What Is The Best Home Exercise Equipment To Lose Weight?

A lot of people are always looking for that magic pill or piece of a equipment or diet that is going to take them to where they need to be. Most fail and it isn't because none of them work at all it is simply because they don't stick to them.

That is the biggest thing when initially trying to get into shape and healthy to just start something you are going to stick with for awhile until you plateau. Plateauing can also be a downfall, but just worry about one thing at a time.

Get on a diet you are going to stick to, buy a piece of equipment you are going to use, then finally take some supplements that will help you get to your journey quicker.

So what is the best home exercise equipment to lose weight? This has many variables and depends on your mentality. If you like to lift weights then a nice set of adjustable dumbbells is all you need. If you like cardio then a vertical climber or rower will be the best piece of equipment based on what you will use long term in reality. 


Which Piece Of Exercise Equipment Is Best For You?

When you read other articles about working out and best diets, etc. they will give you 25+ options which is great if you like information overload, but you only need something you are going to stick to so keep it simple at first.

We are only going to go into depths on 2-3 items for cardio and weight equipment. Pick one or maybe pick one of each so you can get the entire package. Let's be honest a lot of people don't like cardio and a lot of people don't like weights. But if you mix both together in harmony you can really kick butt to get to where you wanna be.

Best Cardio Machines For Weight Loss

Rowing Machine – Rowing machines are great for weight loss for anyone at any weight as they are non impact. You do and should track your heart rate to make sure you are getting the calorie burn you want to. Gerard Butler in 300 even used a rowing machine to finish off his workouts to make sure his abs were popping. He literally went until he passed out. Now you don't have to do that of course but it can easily get that heart rate up there and keep it there.

One of the big advantages this has over something like an exercise bike is that it works more muscles which means you burn more calories during the workout and after the workout while your body is recovering. So if you have the room go with a rower there are many different versions however if you can afford it go get the Concept 2 rower that crossfitters even use and thank me later.

Other Pros:

  • It's safe and non impact so won't beat your body up like running on a treadmill
  • There is surprisingly many different ways to workout on your rowing machine to keep you interested
  • Silence is a virtue and rowers are for the most part all very quiet. So if the baby is sleeping they will keep sleeping want to watch ESPN or HGTV while burning those calories then do it.
  • Some models can fold away for easy storage and using less space.
  • With a rower you have the ability to burn much more calories
  • Anyone at any fitness level can start with a rower. You can start slow and build just like walking


  • Uses more space
  • Can be tough to move around
  • Depending on which one you get they can be expensive but do last longer for the higher priced ones
  • Your not outside and it can get boring just like a bike or being on the treadmill

Vertical Climber – The vertical climber is an amazing piece of equipment and yet so simple and portable. Made famous by sports athletes like Lebron James and Dwayne Wade. It provides muscle building along with cardio burning so you can scorch that fat is a very short amount of time. You can add this piece of equipment into your routine anytime especially with how little space it takes up.

Doesn't matter if you live in an apartment or only workout in your garage the vertical climber can be used just about anywhere as long as there is enough head space. But around 8 ft is all you need for most of them. If you are looking for a fitness machine to tone and sculpt your body this may just be what you have been looking for.

Other Pros

  • Max Burn Of Calories – according to many sources the vertical climber has the highest calorie burn rate out of every exercise machine out there which can be hard to believe even for me. But once you jump on and start cranking away with a heart rate monitor on you instantly feel the effects.
  • Workout Quickly – This can be one of the best benefits since people these days are very short on time. Whether you work full time or are a stay at home parent who wants to get a quick workout during your child's nap this can benefit everyone. So you can set a calorie goal you used to have on something like the treadmill or stationary bike and obliterate when it comes to the time it used to take.
  • Fully Body Workout – You workout your lower and upper body at the same time with the vertical climber that is why it is an amazing piece of equipment. You can literally just use this machine and that's it to get into shape and burn calories. Of course you need to eat healthy and take in less calories then you burn to lose the weight but still this will help you sculpt your entire body.
  • Low Impact – Besides one of the cons listed below you risk very little injury with these piece of equipment. There is no impact onthe feet, knees or hips since it is a simple climbing motion.
  • Easy To Use – This machine is so easy to use. You put it together hop on and go. You can track your steps and time with most of them along with the calorie burn. Although I would get a heart monitor so it is more accurate.
  • Small Area – you can use a small area to workout so space is not an issue outside of it being a bit taller then you. When you are done it folds right up to a singular piece of equipment. Can go in a closet, under a bed, or somewhere else out of the way.
  • Unlimited Workout Potential – Whether you want to do straight aerobic, HIT, Tabata, or mixing this in between weight workout sets you have unlimited options. You can mix it into any workout routine. Start with it or finish with it or work it in between sets. It will get and keep your heart rate up there in a hurry. Especially in the beginning you probably won't last long while using it. Its's okay to take a break and get back on it.


  • Head Space – you might not have a tall enough ceiling in a basement. Ours is not tall enough unfortunately but not a big deal since it is much more quiet then a treadmill so it can go into any room or level of a house or upstairs apartment.
  • Knee Pain – There are people who have complained about knee pain especially with the cheaper versions. This is mainly due to the alignment of your legs and feet not being in a straight line. This won't affect everyone but people like my dad that are duckfooted it more then likely will. The way to combat this is to make sure you have at least a 30 day no hassle refund policy that way if you knee does act up you can return and go with maybe a rower or something.
  • Wear and Tear – some of the cheaper vertical climbers the parts can wear down pretty quickly. We purchased one of the amazon that was pretty cheap, but a couple of rollers wore down pretty quickly. The good news is that the company sent us tons of replacement rollers and I am sure they were looking into future higher quality replacements. This is another reason why it may be worth spending money on more a name brand one with a great warranty.

