What Order To Do Beachbody Workouts?

With Beachbody workouts you are going to start with a goal in mind and a type of workout. Once you get through that workout program you are going to want to do another. Then another and another to keep your progress going. So we wrote this article to give you a sense of what order you should do your Beachbody Programs in. We will be going through them A-Z.

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So what order should you do your Beachbody workouts in?

You should do your Beachbody workouts in the order that fits your goals. If you are looking to lose weight without using weights you should do Insanity Max:30 or T25. If you are looking to get into weight lifting you should do LIIFT4 then Body Beast. You can also do hybrid workouts like LIIFT4 10 Rounds Hybrid that is a great mix of cardio and lifting weights.

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What To Do After 10 Rounds?

After 10 Rounds you have a lot of options and it will depend on your goals and if you connected to Joel Freeman or want to try another super trainer. If you like Joel we highly recommend you give LIIFT4. If you don't want to only workout 4 days a week you can do the 10 Rounds / LIIFT4 Hybrid which is very fun and will help you progress into some great results.

What To Do After 21 Day Fix Real Time?

After 21 Day Fix Real Time common sense would say to move onto 21 Day Fix Extreme, but this isn't normally the case. If you flew through 21 Day Fix Real Time with ease then yes you can move on with Autumn to the elite stage of Extreme. However, if you even struggled the least bit give 21 Day Fix another go and if you can increase your weights where you are able to. If you feel like you want to move on from 21 Day Fix then go to 80 Obsession with Autumn or go to Barre Blend with Super Trainer Elise.

What To Do After After 21 Day Fix Extreme Real Time?

21 Day Fix Extreme definitely kicks your butt and brings on some quick results. The next step from here is likely 80 Day Obsession with Autumn that will take you on a long journey to new peaks. The workouts are a bit longer so if you are looking to keep them to 30 minutes and drop the weight go to Insanity Max:30 with Shaun T. He will kick your butt with just your bodyweight and this program is 5 days a week as well. If you want to stick with the weights go with either Body Beast or LIIFT4 and you can even do a hybrid of both of them so you can decide in the long run what you like.

What To Do After 22 Minute Hard Corps?

22 Minute Hard Corps with Tony Horton is a great routine if you want to stick with Tony Horton we would suggest possible doing P90X the original or P90x 3. If you like the short and sweet workouts definitely go with Transform:20 with Shaun T or even T25 that are both respectively 20 and 25 minutes long. The best workouts at around 30 minutes are Insanity Max:30 or 21 Day fix that will get you some maximum results. Outside of that LIIFT is always a nice go to for working around 4 days a week you can use resistance bands or dumbbells.

What To Do After 3 Week Yoga Retreat?

After 3 Week Yoga Retreat you should do either PiYo or Barre Blend if you are looking to stick to a more Yoga related workout. Chalene and Elise are very good Super Trainers at Beachbody so you can't go wrong with either one. If you are looking to up the tempo a big you can also look into Insanity Max:30 or 80 Day Obsession. You can also do LIIFT4 if you wan to add weights or even Body Beast with Sagi. Both these programs are a bit longer, but LIIFT4 is only 4 days a week. If you get stuck choosing you can also go with a hybrid like LIIFT4 Barre Blend Hybrid that is known for its quick results.

What To Do After 30 Day Breakaway?

After 30 Day Breakaway you can look to increase your cardio and do a 30 Day Breakaway Insanity Max:30 hybrid workout that will increase the intensity. A 30 Day Breakaway LIIFT4 Hybrid will also be great for adding more lifting into your routine. If you would like to get away from running maybe because the weather is not cooperating look to go with something like Muscle Burns Fat that is based off of Asymetrical workouts and also involved a Ropeless Jump Rope. A great light weight program that will have you losing inches without even knowing is Barre Blend.

What To Do After 4 Weeks Of The Prep?

The natural thing to do after 4 Weeks Of The Prep is to move onto 6 Weeks of the work. But if you think you aren't ready or want to switch to something else then I would give LIIFT4 a try if you want to stick with weights. If you are looking for a way to just burn some calories and not use weights then definitely go with Insanity Max:30. If 30 minutes is just too long still look at something like Transform:20 or T25 also with Shaun T as your super trainer as he will keep you motivated.

What To Do After 6 Weeks Of The Work?

6 Weeks Of The Work with Cesar is an amazing workout the Crucible alone makes it well worth it. There aren't many workout programs in Beachbody that use functional exercises, but there is a newer one called Muscle Burns Fat you can try that does. This is a 3 week program that after that you can move onto Muscle Burns Fat Advanced. If 40 minutes is too long for a workout Shaun T has a couple options with Transform:20 ant T25 that are only 20-25 minutes per workout. If you would like to do some regular weight workouts you can always go with LIIFT4 then onto Body Beast after that.

What To Do After Barre Blend?

Barre Blend is amazing workout program I know some people don't like it, but you do lose inches without even knowing. After your first Round of Barre Blend I would highly suggest you do the LIIFT4 Barre Blend Hybrid workout program. This will give you the best of both worlds where you will be lifting weights with some cardio along with Barre based workouts that will help keep you flexible and the inches coming off. If you want to get away from Barre Blend completely then I would move onto a Shaun T Workout Program like Insanity Max:30.

What To Do After Body Beast?

