How To Stay Motivated To Workout At Home? (Easy Ways To Get It Done)

There is usually one main reason you started working out at home whether that is getting into shape, wedding coming up, keeping up with your kids, vacation coming up, there are unlimited reasons to start working out. But usually the main reason you want to workout at home is because there is less pressure and it takes less time.

When you have to go to the gym you have to get yourself ready to go to the gym, drive to the gym, hope nobody is using the equipment you are using, and finally drive home from the gym. Then there is the cost you have to fork over every month plus cost of gas.

how to stay motivated

So how to stay motivated working out at home?

Surround yourself with motivational images and reminders is the biggest thing including:

  • Motivational Quote Posts 
  • Motivational Image Background On Your Phone
  • Motivational music 
  • Write Down Your Goals Every Morning and Evening
  • Schedule Your Workout
  • Accountability Partner 
  • Separate Workout Space
  • Join An Online Fitness Community 

How To Be Successful Working Out At Home?

There many ways to be successful working out at home. It all starts with keeping it simple. So for example we are members of Beachbody and use their On Demand Workouts. A lot of these workouts call for you to workout 5-6 times a week which just isn't doable for everybody especially when starting out.

So you can set expectations lower work on getting 2-3 workouts in the first week then the following week start with next workout you left off with and go for 3-4 then 5-6 like it calls for. Everyone thinks it is a race to get a workout in and it really isn't. It is about getting consistently better every week and every workout. If you do just 1% better everyday that's adds up quickly over the year.

Take for example one of the new Beachbody Workouts called Morning Meltdown 100 this program just calls for performing 100 workouts when you can not in 100 days or 3 months. It has modifiers for any fitness level so you can be a part of something the entire workout without stopping. People's lives can be very busy so taking a day off to rest shouldn't leave you feeling like you have failed just get back on that horse the next day.

The way you make it through a successful workout program is to stay positive and block out those nay sayers here are some ways to do that and have positivity over power you:

  • Motivational Quote Posts  – Lookup a motivational post everyday and say that to yourself. Put motivational posters up all around where you are going to be in the morning if that is when you get your workout in. If you are one of those people who jumps on facebook first thing in the morning go follow a workout motivational page and set it so that pops up first.
  • Motivational Image Background On Your Phone – After you lookup that motivational quote save it to your phone and use it as the background. Most FB images are too wide which is okay. The trick for this is to just do a screen shot of the image in the upright position then make that screen shot your background works great.
  • Motivational music – everybody has songs that motivate them find them make a playlist. If you have something like Amazon prime make sure you use their Amazon Music it is free. Search “motivation” you will be surprised by what you find and save those playlist so you can get motivated at anytime.
  • Write Down Your Goals Every Morning and Evening – This is a must and it can start so simple. My Goal Today: Get my workout in, eat 2 healthy meals. That's it and you can break it down more the more days you go. Start with daily goals, live in the now then work towards that long term plan. Using a journal is best since writing things down by hand directly correllates better with your brain, but I know we are in the digital age and that is okay. So use a journal app on your phone a great one we use is “Day One”
  • Schedule Your Workout – you know how you schedule out time for dinner, doctors, dentists, etc…well do this for your workouts you are very important schedule this time out.
  • Accountability Partner – Partners on your journey can be your savior. If it is a friend that fine, a family member even better, and your spouse can be great as long as you guys are open and truthful with each other. The truth hurts but it does need to be said for somebody to change. Keep each other accountable, make a little bet, etc.
  • Separate Workout Space – If you can do this great. Most people including myself I workout a lot of times with my daughter so I keep my weights, resistance bands, etc. close and everything of mine is portable. I workout in the living room with my daughter or if I am up earlier like most days before she gets up I workout in a separate roome.
  • Join An Online Fitness Community – There are so many fitness communities out there with most being free. We are members of the Beachbody Community and have been for a long time we have had our ups and down with our fitness and they are always there to pick us back up. Luckily we have a lot of friends that are involved in the community as well. There are others like My Fitness Pal and Fitbit if you have a fitbit this is a no brainer. Just google “free fitness communities” you will see long lists of them.

Workout Motivation Pictures

A quick way to find an unlimited supply of Motivation Pictures without going to social networks is to go to Google. Just go to Google search selected images and enter in “Workout Motivation Quote” save as many as you like for personal use just don't use them publicly.

The same thing goes for videos as well jump on YouTube and search workout motivation there will be lots and lots of videos that show up save them to a playlist. We have YouTube premium  so no ads is definitely worth it with their free music and youtube kids options.


Workout Motivation Tips

These are tips that won't work for everybody you just need to pick out what can motivated you everyday and if that stops working move on to something else. Find that reason deep down of why you want to get into and stay into shape and think about that all the time.

