or have been using Beachbody products for awhile and wondering what are the pros and cons of becoming a Coach. Whatever the reason may be you have come to the right place to know everything that goes into it before you sign up.

So how much is it to sign up as a Beachbody Coach?

It is normally $39.95 to sign up to be a Beachbody Coach then $15.95 their after so you can get your 25% discount. You can get your sign up fee waived if you purchase a Challenge Pack. There is a lot of savings you get as a Coach that more then make up for the $15.95 fee as well. 

Is it worth the price to sign up for a Beachbody Coach? It can be, but if you don't use the products or look forward to continue using their knew programs that come out then it definitely is not worth it. Because if you don't use and believe in the products then you shouldn't be promoting them as a coach either. I know that sounds harsh, but MLM's have a bad reputation due to people that just promote to make money.

There are some amazing Beachbody Coaches out there that are just sharing their story and sincerely want to help people. While others are out there to just make money and don't care if they give a company a bad name. So definitely do your research before signing up to be a coach with someone.

Join their facebook group, check out their instagram, website and twitter to see what they do on a daily basis. If you are looking to make money with Beachbody because you love their products you want somebody who is going to help you get into shape and help out their downline with anything they need.

Beachbody Coach Testimonials

So we love Beachbody have been a part of the tribe since about 2010 I believe started with P90X and Insanity. Our upline is amazing and they are very active on social media where we are most active on our website. That is why I like about our Coach group we promote different ways including Pinterest even.

We can show you how to build a Website just like this one 100% free for the first year. We help with tech support and such as well. But don't listen to us on being a Beachbody Coach we went out to forums and websites to find comments from both active and ex-coaches so you can here the good and the bad experiences. We aren't like a lot of people out there that only show you the good.

You more then likely found this page on Google and that means you are searching for answers so let us provide them.

We curated this information from a variety of fitness forums and Beachbody Sub reddits. We changed grammar and spelling where needed to make readable other then that we left everything the same.

Real Beachbody and Former Beachbody Coach Experiences

1. TheBabeWithThePower9 “Former Coach” – as a former Beachbody coach as well, that my upline whose team is number one in B.B. right now, constantly pushed this concept. Yeah you can buy the dvds and programs online, so as a coach you are selling YOURSELF and your value to the customer. What do you provide them? How are you helping them succeed? The accountability groups are a huge part of it. Otherwise everyone would just buy it on amazon.

2. BrakeTheCycle “Coaches Are Not Paid To Recruit People” – While that is true, they are paid based on the sales of their downline. They do require all of their coaches to have some level of sales themselves, that is how they stay legal. Albeit not ethical in my opinion.

Like most MLMs, they say they are not a pyramid scheme because they have a product. In this case shakes, supplements, and workout equipment. However, most of the bad things that come with pyramid schemes are still there.

You only make money if you have a good downline and recruit a lot.

The bottom level supports the top level.

The risk is on the bottom level.

There are other downsides to MLMs that a non-product based pyramid scheme would not have:

You buy more product that you typically would and are encouraged to buy more than you need.

You become cultish when it comes to the company/product

Coaches (about 79% of their reps) average about $360 per year in commissions. Probably not even enough to cover their product and costs. Leadership ranks earn a bit more, but it's not until you are at the top (1.2%) that you make enough to call it a job.

3. Jonahnah “I'm very happy with my choice” – I'm a Coach and it's not a scam. It's no different than any other direct marketing/home based sales program. What you get out of it is based on your efforts.

I've never gotten hosed by BB w/ “hidden fees” or had commissions mysteriously “‘lost.” I'm not “pressured” to make a certain sales target every month. It's very upfront.

I'm very happy w/ my choice. My sister sells Mary Kay and she's happy w/ that. To each his own

4. Fit_Mommy “Not a scam but tough to succeed” – It's not a scam at all but can be very difficult to be successful at IMO.

5. Bonvivant “It's MLM but BB more upfront then most MLM's” – It's not a scam. It's multi-level marketing or MLM, which is a legal version of a pyramid scheme . BB is more upfront than some people and won't steal your money. What they are less open about is how you really make money being a coach. The people who signed up in 2006 are making the best money. They got in early and are at the top of the sales pyramid. The trick to making decent money is NOT selling BB products. It's getting other people to become coaches. The top tier of coaches, that is pretty much all they've ever done. They recruited other coaches who do their recruiting (and some selling) for them. So, there is a push to be a coach and get other people to be a coach.

