Best Beachbody Workouts For Small Spaces

If you live in an apartment or maybe you just don't have room in your condor or house to workout like you want to. So you have your little space and you are sticking to it. That can make it hard to workout in these small spaces, but we have you covered with calorie burning routines to get that heart rate pumping and those legs burning.


What Is The Best Beachbody Workout For Small Spaces?

The best Beachbody workout for small spaces is Barre Blend since it uses very light weight ,all you need  are a chair, mat and you don't even need shoes. Other workouts that work great are anyone that you can use bands or is low impact including the following: 

  • T25
  • Insanity Max:30
  • PiYo

Barre Blend is a new workout that came out with trainer Elise Joan that incorporates barre workouts with some cardio and light added weights. It is very low impact has many different modifications based on your fitness level. Overall a very good workout for small spaces. We will go into more detail below on it along with the other workouts listed above. There is also a section of opinions for simple exercises you can do in a small space to get that heart going and get into shape.

Barre Blend – Great Workout Program For Small Space

Barre Blend is great whether you are in a small apartment or stuck in a small space in your garage. It can be performed almost anywhere including outdoors. Most of the workouts are around 30 minutes long where some do run up to 40 minutes.

The length is two months with around 40 unique workouts. It is meant mostly for torching fat and toning up. A lot of the feedback we have gotten on Barre Blend is that you can lose weight, but the most important thing is the amount of inches you lose.

So if you are looking to lean down and get strong at the same time while doing this all in the confines of a small space Barre Blend is definitely for you.

There are already many hybrid calendars out there where we think the best one is LIIFT4/Barre Blend Hybrid that works great for small spaces as well. You will need at least some resistance bands to go along with the LIIFT4 portion on top of the usual equipment for Barre Blend.

T25 (Cardio Burning Machine)

T25 is another great workout program for small spaces because you don't need any equipment for the main program. There are some bonuses that you can use weights and resistance bands with.

At only 25 minutes a workout this works great for any 9-5er or anyone with kids that wants to sneak in a quick workout. It does have high impact exercises throughout the program, but there is a low impact modifier as well. So you can cycle back and forth throughout this.

There are two phases main phases the third phase does require weights. Alpha, Beta then the final being Gamma. Each phase is a progression to bring your fitness to a new level so you can push even further.

Again you don't need much space to do these workouts and they can be pretty much performed anywhere as well.

Insanity Max: 30 (Most Insane 30 Minutes)

Like T25 it is a short 30 minute workout. Where this differs from T25 is that it is a Max out program. Meaning your goal is to push yourself so hard that you max out and have to take a break. It may be 3 minutes or it may be 20 minutes. It doesn't matter as long as you are pushing yourself to the limit. That way you will be increasing your cardio vascular skills while losing the weight you want to lose.

This is not really a beginner program, but there is a modifier throughout. Push yourself if you don't have to do the modifier don't do it. You can jump back and forth between the modifier and the regular workout when needed. Try to get to that max out before going to the modifier as well.

Insanity Max is 5 days a week for 60 days. There are 12 different workouts total that push your body to the limit. Make sure you have a good pair of shoes. This workout is great for small areas. You may need to shift your position around a bit depending on just how small your workout room is. The best part is no weights or equipment needed.

PiYo (Low Impact Fun)

This is a 60 day program that is mostly low impact with 8 workouts plus one bonus one. PiYo is a pretty simple program that keeps you moving throughout and can get or keep you fit for sure.

It is a combination of pilates and yoga so you get the best of both worlds along with some dance and martial arts added to it. There is a modifier so if you are a beginner you can ease your way into fitness by using these. Chalene is an amazing trainer and always has been especially with her program Turbo Fire. Not sure if this is her last one she is doing with Beachbody or not. Let's hope not.

The only downside is a lot of the workouts in the first month are a little short leaving you wanting more if you are not a beginner. This may be something to add in a hybrid workout program into after the first time through though. There isn't that much cardio either so if you are looking to get that heart rate revved up you may be left wanting more as well.


What Are Some Individual Exercises For Small Spaces?

These are just some exercises that will get your heart rate up so weather you need a quick pick me up in the morning or you can put these together for a quick workout at well.

