Expired Shakeology (Does Shakeology Actually Expire?)

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Most of us have been there with some kind of supplement or medicine like Tylenol and it expires is it still good or should I toss it out and move on. This is no different with a supplement like Shakeology that will expire so it may be best to give away or discount it to a friend or family member if you get behind before it does expire.

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So does Shakeology Actually Expire? 

Shakeology from the time it is sealed and shipped now has a one year expiration used to be two. So if you get behind try to catch up within that one year span. If it is expired it is up to you on still drinking it. I know we would and have drank expired Shakelogy that tasted just as good as fresh. 

If a Shakeology bag is opened it should be consumed around the daily usage mark. If it is sealed and stored in a cool area it should be fine for over two years. When it is opened it flooded with oxygen that will speed up the expiration process so keep sealed unless you are going to finish.

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We went out and asked actual Shakeology users questions on Expired Shakeology and brought all that information back for your reading below so you don't have to take just our word for it.

Shakeology Expiration FAQ

We see many questions asked on Shakeology and dealing with Expiration dates. Obviously if you are drinking everyday then you won't have any problems with this, but things happens. I usually only drink Shakeology 5 days a week because I just get too busy on the weekends and forget. So what I do now is just drink an extra 2 during those 5 days so I keep on track with the 30 days.

I have had Shakeology expire on us numerous times with most different flavors and have no issues when drinking them as long as they are sealed and drink around 30 days after opening.

Expired Shakeology Packets?

Shakeology Packets are just the single serving version and can be treated the same if sealed. So use your smell and taste judgement if expired. I have had sample ones that were almost 2 years past expiration and they tasted completely fine. Shakeology did recently change their expiration from 2 years to 1 which is fine. They probably did this for legality reason for just in case, but most all proteins last around that two year limit.

Is Expired Shakeology Ok To Drink?

Expired Shakeology if seals will be okay to drink to a certain extent. That extent is what you are comfortable with we have had it just under two years past the expired date. This was also when Shakeology didn't expire for two years so it was technically around 4 years old and still tasted fresh. Now that it is a year to expired date that would have been 3 years after it actually expired.

Use your own judgement on whether it is worth the risk, but with the cost of Shakeology I would never let a bag go to waste 99.9% of the time.

My Shakeology Expired Can I Still Drink It?

If your Shakeology expired you can still drink it safely as long as it isn't opened. To be even safer just use a smell test between a fresh Shakeology and the old one. Then use your taste test if it doesn't taste right then toss it out.

Does Shakeology Expire?

Shakeology used to expire in two years from the time it was sealed, but it now expires after one year. So even though it expires as long as it is stored in cooler place then directly in the sun it should be fine even past a year of the expiry date. After opened you should finish the package within 60 days if possible. If you normally don't the single serve packets may be your best option.

Will Expired Shakeology Make You Sick?

Expired Shakeology will most likely not make you sick at all. That is unless fresh Shakeology already makes you sick. Most customers that have drank expired Shakeology up to 2 years after the expiry date have stated it taste exactly the same as fresh Shakeology and did not make them sick.

Does Expired Shakeology Still Work?

Although the nutrients in expired Shakeology may not be as good as fresh Shakeology it will still be better then most protein drinks out there with the amount of nutrients and vitamins you will still consume. Most Doctors will state the same with vitamins and supplements that it is better then not taking them.

When Does Shakeology Expire?

From the time Shakeology is sealed in the manufacturing area it is now given a 1 year best by date from that point. It used to be 2 years from this date but for some reason it was changed. It obviously will last a lot longer then that and most customers that have drank expired shakeology speak of it being around 2 years and still tasted fine.

Can You Use Expired Shakeology?

You can use expired Shakeology just as lots of Beachbody customers have done so up to a couple years pasted the expiry date. Use your own judgment if it doesn't smell right don't consume it. With it being as expensive as it is that makes for a tough decision.

How Long After Expiration Date Is Shakeology Good?

Shakeology I have heard of being consumed up to 3 years past the expiry date. We have personally only consumed it around 2 years past the expiration date, but it tasted 100% fine and we had no issues with how we felt afterward.

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Expired Shakeology Opinions Of Real Users

We have curated this information from several different Beachbody groups that are from real customers and they have not been compensated for their opinions at all. We only changed grammar/spelling where needed other then that the answers all remain the same.

