Best Beachbody Workout For 50 Year Old Woman

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Now maybe you are getting up there in age, but wait 50 is really the new 30 so absolutely you are not getting up there if you are reading this. As you get into shape and use the right programs while overall eating healthier your body will get and feel younger. Age is only a number so even though you are 50 there is more to picking out the perfect program for your body.

So what is the best Beachbody workout for a 50 year old woman? 

Although there is a lot more variables then just your age the Best Beachbody Workout is going to come down to two main one that include PiYo and 21 Day Fix. If you do have issues with your joints PiYo is definitely going to be it for you as it is a combination of Yoga and Pilates that is mostly non impact as well. 21 Day Fix is a 30 minute daily exercise program with nutrition guide that is second to none. It will create good habits and a jumpstart in the right direction. 

As always consult your doctor especially if you have any pre-existing injuries before you start a workout or diet program.

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PiYo For 50+ Women

There are numerous Beachbody programs out there like Insanity Max 30 and 6 Weeks of The Work that are high intensity and high impact workout programs. We are not saying you can't do those, but even if you do PiYo can a be a nice change-up to let your body recover from the intensity of them.

PiYo is an 8 week long program that was designed by Super Trainer Chalene Johnson. This workout program works for all levels of fitness and even people with problems with any impact. It is very low impact where they have people doing modifiers on the screen at all times. So if you have joint or mobility issues you can do these modifiers.

Or lets say you are a little advanced you can do the high intensity modifier then switch to the low modifier when needed. Back and forth you can go since you know your body's limits.

This program was designed to transform your body without using any weights or high impact workouts so you are putting a lot less strain on the body to get the same results with intense workout programs.

PiYo Workout Schedule

  • Align: The Fundamentals (40 Minutes)
  • Define: Lower Body(20 Minutes)
  • Define: Upper Body (20 Minutes)
  • Sweat (35 Minutes)
  • Core (30 Minutes)
  • Strength Intervals (25 Minutes)
  • Drench (45 Minutes)
  • Sculpt (30 Minutes)
  • Buns (25 Minutes)
  • Full Body Blast (30 Minutes)
  • Strong Legs (30 Minutes)

PiYo Results Of 50+ Women

21 Day Fix For 50+

21 Day fix is the ultimate portion control daily 30 minute workout program. This can be for absolutely beginners or those looking to jump start back into fitness.

Just as the title state it is 21 days of working out and portion control nutrition that is build to make it a habit. It helps you build great habits both for working out and healthy eating that can carry over into other workout programs.

21 Day Fix Schedule

  • Upper Fix: Targeted resistance training for the upper body (chest, back, shoulders, arms and abs).
  • Lower Fix: A workout designed to “firm and tone your entire lower body while you blast fat and burn calories.”
  • Total Body Cardio Fix: A full-body cardiovascular workout with weights to increase heart rate and burn calories.
  • Cardio Fix: A second cardiovascular workout without weights.
  • Pilates Fix: A Pilates-based workout that aims to strengthen the abdominals and firm the thighs.

21 Day Fix Results
















P90X For 50 And Older

There are many other programs on Beachbody that would be suitable for someone getting back into shape at 50+. Any Beachbody that has a modifier would be suitable until you build up your strength or if you have bad joints.

The List Includes:

  • Transform :20: Transform 20 is intense but there is a modifier for all the workouts. If you are on a smart device like a fire tv you have the option to do a split screen so it shows the modifier the entire time.
  • LIIFT4: LIIFT4 is a no-nonsense combination of weightlifting and high intensity (HIIT) cardio to build muscle and scorch fat. Yes there are modifiers for all moves.
  • Core De Force: Core De Force is a great all around program that will help you Shred Down With MMA Style Workouts In Just 30 Days. They have a person that does the modifier the entire time her name is Jessica Talbi.
  • YouV2: YouV2 is a great beginner workout where you will have a lot of fun burning tons of calories and not even know it. There is a modifier for all workouts.
  • Shift Shop: Shift shop is an intense 3 week program where you workout 6 days a week. But there is a modifier that you can use as needed on all workouts.
  • 22 Minute Hard Corps: 8 weeks of 22 minute workouts that will have you in shape in that short amount of time. What is misleading is that warmups and such are longer then the 22 minutes. There is a modifier that works great however as it is intense.
  • Insanity Max 30 – Does have modifiers so you can do them and switch back and forth between the regular exercises. This is actually a great combination you can push as hard as you want as long as you know your limits then switch to the modifier. I know a lot of people that just use just the modifier and that can be great. Just make sure you are challenging yourself the whole time. It is okay to take a break and jump right back into it. Don't hold back if you can do the regular workout safely then do it.
  • 21 Day Fix – there is a modifier for every exercise but be ready to jump back and forth when needed.
  • 21 Day Fix Extreme – yes just like 21 day fix the extreme version has a modifier so don't be afraid to try this one out either.
  • Country Heat – country heat is a relatively low impact workout as it is but there is a modifier that makes it even less impact. If you love to dance you will love this 30 minute routine.
  • Double Time – this is a great routine that you can get your spouse or kids involved with as well and yes there are modifiers for this as well.
  • Morning Meltdown 100 – this is a 100 day routine that is filled with different daily workouts. There are a couple individuals doing the modifiers on the main screen. It can be tough at times to see exactly what they are doing.