A lot of people who sign up now have no idea about the hierarchy or the initial coaches that joined BB. It seems like Avon or Mary Kay on the surface, but it's really not like that. I mean, you can certainly try to sell the products as is. Many do. But for most people who get involved, the amount of sales don't cover the costs.

6. JDiMascio “Newbie Coach” – I am also a Beachbody Coach…just became one. I had a hard time making this decision. But, here's why I did it and then I'll explain why I had a had time making this decision.

I love fitness, I love Beachbody products, I have been able to get people on the products in the past, so I thought why not get paid for it. Especially since people come to me all the time for fitness advice and tips. I have been involved in fitness in some way or another for over 30 years (always involved in sports, running, exercising, etc). But since I have always been fit, I don't have people asking me what worked for me (they just know I have always been active)…because I didn't need significant results from Beachbody products (I got results, but nothing really visible…at least with clothes on:eek:).

Anyway, I am just disappointed that I am not getting too much activity because I didn't have these extreme results. Someone who is 300 pounds and loses 50 pounds on a beachbody product is going to have people asking what their secret is. Not knocking those who lost a signigicant amount of weight , I just figured that success in this business would help by being fit and healthly. And I find the only way I could possibly be successful as a coach is being really pushy, and I can't seem to do that.

I went to a coaches seminar and I was completely dissappointed in how many coaches were overweight….Not trying to be mean. I guess I was just assuming that “coaches” would need to keep a fit physique because they are role models or examples of the business (but I guess I shouldn't consider coaches the equivalent to Personal trainers)

Sorry for rambling, I think I am just hoping that it pays off for me….someday!!

7. MsPina “Great Opportunity” – First off, I'm a coach, and I think it's a great opportunity. I've been doing this VERY part-time for 2 years now, and I easily pay for our meager coach fee and then some (by quite a bit – I likely pay for my monthly Shakeology with my commissions – maybe not EVERY month, but likely most). I do almost nothing really – so if you put some time into it you really can do quite well. One of my goals for '11 is to dedicate some serious time to this and see what I can do here.

There are a number of coaches who are TRULY dedicated to health and fitness (to the extreme, in some cases) and they REALLY know what they are talking about – many are fitness professionals. On the opposite extreme, there are others who don't give a rat's behind about health and fitness, but they are seasoned MLM folks and know a good opportunity when they see it. They do EXTREMELY well because they know how to run a successful MLM. The first class of coaches (the dedicated fitness bunch) find these second types pretty distainful, really. It's not what Beachbody is about. But, more power to them, really. They are taking a great opportunity and making the most of it – you can't really fault them for that, and if they are helping people get fit along the way, even better.

Then there is what I see as a 3rd distinct class. These are people who are dedicated to their own personal health and fitness journey, but haven't quite yet nailed it. But would like to encourage others to come along for the ride, so they can all motivate each other. They slip and fall, they falter. They are human. They don't look like fitness professionals, but they really do CARE and want to help and work VERY hard for their customers. A lot of these folks so well because they are more relate able to folks. I've got a similar story as you Jenn – I don't have a huge, motivational success story, because I've been athletic and fit all my life. I do have a full time job and two young kids, so I think I do have real life challenges that I can help folks navigate, but I haven't been where they are, if they have some weight to lose. I don't struggle with food, personally. So this other class of coaches really does have a niche – a pretty big one, actually! I *really* can't fault them – they are what BB is all about, really. Helping people and truly caring about the state of health and fitness in this country.

8. BrutusMom “Loved the program hated being a coach” – Having been a B.B product user, I loved it. Programs were easy enough to follow, had meal plans, I could workout from home, all that jazz. I still use their “On Demand” product for those reasons.

Having been a coach, B.B. is a vacuum full of it. I was bullied in middle school and high school. I was all of the sudden expected to friend all of these people and chat like I didn’t have these emotional scars. I HATED inviting. It felt dirty. I was told to suck it up and if I wanted to be successful I HAD to do this. The people on your “team” whom you are told are “your family” now and “will be there for you no matter what” are the most fake. Once I stopped posting and coaching I never heard a thing from those people. I wasn’t surprised but I did realize how much I wasn’t listening to my instincts. I’m glad to be out of coaching and pretty much off Facebook. It is not the person I am and I’m embarrassed I ever invited someone to do it with me so I could “make be money as a SAHM!”


So as you can see quite the wide variety of opinions and to be honest there were much more negative reviews out there then positive reviews. But when you search about Beachbody “Program” Review the positivity is overwhelming.

So I think it has more to do with bad apples messing up the reputation of a company which is unfortunate. That isn't to say that there aren't as good of products out there that are cheaper or even free and even better. But I do like the community and maybe that is because I have made friends. We are unbiased and I do use other programs to workout with as well especially in the summer months when I can get outside more.