Depending on what your goals are and progress you can move onto some of Sagi's exclusive routines and week of hard labor. If you just aren't clicking with Sagi, but want to stick with weights look at LIIFT4. You will do some cardio as well, but at only 4 days it is amazing what kind of results you can still get. Bodyweight exercises may be what you need as well so you can continue to cut weight with something like Insanity Max:30 or the original Insanity.

What To Do After Core De Force?

After Core De Force you can look to stick with Joel or Jericho depending on who you like as your super trainer. If you like Joel you can move onto LIIFT4 if you like weights or 10 Rounds if you want to get going on some boxing cardio mixed with weights. You don't have to choose between those two as you can go with a LIIFT4 10 Rounds Hybrid workout as well. If you love Jericho then we highly suggest you go with Morning Meltdown 100 Real Time. It is amazing as every workout is different and the music is great, upbeat and keeps you motivated.

What To Do After Country Heat?

After Country Heat you have some great options you can go with another dance program like Cize with Shaun T he also has a new one coming out in January 2020 at the time of this writing. If you are looking to get away from Dance you can go with 10 Rounds that is a mixture of boxing and some lifting weights. At just 5 days a week and most of the workouts 30 minutes or less you should have to the time to see some major results.

What To Do After T25?

After T25 you should move onto either Transform:20 or Insanity Max:30 if you would like to stick with Shaun T. Want to switch it up to using some weights then go with LIIFT4 or LIIFT4 10 Round hybrid. There is also the ultimate LIIFT4 Barre Blend hybrid that will have you burning calories all day long.

What To Do After Insanity?

So you finished up the original Insanity then why not move onto the Inanity Max:30. This way you can be a little more efficient with your time as Shaun T has really perfected this newer workout since Insanity was released. You may want to add in some weights, but keeping working out 6 days a week in that case I would go with Body Beast.

What To Do After Insanity Max:30?

After Insanity Max:30 there really isn't anything more intense cardio wise then this program at least not yet. However if you want to really push your limits with functional exercises we highly recommend going with 6 Weeks Of The Work with Super trainer Cesar. This is both a mixture of weight and cardio workouts that push you too the limit especially once you meet the bi-weekly workout called the Crucible.

What To Do After LIIFT4?

After LIIFT4 you can look to do another weighted workout like Body Beast or do the LIIFT4 Body Beast hybrid workout routine. Another hybrid you can do if you are looking to up the intensity and days working out go with LIIFT4 Barre Blend Hybrid. Maybe you want to get your cardio going then you should go with Insanity Max:30.

What To Do After Muscle Burns Fat #MBF?

The most common sense thing to do if you made it through Muscle Burns Fat is to do Muscle Burns Fat Advanced. However, you might not like MBF for whatever reason and want to go onto something else and that is just fine. If you want to stick with the weights you should do LIIFT4 or a hybrid like LIIFT4 10 Rounds Hybrid routine. If you want to get away from weights maybe going with something like Insanity Max:30 would be in your best interest as Shaun T gets the job done.

What To Do After Muscle Burns Advanced #MBFA?

After Muscle Burns Fat Advanced you can go with 6 Weeks Of The Work with Cesar. He pushes you too the limit with a bi-weekly routine where you keep improving on your previous workouts. These are mostly functional based exercises and there are a couple like Crucible that will push your limits beyond what you have every thought you could do before. Looking to drop the weights then you can go with something like Transform:20 or Insanity Max:30. Looking to lift regular weights then go with Body Beast or LIIFT4.

What To Do After Morning Meltdown 100?

If you made it through the entire Morning Meltdown 100 routine you are a very committed individual. If you are looking to make another big commitment we highly recommend 80 Day Obsession with Autumn Calabrese. You may be looking to do a shorter routine then we suggest doing something like 10 Rounds or LIIFT4. There is also many hybrids out there like LIIFT4 Barre Blend or LIIFT4 10 Round Hybrid routines that bring on the results quickly as well.

What To Do After PiYo?

After PiYo we highly suggest moving onto Barre Blend with Elise or doing the 3 Week Yoga Retreat unless you are looking to get away from these style of workouts. If you have weights and want to use them go with LIIFT4 or if you don't want to use weights go with Insanity Max:30.

What To Do After Shift Shop?

After getting through Shift Shop we suggest you go with LIIFT4 or 10 Rounds. If you want to increase the intensity with some functional exercises move onto 6 Weeks Of the Work then Muscle Burns Fat. Just looking for cardio? Then you should go with Insanity Max:30 that will push your limits until you max out just to take a break and do it all over again.

What To Do After Hammer & Chisel?

After Hammer & Chisel we suggest going with either Autumn Calabrese in 80 Day Obsession or going with Sagi with Body Beast. There is also a very nice LIIFT4 Body Beast Hybrid if you want to get some crazy gains with weights. If you want to move onto something completely different try 30 Day Breakaway if you live somewhere where the weather is nice so you can get outside and work your way up to running a 5k. If you want to get your boxing on go with Joel Freemans 10 Rounds workout that does mix in some weights.

What To Do After Transform :20?

After Transform:20 you should try out LIIFT4 or a LIIFT4 Transform: :20 Hybrid workout routine. If you are looking to get away from Shaun T for a bit then you go with either 4 Weeks Of The Prep or if you think you are ready 6 Weeks Of The Work with super trainer Cesar. These are functional based exercises and most likely a style of workouts you haven't done before.


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