How To Do Deadlifts With Resistance Bands? (Effective Workout)

If you travel a lot or live in an upstairs apartment it can be hard to get a great weight training workout in. There are alternatives and one of those are resistance bands. They have come a long way over the years some even completely replacing the need for dumbbells or barbell weights.

So whatever the reason may be don't pass up on resistance training due to not having weights maybe give resistance bands a try since they are much cheaper then trying to get an entire set of dumbbells and Olympic barbell weights. Online retailers like Walmart and Amazon carry them along with Sporting Goods places. They have come a long way being much more durable along with lots of attachments for many more workout variables.

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So how can you do deadlifts with resistance bands? Depends on what type of resistance bands you have but if you have standard one's with handles all you have to do is step on the middle with both feet shoulder width apart grab the handles with bent knees lift with your hips back straighten your knees. Contract your glutes and continue straightening your legs pause then return back down. 

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Using Resistance Bands For Deadlifting Alone

If you plan on using resistance bands for working out adding deadlift to your routine is a no brainer. You have many different weights you can get with bands anything from 5 to 100lbs or more. It is a great total body workout that shouldn't be passed working out:

  • Glutes
  • Quads
  • Inner thigh
  • Calf
  • Hamstring
  • Lower back
  • Traps
  • Levator Scapulae which is hte muscle from your jaw to shoulder
  • Rhomboid (upper back)
  • Abs
  • Obliques

With resistance bands you can also do a few different variations of the the deadlift including straight leg (Romanian), sumo and your standard deadlift. It is probably a good option to hit them all up.

Standard you just stand at shoulder width apart with your feet in the middle of the bands. Make sure you keep you butt down and hips back and legs bent as you grab the handles. Lift and straighten your legs sitting back keep your back straight lock out and bring it back down for another rep.

If the bands are heavy enough you can either go with a thicker band or make a loop just make sure it is equal on both sides. Perform the same way.

Straight Leg Deadlift With Resistance Bands

Straight leg is a great way to really work on that back and hamstrings. You can add these in by themselves or alternate every set. Just stand with your legs together make sure you balanced. Keep your legs straight bendover to grab your handles keep your core tightened and pull up to complete the lift then back down to repeat.

Sumo Deadlift With Resistance Bands

Sumo can be a little tougher to do with resistance bands but it still can be done. You will need a lighter resistance band then for standard because your feet are going to be wider. Make sure you are balanced and bring your legs out past shoulder width turn your toes out.

Same thing sit back with your butt and hips back keep your back as straight as possible. Lift with your legs and lock out pause and repeat.

Deadlifts Olympic Weights With Resistance Bands

Adding resistance bands to your standard deadlift is a great way to get yourself additional resistance throughout the rep especially on the locking out. The easiest and simple way of doing this if you lift alone is grabbing the resistance bands as you grab the bar and lifting keeping the bands stable as you step on them.

This can be very tough to do and get used so try with just the Olympic bar without weight at first to see how it feels and get your balance down then slowly add weight to that.

Resistance Band Dumbbell Deadlift

Doing Resistance band dumbbell deadlift would be the same as with the barbell where you are going grab the bands and dumbbells at the same time after you have found your stand on the middle part of the bands.

Be careful and start with lighter weight. Get your balance down it is going to feel weird at first.

Related Questions

Will Resistance Bands Build Muscle?

Yes resistance bands can build muscle very well actually. This is one of the reasons the bowflex came out, but you don't need to make that expensive of a purchase when starting out. Get yourself a cheap around $20 pair to get started then you can always increase the weight and go from there.

Try to keep the tension consistent so you can max out and build muscle a bit easier. There are entire workout programs built on doing resistance band workouts. Even if you have dumbbells these are a nice add on to mix into your workouts which is what we do.

Why Do Banded Deadlifts?

Adding bands to your weight workout is a great thing to do even every once in awhile. The main benefit is allowing you to explode through the lift instead of just to the end of the lift. What do I mean? Well relating to another workout is chest have you ever lifted heavy weight and you get to almost locking out but your triceps basically just don't have enough left. Well if you add band workouts to your chest workout it is likely to help you in this specific area.

Most of the time with deadlifts its not with getting the weight off the ground initial it is locking out where most struggles especially the heavier weights they work their way up to. So as a beginner do you need to add bands to your deadlifts? Probably not. Work on your form and building up weights until you get to this scenario.

Do Resistance Band Deadlifts Work?

Resistance band deadlifts do work maybe not as effective as Olympic bar and weight deadlifts but they are a great start and can do enough on their own to strengthen your back, leg and core muscles.


Resistance bands can be a nice addition whether you are going to do them alone or with weights. If you are traveling you really should have a set of resistance bands as they are light and compact you can take them anywhere.

This way you can get your resistance workouts done in your room then continue doing cardio workouts there or go for a run or to the hotel gym.

If you are adding these to your Olympic Barbell Deadlifts then you know what you are doing just make sure you get your balance down. When you add bands it shifts your weight around and feels completely different so start with much lighter weight then normal.


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