I like to bike and hike with my daughter and walking is the main way I keep healthy and in enough shape.

I see it as a double edged sword when people are talking bad about Beachbody Coaches being out shape. This is up to the user would rather follow a person along on their journey of ups and downs or just deal with somebody who has had a six pack for the last 15 years straight?

Again I see both as positives. I work with Niche Websites and SEO which is constantly changing so Guru's lose touch with that reality. Where with Beachbody the are constantly mixing it up to reach new heights and of course sell new products lol. You can check out our other reviews on other programs that include free ones. I think somebody can get into shape just using YouTube videos just as well as Beachbody programs but it will take time to find the right one where with BB you can be guided to the right one.

Coaching can be great, but I feel don't feel the pressure to sell because of the assets I have set up like this website. I make money whether I sell Beachbody Products and Programs or not. Just by you visiting this site I have made money with advertisers.

Beachbody Coach Starter Kit

The $39.95 you are charged one for signing up to be a Beachbody Coach is for the Beachbody Coach Starter Kit. This covers access to all the online tools you need including 3 different websites that you can direct potential customers or coaches too. As you can see I don't use those sites this is my own.

So I wouldn't look to just be charged the $39.95 if you want to be a coach look to get a challenge pack and get that $39.95 discount along with the 25% off. Or you can just look at it as cost to doing business as a coach and yes it can be written off with your taxes (no I am not a tax expert please see a CPA for details on this).

Beachbody Coach Discount

Yes I originally joined as a Beachbody Coach using a Challenge Pack purchase to have my $39.95 waived and to also save on Shakeology and other Beachbody products.

You save upwards of 25% as a Beachbody Coach and this is off things such as Shakeology, Beachbars, Energize, Recovery and workout programs including Beachbody On Demand.

So is it worth it to be a Beachbody coach just for the Savings? Unless you are using the Autoship Shakeology and getting 25% off that then I would honestly say no it isn't worth it.

I do drink the Shakeology most everyday and so does my wife so yes that then makes it worth it and takes the cost to like $3.33 a day or something like that. But are there better protein and recovery shakes out there for less? Yes there are, but I have it shipped everyday to my house they have flavors my wife loves.

She also mixes it up in the Winter months with their yes Pumpkin Spice and Peppermint Mocha. I stick to the Chocolate as that is all I really like.

How Much Is Beachbody On Demand As A Coach?

The annual price of BOD is $99 so it would be $75 or about $25 off the price as a Beachbody Coach. Also lets say you have used a BB program but want to get Beachbody On Demand along with being a coach and shakeology. You can sign up for the Beachbody On Demand Challenge Pack which would be $160.

How Much Is Shakeology If You Are A Beachbody Coach?

Being a Beachbody Coach you will pay $97.56 or about that for Shakeology where without it you would be paying $129.95. That is a savings of about $32.50. This $32.50 savings pays for your $14.95 a month coach charge. That is why we say if you want daily Shakeology definitely sign up a s a coach with a challenge pack if possible to waive that $39.95. But even without waiving that you will still make up for it in a couple months.

Beachbody Coach Income

As a Beachbody Coach the goal is too make money, but most of the time it isn't easy. Overall you make that 25% commission off every order one of your customers or coaches make. So something like a challenge pack you will make $40 commission off the $160.

This is why you will make the most money with Shakeology Autoship most of the time. This is a recurring commission every month and can add up quickly.

So if you don't like Shakeology then you may not want to be a coach since I couldn't see someone promoting something they are not using. I am not saying you can't make money selling the other products it will just be a lot tougher.

Related Questions

How Do I Signup As A Beachbody Coach?

You can go directly to Beachbody's website and enroll there. The one time charge will be reimbursed if you purchases a challenge pack within 30 days after signing up to be a coach.

Is It Worth Becoming A Beachbody Coach?

I definitely can be worth being a Beachbody Coach. It depends on who your fellow coaches are in your upline or if you are using Shakeology. That can make all the difference.

Can You Be A Beachbody Coach Just For the Discount?

Yes you can definitely be a Beachbody Coach just for the Discount. Especially if you are using their Shakeology it will pay for itself every month. You can also cancel being a BB Coach at anytime for no charge.

How Do You Become A Beachbody Coach For Free?

You become a Beachbody Coach for free by getting a Beachbody Challenge Pack then your $39.95 sign up fee to be a Beachbody Coach is waived. Or you get friends or family to sign up with you on your adventure then it will be paid for.


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