Real Shakeology Users

1. Leslie “Still sealed okay” – If it has been opened for a long time then it will taste gross. 🙋🏼‍♀️tried it! If it is still sealed it may be ok. Try it. If it tastes weird ditch it. I drank the expired stuff that didn’t taste fantastic for a few days before I realized something was off. It never made me sick or anything but when I opened a new bag I discovered how much better it tasted lol

2. April “Lived to tell the tail” – I have and lived to tell the story haha (year old shakeology). nothing happened haha I am still alive and never even noticed a difference in taste.

3. Doro “Two Years Past Expiration Okay” – Up to two years past exp should be OK as long as unopened. I've had 1+ year expired many times just fine.

4. Kimberley “It's Fine” – It's fine as long as it has been stored closed and in a good environment. Even most perscriptions are safe past their best by date.

5. Keyla “Have had multiple times” – I have had expired Shakeology multiple times….several months expired & I am here to post about it. I didn’t get sick & most importantly, I didn’t die😃

6. Melissa “Good for a year after” – It’s usually good for at least a year beyond that date. That date is only when they guarantee all the ingredients to have their full nutritional value. After that they start to break down but nothing that would make it bad for you to consume

7. Courtney “Have expired packets and still taste good” – I believe it is a best before date (not expiry date). When I got a shipment eat month the best before date was usually about 6 months and never more than a year from when I received it.
I have the single packets which all expired in 2019 and they are still good.

8. Marisa “Had it and perfectly fine” – I have had expired before unopened and it was perfectly fine (these are non perishables after all. It’s BEST BEFORE, not DO NOT CONSUME) that being said check it and do a taste of it. It won’t kill you.

9. Laura “Recently changed to 1 Year” – The “expiration” date used to be 2 years. They changed it to one year. They said the vitamins weren't as potent after the 1 year mark. If you drink it and don't feel well, ditch the bag

10. Amanda “Single Serve expired packets fine” – My husband finished our individual packets of regular Shakeo that were way expired. There was a slight difference in taste (like not as fresh) but he had 0 issues.

11. Paul “Reliable source said yes it is fine” – Yes. I was told by a reliable source that it would be fine long after the expiration date. Which goes to show the commitment of a great product, the quality is outstanding, and you know the taste is great. Now my question is how can you have some expire? I’m like done with a bag by the end of the month. 😆 Drink your Shakeology, you’ll be fine!

12. Kimberley “Doctor said yes expired fine” – I tell you what my doctor told me. unless you keep vitamins or minerals or any medicines in the hottest dampest room in the house they are good for quite a few years.

13. Christina “Open and give smell test first” – I would open it and smell it….whenever I’ve had any that expired it usually smells awful and I never wanted to chance it but that’s before they added the vegan flavors

14. Christy “Yes depends on how long” – Yes! But depends on how long. I had a couple of packets that were over 3 months expired and turned to pudding when I mixed them up. Had to throw them out

15. Madeline “No side effects good to go” – Current situation. Mine expired in February. I understand I may not get 100% of the nutrients but I’ll take what I get… it costs too much to waste. No side effects and no difference in taste from my experience/opinion.

16. Tara “Still alive and kicking after drinking” – I went through an extended bout of depression and kept getting the shakeo to keep my coach status active, until I realized I had $600 if it in my pantry. I stopped getting it until I get through it all. It's a couple months expired and I drink it every day and I'm still alive and kicking (and feeling good).

17. Jennifer “Put it in the freezer to preserve” – So I put mine in the freezer when I realized it was getting close or already expired ( I also had a backstock) then took it out & kept it out when I was ready to use it. Not sure if it preserved all the great nutrients, but it tasted fine 😉
On a $$ note: I now put my SO on hold if I've got a backstock and use that money to try new products like the bars, collagen, new bands, etc.

Final Thoughts

Shakeology is like similar proteins on the market and the vast majority of them last 2 years past the expiration date. So that can be your basis to go off of if yours does expire. Then you can go by smell and taste to make sure it tastes the same as a fresh Shakeology.

You will also want to look into how it was stores over the last 3 or 4 years. If it was in a pantry where it is cool and dark it should be 100% fine. If it was sitting outside in the blazing hot son for years then just toss it right away.

For those that just don't want to drink Shakeology every day you can simple get the single serving version then you only have to worry about those packets expiring individually.

Even if it doesn't smell just right it probably is completely fine to consume you can even mix it into some foods as well by doing something like making your own bars. I know of a couple users that mentioned putting it in the freezer which sounds like a great idea if you consume around 30 days after removing from the freezer.

So this will be based on personal preference, but as you can see from the opinions of actual users it can last a lot longer then the 1 year expiration date.



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