Which Beachbody Workouts Are 30 Minutes Or Less?

If you are short on time and need to get a quick workout in Beachbody has a variety of shorter workouts that can work with anybody's schedule. This will eliminate those excuses that always come up for us or almost anybody.

That is why it is still best to try and get your workout in first thing in the morning or before you get home from work. It is so tough to sit down then get re-motivated. We know we have been there a million times.

So which Beachbody workouts are 30 minutes or less? 

There is actually a laundry list of Beachbody workouts that are under 30 minutes. You can actually stack these workouts too if you have extra time on a certain day or anything like that. 

  • 21 Day Fix 
  • 21 Day Fix Extreme 
  • Insanity Max:30
  • P90X3
  • Focus T25
  • 22 Minute Hard Corps
  • TurboFire
  • 10 Minute Trainer 
  • Transform :20

It can be tough to choose from this list so we have ranked them in the order we would do them. We have also listed them from beginner to advanced so you can choose based on that and your fitness goals.

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Best Beachbody 30 Minute Or Less Workouts

21 Day Fix (Beginner to Intermediate) – [Workouts Average 30 Minutes] – 21 Day Fix is a 30 minute based workout that takes portion control to the extreme in an easy way of course. You use portion controlled containers so there isn't any real thought or problems you will run into from a nutritional standpoint. These are easy to follow workouts that use dumbbells or resistance bands. If you have already done 21 Day Fix you can maybe mix it up and do the real time version or jump it up to the Extreme.

Insanity Max:30 (Intermediate) – [Workouts Average 30 Minutes] – This routine is a great one to get the most out of a 30 minute workout. Your goal is to train to failure, take a quick rest break and get back at it until you max out again. No equipment required for this one and you will hate it in the beginning but as time goes on you will see the results and look back to see how far you have come. You have never done a workout like this before not even Insanity is the same as this has been modified to work smarter where Insanity was really just to push it.

P90X3 (Intermediate to Advanced) – [Workouts Average 30 Minutes] – If you have done P90x and loved it you will feel right at home with the condensed version of P90X3. Super Trainer Tony Horton is back to get you to rise to the occasion on these high energy workouts. You do need a chin up bar, bands or dumbbells. If you are a beginner don't be afraid to get in on this one as well just take an easy and go a little lighter on the weights side of things.

T25 (Beginner to Intermediate) – [Workouts Average 25 Minutes] – Shaun T is bringing it back with a less then 30 minute workout. Yes the creator of the original Insanity, Insanity Max :30, Insanity Asylum Series and much more is showing you how to get it done in only 25 minutes. He accomplishes this by basically dropping an rest so be ready to get it going and don't stop until the 25 minutes is up. It does go by pretty quick the more weeks you put in.

10 Minute Trainer (Beginner to Intermediate) – [Workouts Average 10 minutes] – I know only 10 minutes the point isn't to really only do the 10 minutes. The point of these workouts is to do one 10 minute workout then another one if you have and another as well. You mix it up working your legs, core, back, chest, and shoulders. It definitely isn't easy and is fast paced. These are older workouts but still work great.

*Barre Blend (Beginner to Intermediate) – [Workouts Average 30-40 Minutes] – I know more then 30 at times, but we added these in because well worth the results it can bring and you can modify with a hybrid calendar even. This is a low impact total body program that super trainer Elise Joan created. Has a perfect balance of ballet barre, pilates and cardio interval training. Only 60 days to burn that fat off and look at a new long and lean you.

*LIIFT4 (Beginner to Intermediate) – [Workouts Average 30-40 Minutes] – Yes we know again over 30 minutes but at 4 days a week you can mix in an extra 10 minutes over the course of the week. This routine combines strength and high intensity interval training. The first 6 weeks are 30 minutes anyway then the following two weeks ramp up to around 40 minutes. If you are a stickler for the 30 minutes one of our suggestions is to do the first 6 weeks then jump over to phase 2 of Body Beast

*Not all workouts 30 minutes or less. We added these in because they are just overwhelming favorites for those short on time and still using. They are bringing in the best results and if you can swing it or maybe modify the workouts we think these are a great addition to your healthy journey.


Beachbody Programs 30 Minutes Or Less Good On The Joints

If you have sore joints we understand there are also options for you to get into shape in 30 minutes or less.

We asked customers on their take as to what they have found works best for quick workouts that are easy on the joints. We curated this information from some groups and forums that are people who use Beachbody On Demand.

1. Wendy “Barre Blend” – If you are interested in purchasing Barre Blend, it’s very easy on the joints.

2. Stu “Insanity Max 30” – Insanity Max :30 with the modifier there if needed.

3. Serena “Prep” – Did you try the Prep. A few are 40 minutes, but mostly 30. Definitely do NOT do MM100

4. Christine “Shaun T all the way” – Shaun T will have you drenched very fast. Transform 20, insanity max 30. 3 week yoga retreat is fairly easy on the joints. I’m currently doing Piyo it’s fairly easy on the joints.

