What Equipment Do You Need For Body Beast Workout? (Results)

When you are looking to get into weightlifting or programs like Body Beast a lot of the times the first thoughts are this is going to be expensive because weights are heavy and I need a lot of weights. That isn't always the case.

So we will be going through the cheap options, expensive options, and on a very limited budget options. Body Beast is a great way to get started into lifting weights or even if you are advanced.

body beast workout

Myself I did a lot of power lifting in high school but never really did pyramids or drop sets. We did a lot of only compound lifts like 10 sets of 10 of Flat Bench, Squat or Dead lift. Followed those sets of with 5 sets of more like circuit training those muscle groups for example:

10 Sets of 10 Flat Bench

5 sets each 10 reps:

Incline Press

Decline Press

Dumbbell Flyes 

Cable Crossover Flyes

Light weight pause press flat bench to failure

That was one body part workout.

So What Equipment Is Actually Needed For Body Beast? 


  • Dumbbell Set (Powerblock or Light, Medium, Heavy Weights) or Resistance Bands Set (Light, Medium, Heavy)
  • Exercise Ball
  • Heavy Resistance Band w/ Door Anchor for Pullups


  • Dumbbell Set like Powerblock or Bowflex Selectech or Cheaper 100lb Dumbells On Amazon 
  • Incline, Decline, Flat bench (combo)
  • Pullup Bar either doorway one or power tower version (optional chinup max for modification)
  • EZ Curl Bar with assortment of weights


The Must Have Equipment Breakdown

Dumbbells – Although I have mentioned getting the PowerBlock Adjustable Dumbbells (my favorite) or BowFlex SelectTech would go with at least the 5-50. The PowerBlock is always expandable in the future.

But you can just go with the Standard Iron Dumbbells as well. If you don't have any look on maybe the Facebook MarketPlace, Craigslist or places like Amazon or Walmart. They always have pretty good prices in general will be around $1 a pound. Also boils down to how much space you have at your residence.

I would suggest if you have lifted weights before that you will probably need around up to 75-100lb dumbbells because you are going to get stronger as you go with your progression through the program.

Where to buy: Facebook Marketplace, Amazon, Walmart, Craigslist  or Checkout out our Daily Deals Page

Alternative To Dumbbells – I would still get some cheap standard dumbbells but you can also do just about all the exercises with resistance bands you would just need to be standing over sitting or laying down. There are modifications you can look up. Also this is a great alternative for those that travel as resistance bands and even an exercise ball are very portable. You can get some heavy duty exercise bands that go upwards of 75 to 100 lbs of resistance as well.


Where To Buy:  Amazon or Walmart (I would buy new to be on the safe side with these)

Stability Ball (Even a Chair but should be first choice)- Again this is a must for some of the dumbbell workouts or even a chair. The nice thing about a stability ball is you are going to need lighter weights then with a bench. This is due to the stability ball being harder to push weights.

Where To Buy: You can get right at your local Walmart or Online, Also available on Amazon check out the ones we use HERE

Body Beast Equipment Complete Package Equipment List

Adjustable Bench – These can actually be really affordable these days with Walmart and even Sam's Club having some cheap options. The first set I bought with a buddy was from Sam's Club (Weider) and came with 40lb dumbbells w/ Stand for just $70 dollars.

Although this was years ago. It actually is just starting to be unsafe the bench is anyway so I ordered a newer one from Walmart for around $40 and it seems nicer and more stable than the Weider. It is a CAP Strength Adjustable FID Bench.

The benefits of an adjustable bench is you will be able to focus more on maximizing how much weight you can lift along with your form vs having to deal with stability issues on the exercise ball.

Where To Buy: Walmart might be the best place to start for price then amazon. Of course check your local classified like Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace.

EZ Curl Bar – This is something I never really used over the years because never worked biceps had no use for them really with being in Power Lifting. But I did purchase this from Amazon for a decent price and it has lasted me a long time. This isn't necessary of course but nice to have. You can actually get a nice combo of the EZ Curl Bar and dumbbell curl bars because you are going to need weights for the EZ Curl on top of just the bars.

Where To Buy: Amazon or Walmart if you want new. Local classified like Facebook marketplace or Craigslist for used.

Weight Plates – You don't need these unless you get the EZ Curl Bar. You also don't need to purchase 500 lbs of weights to start this is another thing you can always add onto as you progress and get stronger.

For most you can start with sets of 5's, 10's, 25's. You can also get extra sets of the 5's and 10's then maybe a set of 2.5lb to fill any gaps. That will get you a long way. You just want to make sure they are Olympic style (Bigger Holes).

Where To Buy: Amazon or Walmart along with local classifieds for used. Anything that is iron is worth looking used first since they last forever basically. Even if rusty thats okay you can always clean up and even paint.

Related Questions

Do You Need An EZ Curl Bar For Body Beast?

No you do not need an EZ Curl Bar for Body Beast but they are nice to have. Dumbbells are sufficient for the EZ Curl portion and are shown in the workout videos.

Can You Do Body Beast At The Gym?

Yes you can do most all of Body Beast at your local gym. These actually go great in most gyms. You will have access to the weights there without the added cost of having them at home.

The only downside is if you have to watch Beachbody On Demand while you are there you might be having to pause quite a bit. Once you get through the workouts a couple times you won't really need to watch them. Just watch your pace and make sure your rest times are a bit similar.

A lot of people that have lifted will be able to see things once and then just go off the Worksheets.

How Long Is The Body Beast Program?


How Long Are The Body Beast Workouts?

8 minutes

49 minutes

38 minutes

38 minutes

50 minutes

30 minutes

29 minutes

40 minutes

35 minutes

36 minutes

11 minutes

11 minutes

30 minutes

39 minutes

5 minutes

24 minutes

45 minutes

56 minutes

53 minutes

53 minutes


What Bench For Body Beast?

This is users choice for the bench you want for Body Beast. But if you are just starting out the $44 CAP Strength Adjustable FID Bench at Walmart should work great.


What you need vs want is different with Body Beast. If you don't know if you are going to like the program just get the basics and try it out before making a bigger commitment. Just have the Dumbbells, one heavy duty resistance band, and stability exercise ball works great and you will be challenged.

Search out for the best prices first check out Walmart and Amazon for the new things. Both of them have free 2 day shipping and Amazon at the time of this writing will have it there next day a lot of the time if you order in the morning.

Checkout the reviews on both Walmart and Amazon don't just take our word for it. A lot of the time they have pictures or even search youtube of the product you are looking to buy then you can see it in action.

Body Beast is a great program and if you are looking to expand into Beachbody and use other programs like Liift4, P90x(2)(3) among other weight workout programs maybe getting the complete package of gear for Body Beast might be the best option for you.

Also again don't knock the resistance bands they have come a long way and work well with most workout programs. If you are just starting out or travel a lot you need to get a set of them.

We have a lot of people that ask why we don't suggest places like Dicks Sporting Goods. The reasoning behind this is that most things are very over priced and you can end up paying 2-3 times more then a place like Walmart. I understand a lot of people don't like Walmart but where we live it is a great option (over 30 miles to a Dicks Sporting Goods).

Amazon has free shipping but if you want jump online and check out Dicks Sporting Good for there prices. Sometimes they do have great discounted deals.

Good Luck with the program send us any other questions you have on it or any Beachbody program and we will do our best to answer.

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