Is It Okay To Drink Shakeology While Breastfeeding?

Shakeology while breastfeeding

So you have had your baby which is great and now comes the fun part of keeping the well nourished. Even after pregnancy you still need to keep very close track of what you are putting in your body especially if you are going to be breast feeding.

So is it okay to drink Shakeology while Breastfeeding?

Beachbody always states to check with your physician before taking Shakeology when pregnant or breastfeeding which is correct. However, you simply need to bring in a picture or list of the ingredients and tell them what it is. Over 99% of woman that drink Shakeology before being pregnant continue drinking through pregnancy and while breastfeeding and they also have positive feedback. 

It is okay to drink Shakeology while Breastfeeding if your Doctor first okays it. It is a supplement full of dense nutrients and vitamins that will help fill voids in your food. Where it may get a little different is you may have used for a meal replacement in the past where if you are pregnant you should be using for a meal replacement. Your doctor will let you know whether to use as a meal replacement while breastfeeding as well.

If you were drinking Shakeology throughout your pregnancy and your nutritional levels were all up to par with the Doctors expectations then I am pretty sure they will allow you to continue to do so. Again this will be up to your Pediatrician or OB just go off of what they say. If they say now ask about what you can have if you would still like to take some kind of supplement to fill any voids in your food.

What you do have to remember is that nothing replaces food so if your Shakeology is keeping you from getting the calories you need I would say definitely stop. You are going to have weird cravings and some things are going to make you sick that didn’t before. So even if you Doctor okays I would still be prepared for alternatives to getting your nutrients in like with prenatals along with folic acid.

Final Thoughts

We aren’t medical experts here so we are just going off of our personal experiences and those of others. Everybody is different and can react to foods and nutrients differently as well. This is why it is most important to start with your doctor. They will inform you on what your personal experience may be and what you absolutely need to do.

If you would like to see more opinions from Shakeology Moms that were using it while pregnant or breastfeeding you can check out our post “Shakeology While Pregnant” HERE.

Just like with most things when you are pregnant you really don’t want to introduce your body to too many things like for example if you exercised before pregnant it is probably okay to continue to do so as long as you physically are able. But you don’t want to push it harder then you were before being pregnant. This is mainly due to the amazing changes your body will be experiencing and your body now taking care of 2+ individuals. So please please be careful at all times and follow the advice of your OB.

Related Questions

Does Shakeology Contain Folid Acid?

Shakeology does not contain Folid Acid so if you are Pregnant and looking for Shakeology for a prenatal supplement make sure you ask your Doctor first. Take them a list or picture of the ingredients and let him know there is no Folid Acid. So you will need to get Folid Acid supplement to up that while pregnant.

Can You Drink Energize While Pregnant?

Most woman that drank Energize before being pregnant continue to do safer after they get pregnant. You would need to ask your doctor first, but you can just bring him a picture of the ingredients. Most of the time they will allow one caffeine beverage a day, which you can use energize for that beverage allotment.


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