5. Malinda “MM100 with modifier” – MM100 20 to 30 minutes
Follow one of the 2 modifiers and you don’t have to jump.

6. Rem Manzo “Hammer and Chisel” – I'm LOVING Hammer and Chisel. If you modify the moves that require going up and down on the bench (they show you with a modifier) it wouldn't be tough on your joints. I've gotten amazing results from it too.

7. Rebecca “Barre Blend” – Barre Blend is 30 or less, is less high energy impact, small weights, works every aspect of your body so far. My body can't take the high energy, heavy weights right now, and I started this Monday and absolutely love it. I'm sore, and I sweat, and I have to modify some, but so far so good.

8. Ashley – PiYo, MM100

9. Katie – 22 Min Hard Corps

10. Karen – Barre Blend is low impact high intensity


Of the 50 people we looked over Barre Blend was the overall suggested workout program (43% of the total) for 30 minutes or less with bad joints.

This makes a lot of sense since Barre Blend is pretty new at the time of this writing. Barre Blend will help with overall mobility and getting long and lean but you will have to be stricter with your diet since you aren't burning a lot of calories.

You can get Barre Blend by going HERE.

Another one that came up quite a bit that we agree with on the joint side of things is PiYo. With it being a combination of Yoga and Pilates along with other low impact workouts it is a perfect combination for being easy on your joints.

Best Beachbody Strength Training Programs At 30 Minutes Or Less

We curated this information from Beachbody On Demand groups. This is all from users of the products so you don't have to take our word on this we are getting this information right from the source.

We only corrected grammar/spelling where needed other then that the answers remain the same.

1. Nikki Carter “LIIFT4 or Body Beast Phase 2” – lift4 or if you do body beast, you could follow phase 2, the workouts are 30-40 mins. I really like beast

2. Jennifer “LIIFT4” – I love to lift but also run. If you don't have enough time to do both I would say Lift4. Good introduction to lifting with proper form and HIIT gives you a balance of cardio. On off days you can run. If you are already doing cardio, try LIIFT4 and only do the weight training portion and then add abs in a couple times a week. I saw a hybrid calendar of Joel and Autumn and the note said to skip the HIIT cardio because you would get that with Autumn.

3. Ashley “MM100” – I’d recommend MM100. I’m a runner and I started Beachbody because as a work-at-home mom I don’t get as much time to get out. So now I do BOD while kiddo naps and do most of my running on the weekends! I loved using the weights in MM100. And I wouldn’t shy from the cardio either (in any program) because I think you’ll find it can help your running! It has cardio yes, but only 2 of the 10 workouts are solely cardio days. There’s lot of weight exercises and balance moves. And the lifting has a more cardio feel to it then say Liift4 but if you like cardio you’ll probably love it! I did!!

4. Mary “Barre Blend” – You know what’s really great as a compliment workout to running is Barre Blend. It surprisingly has plenty of strength training and actually really helps with mobility. It really is great and doesn’t overwork your body at all. All you need are 2lb weights and those little things felt like they were 100lbs! It’s really opened my hips up and helped my knees.

5. Catherine “Body Beast” – Do Body beast – it has the best results and you get to eat all the food. Once you get past the first three weeks the Bulk workouts are only 30-40 min.

6. Rachel “LIIFT4” – I would start with LIIFT4. You'll be able to learn common moves and get your form right, all within a short period of time (30-40 minute workouts). Plus there is cardio with it. Body Beast is more intense and LIIFT4 is a good foundation if you choose to do more with weight lifting (in my opinion).

7. Halie “Insanity or LIIFT4” – I hate to say it, because I love BOD, but I did Lift 4 for a while but I previously gained the most strength doing Insanity (which I know is all body weight). That being said, I recently started powerlifting and my strength gains are crazy. I feel so accomplished every time I lift 😅 so I’ve come to think that without heavy enough weights I just won’t get that from BOD programs. Still love the muscular endurance and cardio though!

8. Tara Sarruda “Hammer and Chisel” – Hammer and Chisel is a good option, good functional training in most of the workouts (less chisel agility). P90X3 is 30 minutes and also very effective. Excellent active recovery days (dynamics, yoga)

9. Jessica “LIIFT4” – I just finished LIIFT4 and highly recommend it. I got amazing results from that program. I just started 21DFX and, while the first day is a cardio day, I’m just not impressed yet. We’ll see how the program progresses.

10. Cheryl “LIIFT4” – I was the same exact way. I started with hammer and chisel but I like lift 4 way better, Especially if you’re just starting with the weeds. You will become addicted just like you are to cardio. Changes your body so much more


So as you can tell without even getting into percentages the LIIFT4 program runs away with it. We have done the LIIFT4 program if you are just starting with weights and only want to workout 4 days a week this is a great routine. You can actually go through this and maybe even jump into Phase 2 of Body Beast just like mentioned above the workouts drop to 30-40 minutes.

When it comes to weights I would say Body Beast hands down the best programs and the easiest to mix in with hybrid workouts. Of course it is longer then 30 minutes. Insanity Max :30 will build a lot of strength without the workouts or you can throw in a couple of the shorter weight workouts like lucky 7's from Body Beast and do cardio/bodyweight based workouts on the off days.


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