Best Weight Lifting Equipment For Weight Loss At Home

This is always a hot topic is lifting weights really good for weight loss and the answer is of course it is. Whether you are a woman or man it can be great for weight loss. Weight training helps you burn more calories not just during in your workout it is the aftermath effect where you burn calories all day. Similar to HIT workouts but while your muscles are recovering your body continues to work more then it would be normally burning much more calories over a 24-48 hour span.

So although it does usually burn the same amount of calories during a workout as an aerobic one. In some studies it has been shown to raise your resting metabolic rate up to 9% of course this is on the high side but still even half of that is pretty amazing. So lets say your resting metabolic rate rose 100 calories that is 700 calories a week without doing anything extra. Doesn't seem like much but over the course of a year that is 36,400 calories just for adding weight lifting to your routine. Again this is not exact but it will help you lost weight. So with that being said what is the best weight equipment to get your weight loss on at home.

Dumbbells – Dumbbells are really all you need to get into shape you can do so many exercises and workout routines that it is hard to count. Don't room or money for a complete dumbbell set? That is okay go with adjustable dumbbells we prefer powerblocks that can be found on Amazon here. These are very durable and can go from 5lbs to 100lbs.

Even if you don't know how to workout on your own there are many workout programs out there that can take you by the hand and make you get into shape like a couple of our favorites Body Beast and LIIFT4 which are both by Beachbody and you can get for free here.


  • Cheap – cheaper then most pieces of equipment like Olympic weight sets. You can literally pay a dollar a pound for some cheap dumbbells on Amazon that also have free shipping.
  • Room – you don't need much room especially for adjustable dumbbells. Most of them eight come with stands or can be purchased separately. This helps alleviate the need for space and it can look organized.
  • Versatility – you can do a wide assortment of workouts hitting up every body part like your abs, legs, biceps, triceps, chest, back and shoulders. Circuit training, tabata, or aerobic workouts even. A great new aerobic workout we are currently doing at the time of this writing is Morning Meltdown 100 that mixes in dumbbells total body workout with cardio it is pretty amazing and a calorie smasher.


  • Wear and Tear – not on the weights but on your body. You need to keep and learn good form so you don't create unnecessary wear and tear on your body. I personally have gone through shoulder injuries, wrist injuries, hernias, problems with back so I need to be careful with my form. These injuries had to do with sports or inactivity and weight gain nothing to do with lifting weights or working out but mainly just being out of shape.
  • Expense – weights can be expensive especially if you are looking to buy an entire set up to 100lbs or more. The way you can get around this is looking for used weights on Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace. Adjustable dumbbells can be cheaper overall.
  • Space – dumbbell sets can take up a lot of space if you don't have a nice rack then you can find it cumbersome picking them up or tripping over them.


Power Rack With Olympic Weight Set – you can get some amazing power racks these days that have everything you can ask or need at a gym. You can get them with a cable system then with the weights you can do 100's and 100's of different workouts. I used to have a nice power rack / cable system when we lived in Virginia. But when we moved I lost some of the parts and I never got it back together again so I purchased a cheaper one to use with just olympic weights.

If you have the space these are definitely something to look into. They can be expensive but will save you money overall especially when you look into the longevity of them. Many of them come with 10 year warranties.


  • Longevity – some of these power racks can literally last what seems like forever. If you have ever lifted in an old gym you have probably seen old equipment in there from 30+ years ago or even longer. When you spend the money most of them will last and come with great warranties.
  • Variety – so many workouts you can do with these pieces of equipment it is like your very own professional compact gym.
  • Compact – surprisingly they are that big or take up that much space. Yes you should probably have a separate room or else they will be an eye sore for most.
  • Multiple – you and your spouse or friend can workout at the same time on a lot of these power racks. So you don't have to take turns doing a workout routine. Get in there at the same time it will make it much easier to stick with your guys' routine.


  • Expensive – some of these can be in the mid 4 figure range. But the simpler ones can cost under $1k like the ones on Amazon here. So pick what you want you can always resell the simpler ones when you are looking to upgrade. I would still start out cheaper just in case you don't like lifting weights. As they are easier to put together and take apart. The expensive nice ones just can be very hard to assemble.
  • Space – this is both a pro and con. You need a space for them that is permanent, but most don't take up that much space so a place in your office could work. A garage can definitely work. But once you set it moving them around is nearly impossible trust me I have tried.


There you have it what you need to get your workout on and get into shape for years to come. It can be as simple as a set of adjustable dumbbells or get your own mini gym with a power rack with cable system.

If you are a beginner again I would just start with a set of dumbbells, adjustable bench and maybe a rower. That is all you need to get a total body burn and get yourself on to living a healthy lifestyle.

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We are fun loving family that lives on a small farm and tries to be healthy. We are not fitness fanatics we are just trying to keep things simple especially with how busy our lives are. We have a few horses, a few dogs, and a young daughter along with a big extended family. Follow us on our journey. I hope you enjoy the website. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us. Please check back for updates!

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