  • Burpees – I know I know everyones favorite workout right. Well these can be quiet and they are good for small spaces. You can even add in pushups and jumps among other variations. This exercise alone will have you dripping in sweat in no time at all. Just make sure if you are a beginner you start with the regular burpees. You can even do a modification where you crawl your feet back and forward until you get the hop down. Make sure you warm up a bit by doing some ballistic stretching or something so you don't pull anything. Start by doing a few sets of 10 each then start pushing it. If you can do 10 in a row start with sets of 5 or whatever you can do. Just make sure you increase as the weeks go on.
  • High Knee Sprints – this is a great cardio move that almost any beginner can do. You can do these almost anywhere inside or out. You run in place and drive your knees up above your waist. The biggest key here is to make sure you are using your core to pull your leg up. Yes you are going to be getting an ab workout while jogging in place. You can turn this into an HIT (high intensity interval) workout by doing 30 seconds of high knees followed by 20-30 seconds of rest. Increase your time as you get more in shape.
  • Pushups – I know pretty boring right. But there are so many variations of pushups you can get a complete upper body workout besides your biceps by doing pushups. You have standard, military, diamond, wide, jack pushups, alternating side pushups, etc. You should start with 1-2 different ones and work them out in between a cardio workout to start with. Doing sets of 10 to begin or more if you can. Start with a few sets then increase your volume/sets and also the variety of pushups as well. This workout is very underated.
  • Mountain Climbers – You can maybe even do these after the pushups. You start from a pushup position then just like high knees bring your legs up one at a time as fast as you can. 30 second intervals are best for this to start out or less if you can't make it the 30. This is a great low impact and quiet workout for small spaces.
  • Lunges – lunges work great and many benefits to these over squats. You can get much deeper and do different variations as well. If you have a set of dumbbells do some curls while doing lunges you can even do these with resistance bands as well. 30 seconds intervals work great here while alternating your lunge. Do at least 3 sets to get into that fat burning and sculpting mode.

To make these into a workout you can try some experimentation for example:

Complete 3 rounds of this with 30-60 seconds rest in between each round

  • Burpees (w/ jump) perform for 30 seconds
  • High Knee Sprints perform for 30 seconds
  • Pushups (standard) perform for 30 seconds
  • Mountain climbers perform for 30 seconds
  • Lunges w/ bicep curls perform for 30 seconds

Exercise and Workout Ideas Small Spaces

Below is information we curated from different fitness forums to give you the opinions of regular people so you don't have to take our word for it. The only thing we changed was spelling and grammar where needed other then that the answers remain the same.

1. Careless Chemicals –Pushups, Sit-ups, Go out and take a walk or go running, Add squats and pullups (or chinups) to this and you've got a pretty solid all-round workout. Only problem is, you can't add weight without, well, weights, so you're body will get used to this after a while.

2. ChickenXing – I work out to zumba / cardio /dance fitness videos on YouTube. There's plenty of fitness videos of all kinds on YouTube you can work out to. If you don't live on the lower floor, be sure to have some padding on the floor so that your downstairs neighbors don't have to hear your banging on the floor when working out.

You don't need much room and you can easily modify workouts to fit the small space you have.

3. Romulusnr – Jumping jacks, burpees, pull ups if you have a place for a bar.

4. Jayesar –

‘Obtain' the P90X tapes and work out which exercise from there you can do. I live in a small studio flat with my GF and manage to do everything.

A few ideas that come to mind (that P90X will cover):



Running on spot, X work, jumping jacks etc

5. OIP – If there's something that gives more bang for buck than burpees, I'd be interested to hear it. Sh*t is brutal. Try intervals — full pace burpees, as many as you can for 20 sec, rest for 10 sec, x8 (4 mins). This supposedly burns calories during and after and blah blah but mainly it just works you damn hard.

6. Ricecows – Burpees are amazing, you just need to know what you're doing.

As OIP wrote, the Tabata method is the (scientifically) best way to use a lot of energy at the shortest amount of time. The study says (as OIP states): 20 seconds work, 10 seconds rest, repeated 8 times, once a day.

How does losing fat work? It's very simple, it's just a question of input vs. output. In order to burn fat, you need to use more energy, than you get in!

So what does this mean? This mean, that you now have the perfect setting for your workout. In 20 seconds time, you need to do the most intensive thing you can imagine. This can either be burpees, jumping jacks, push-ups etc. As long as it's intense and you USE A LOT OF ENERGY.

Combine this with a diet, and you're good to go. Remember, drinking anything but water, is also a way to get energy IN – so maybe skip all softdrinks and icetea, and just drink water instead.

And don't cheat. Push your self to the limit. It's just like a computer game, imagine a meter next to your self, and the more energy you use, the harder it is (not difficulty wise, but physically), the more you sweat and the more you sigh when you're done, the higher this meter gets. High meter -> ULTIMATE POWER LEVEL.

Final Thoughts

Beachbody has a lot of variety based on your goals and luckily most of the workouts are a great setup for small spaces. If you don't have any weights they have options for that. If all you have is resistance bands they have options for that.

If you want to see a free sample workout program for Beachbody check it out here all you need to do is enter your email address to get access to the membership no strings attached. They have a lot of other great workouts available for free online as well.

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