  • Figure Out Your Why? – figure out why you haven't been working for the time you haven't then forget about it and get into the mindset of why you are going to get back into shape starting today.
  • Missing A Workout – if you miss a workout don't get bummed out and think you need to start over or you are a failure. Best thing to do is have a plan in place before you start on what to do. I used to just do the workout I missed the same day. But that just didn't seem to work so what I end up doing now is if I miss a Wednesday workout I do Thursdays workout first then if I have time I throw Wednesdays in if not I just keep right on schedule with the program. Try what works just have a plan and do it.
  • Keep Excuses In Check – everybody has excuses and it is tough to break the habit, but if you have time to do something like watch a 30 minute show you have time to workout. Even if you workout while watching that show that is okay.
  • Screw The Scale – the scale doesn't tell the whole story especially if you haven't worked out at all in awhile you can actually gain weight. So give it a couple weeks until you weigh in you should feel the difference over the coming weeks. Look in the mirror if that is what motivates you especially after you workout. For some people the scale motivates like my father he weighs himself everyday sometimes multiple times a day lol.
  • Rest It Up – take a rest day when you need it. If you feel like you can't just go for a nice long hike with the family or something so it feels like fun but you are still getting your calorie burn in. But always try to make sure you are getting enough sleep. It is easy to fall behind so if you can power nap do it, but unfortunately I am one of those people that I can nap so I take a day a week to get to bed earlier and then sleep in a little longer.
  •  Get Up Early – if you can get up earlier to start your day on your own time you have it much easier then most everyone else that can't. Getting up earlier is an easy way to get your workout in. A lot of people perform the Miracle Morning and SAVERS may be something to look into. This will almost guarantee your success.
  • Smaller Goals – if you are doing a routine like a Beachbody workout and there is modifiers maybe just stick to the modifiers for the entire first round then come back and up it to the regular style. Or instead of 6 days a week working out just do 2-3.

Related Questions

How To Get Motivated To Exercise When Depressed?

Being depressed is all in your head so you need to get in the right mindset before you workout or you need to think about nothing. That's right you don't need to feel motivated or happy to workout just get up before you put too much thought into it and start moving. Check out the 5 second rule a great book on this very scenario.

Your brain can always think of excuses and get in the way when it comes to moving around and working out. That's why working out first thing in the morning is the best option. As the day goes on your brain will make more of an effort to take that easy way out which is a protection mechanism.

One thing you can think about is how much less depressed and more accomplished you will feel after getting that workou in.

How To Enjoy Working Out?

Don't put too much thought into this just do something you love when you workout. If you love to run then run outside or on a treadmill. If you love to ride bike then get a mountain bike and get out there or get a spin bike or join a spin class.

Use your favorite energetic songs so you can jam out and dance while working out or biking. Make your workouts shorter so you can put more into them. Heck you can even make your workouts as long as the songs you listen too then take a mini break and get back at it creating your own high intensity interval workout.

How can I Enjoy The Gym Alone?

Most people do go to the gym alone but if you are a beginner it can be very intimidating.

  • Go During The Dead Hours – this can be after the morning rush, after lunch, late evening. Ask around and see when it is dead and go then to get used to the equipment.
  • Start With Machines – start with machines you are familiar with. If you don't feel comfortable asking somebody how to use a piece of equipment look it up and start with YouTube. Try to get on enough that you get a total body workout.
  • Don't look at me – most people aren't paying attention to anyone else but themselves outside of what you may think. If you don't believe me go to the equipment in the back of the gym which is usually cardio equipment like the treadmill or elliptical but whatever it is that you are out of sight with. Start there and look around at anyone else there they will have their headphones on and focused especially the ones that are in shape.
  • Don't Worry About Motivation – honestly motivation will only take you so far which may be to making it a habit to be healthy. That is all you need out of motivation, but if that doesn't work focus on making it a habit or task. Schedule it out and do it like it is a job once you do this for a few weeks it will be a no brainer task you go in to get done when needed.


Staying motivated to workout everyday can be an almost impossible feat that is why you may need to do a lot of different things to stay on track and consistent.

Once you get the ball rolling for a few weeks trust me things will get easier as you are on your way to creating a habit that hopefully you can't live without.

Take this article and all its tips and tricks and implement the ones that will work for you. With it being the digital age there are many apps that can help you out also. Set alarms, reminders, pictures, vision boards, etc. so they pop up throughout your day to keep you on your tight path to success.

Having a community that supports you is great. If you can get your spouse, best friend, or family on board it will make it that much easier. Will power only takes most of us so far along with motivation. That is why we are members of the Beachbody Community that is full of people that live close and far away all on the same path to fitness.

There are lots of free communities out there that can do the same thing even if you want to remain anonymous. Find a workout routine you can see yourself doing for the next 10 years that you will thoroughly enjoy and you have won most of the battle.

You can find a list of most of the workout programs we have completed HERE

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