Insanity Workout For Over 50

We went out and gathered information from fitness forums and websites on what people are saying for using this program at over 50 are saying about using Insanity.

We curated this information and only correct grammar/spelling where needed everything else has remained the same.

Real Insanity Users

1.  Blue_Mint “Good Shoes and drink lots of water” – Just want to say this right off the bat: I'm only 25. However, I didn't feel like I was ready for Insanity, so I did Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred first (although 30 DS has it's intense moments too). 30DS helped me shed a few pounds and build some strength and endurance, which made me feel more confident starting Insanity. The great thing about the 30DS and Insanity is that you can make them as easy or hard as you need to, keeping in mind that the goal of both programs is to show IMPROVEMENT and feel good about yourself rather than being able to do a million pushups.

I just completed my first two weeks of Insanity and already I can do more than when I started. When you do start Insanity, wear good shoes, follow the instructor's safety tips, drink lots of water, take breaks when you need them, and have fun! It is a great workout!

2. DjHannah02 “My mom loves it and she is 44” – My mom is doing it an she's 44. She loves it and is looking great! She even does it a heck of alot better than I do and I'm 23. I say go for it!! Have fun and good luck!

3. Claporte69 “You're 50 not 90” – You're 50 not 90…Insanity is a hard workout and more depends on your fitness level then your age. There are people I work with in their 50s who do it regularly. You're only as young as you feel…age is just a number.

4. Iceman1800 “I turn 49 this December. No, you aren't too old.

5. MrsMark2010 “I finished it” – I finished it and am mixing it in with my other workouts now. I'm almost 40. I had no problems with it. There is a woman over 40 in the dvds.

its more about fitness than age. it will kick your butt. you may (most likely) not be able keep up with the people on the videos, its okay. they take breaks too!

if you get it thru beach body, you have 30 days to return it (or so i hear).

6. GMichaelGuy “It is hard” – It is hard. But do it at your own pace. Shaun T may do 50 Mummy Kicks and you'll do 20 (at first!!). The main thing is to do the exercises correctly, focus on soft landings and know your own limits. The exercises will remind you of your limits. Take short breaks and go back. You'll get plenty out of it and probably have a blast sweating mixed with some laughing at yourself. But laughing at yourself will turn not congratulating yourself before its over it.

7. Giannina67 “Start slow” – I am 67 Years old and I am doing 3 workouts a week, also on the tread mill i walk at 4 miles ph . My suggestion is start slow and increase as you go.

8. USMcJarhead3 “Form and know your limits” – I am 46, a former Marine, (both in and out of combat), I am a hockey coach for 10 years now and slowly let my body get out of shape. A year ago I was 212, I am hovering around 188 right now. I look in the mirror and I want that Marine Corps body back.

I started P90x with my sister and that was kicking my butt. I had already order Insanity, but it sat on my TV for about 2 months. After a few weeks of P 90X with my sister, I decided to break off and start insanity. The first thing you do is the fitness test. As a former Marine, I was not happy at all with my results. I have been doing it consistently now for about a month.

There were days I could only make it half way through the video, I was begging for 25 minutes to come so at least I could say ok I did 20 minutes. Even after a month, I am not finishing some of the stuff they are doing I am finding something else to do to keep moving. I am seeing the changes. My chest is starting to pop, there is some abs ever so slightly starting to peek out, the Buddah belly is shrinking, etc.

Shaun T. really stresses “Form” , “Know your limits” and “Go at your own pace”, heck on some of the videos you still see people in his class falling out. Most of the videos are 45-60 minutes long and repeat a lot of the same circuit or intervals so even if you are only able to make it halfway, that is a start. Don't FORGET TO STRETCH! If an exercise becomes to hard for you, he is always saying take a break, or find a way to modify the exercise into something a little easier.

All the research I could find on the calorie burns generally say that P 90X burns about 450-700 calories per session and Insanity burns from 600-1000 per average session. I don't know how accurate that is because it is based on body weight, intensity, etc, but it is a good burn. Start slow, do what you can, and you will get there. I hope this helped. Best of luck!

9. Racing5j “We did 2 Rounds of Insanity” – I'm 43 and my friend is now 60. We did 2 rounds of P90x, then insanity 2 rounds, then asylum 2 rounds and now were doing mixed schedule high hybrids. Do what you can its about moving not setting records. If you have someone to do it with good for you. Do it just build up slowly.

Final Thoughts

So as you can see you have your options when it comes to Beachbody. The easiest and cheapest thing to do is to sign up for the 14 day free trial to see what you like during that time before committing any money to the cause. You can also check out all the free beachbody workouts without signing up for the trial even HERE.

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