What To Do After 80 Day Obsession? (Real Answers From BOD Users)

80 Day Obsession is legit and you don't want to waste the work you have put into that program. So choosing your next workout program should be very important to you that is why we have done a lot of research to see what hundreds over others have done that are in your same shoes.

what to do after 80 DO


So what Beachbody workout should I do after 80 Day Obsession?

After doing 80 Day Obsession your best option is to repeat the program upping the weight. Your next best option is to do a hybrid workout like Barre Blend LIIFT4 Hybrid workout which you can find HERE and it will produce great results and you will not lose your gains. 

Increasing the weight even slightly will help add to your progress and results. If you are bored doing 80Day Obsession and you want to take a break to do another program that is fine. Below we went through hundreds of opinions from Beachbody On Demand users to see what they have done after 80 DO to keep their results and improve upon them. We also broke it down into percentages on what they prefer as well. Barre Blend LIIFT4 is a great Hybrid to do as well and will get the job done with toning and increasing your muscle definition. People are literally losing inches from Barre Blend without thinking they are. So trust the process with Elise and Joel they will get you there just like Autumn.

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Barre Blend LIIFT4 Hybrid

I love almost every Hybrid as you usually get the best of both worlds. It enables you to switch up Trainers, because sometimes it can get a little old hearing their voice every workout. No offense of course I know I would be much much more annoying to listen to even once a week.

Start with the first program listed in each day. Any LIIFT4 workout that is either a 50/50 or Circuit format youwill ONLY be doing the weighted, lifting portion in that workout, NOT any HIIT, Burnout or Core Component. Then supplement with the next workout listed. LIIFT4 Intervals you do in its entirety, stopping at the Core
Component, then moving to the next workout.

Note from Elise and Joel:
This calendar has been created as a suggested workout schedule using the programs BARRE BLEND, LIIFT4 and Joel Freeman’s BOD Exclusives. This is what we would suggest and in no way represents Beachbody or the tested results that can be achieved in following either of the programs and their use of the Beachbody approved Workout Calendars and Nutrition Plans as written.

Week 1:

Day 1: L4 – WK1 Chest/Triceps = BB – WK1 Cardio Blend

Day 2: L4 – WK2 Back/Biceps = BB – WK1 Lean Legs Blend

Day 3: BB -WK1 Booty Blend = L4 WK2 Legs HIIT

Day 4: L4 – WK1 Shoulders = BB WK2 Core Blend

Day 5: L4 – WK1 Legs = BB WK4 Cardio Blend

Day 6: BB WK2 Full Body Blend = JF Exclusive – LIFT/HIIT

Day 7: Rest Day Optional: L4 Roll & Recover

Week 2:

Day 1: L4 WK3 – Chest/Triceps = BB Wk3 Cardio Blend

Day 2: L4 WK4 – Back/Biceps = BB WK5 – Lean Legs Blend

Day 3: BB WK4 – Booty Blend = L4 WK4 – LEGS HIIT

Day 4: L4 WK3 – Shoulders = BB WK4 – Core Blend

Day 5: L4 WK3 – Legs = BB WK4 – Fully Body Blend

Day 6: L4 WK7 – Full Body HIIT = BB Enhance Your Upper Body

Day 7: Rest Day Optional – BB Yoga Blend

Week 3:

Day 1: L4 WK5 – Chest/Triceps = BB WK5 Cardio Blend

Day 2: L4 WK6 – Back/Biceps = BB WK6 – Lean Legs Blend

Day 3: BB WK6 – Booty Blend = L4 WK6 – L4 WK4 Legs HIIT

Day 4: L4 WK5 – Shoulders = BB WK6 – Core Blend

Day 5: L4 WK5 – Legs = BB WK7 – Cardio Blend

Day 6: BB WK5 – Full Body Blend = JF Exclusive – 8X8

Day 7: Rest Day Optional L4 Stretch

Week 4:

Day 1: L4 WK6 – Chest/Triceps = BB WK8 Cardio Blend

Day 2: L4 WK5 – Back/Biceps = BB WK8 Lean Legs Blend

Day 3: BB WK8 – Booty Blend = L4 WK4 – Legs HIIT

Day 4: L4 WK6 – Shoulders = BB WK8 – Core Blend

Day 5: L4 WK7 – Legs = BB WK8 – Full Body Blend

Day 6: L4 WK8 – Full Body HIIT = BB – Enhance Your Booty

Day 7: Finished! Optional – BB Roll & Replenish


BB = Barre Blend

*Do them in order of how they are listed.


BOD User Exclusive: What Workout Program After 80 Day Obsession?

We didn't want you to only take our word for it on what to do after 80 DO so we went out and gathered information from hundreds of BOD users. We then condensed them down into the best thorough answers. We curated this information so nothing has been changed except any spelling and grammar where needed.

1. Jodi “21 Day 80 DO Hybrid” – I do a hybrid of 80 day and 21 day extreme.. I find some of the shorter workouts r a nice break when the time doesn't allow for the longer workouts

2. Ashley “LIIFT and T20”

3. Jessica “PIYO” – i’m doing PIYO right now and have never sweat this much in my life and it definitely can be added as a double with 21DFX

4. Monica “PIYO” – Add another one with it. When I started way back when, I did the original and PIYO together and sometimes even went running afterwards

5. Tyler “LIIFT4” – Liift4 and Core De Force!! I did 80 day as well and then tried T20, T25, Hammer and Chisel etc and didn’t feel like I was doing enough. So I did a round of Liift4 and CDF and I am loving it. But, everyone is different. Find your groove sister

6. Kristen “Hammer and Chisel” – I did 80 Day and now am doing Hammer and Chisel. Currently very sore. So maybe a little shorter workouts but targeting different muscles.

7. Anissa “Hammer & Chisel” – Hammer & Chisel, Body Beast, IM30 is always a challenge… Although, I generally don't seat a lot, I do sweat in Body Beast legs… It's a killer!

8. Veronica “Insanity Max:30” – I completed three rounds of 80DO and decided to start Insanity Max 30…… and holyyyyyy 💩💩💩💩💩  I also decided to incorporate 10hardCORE from 21DFX and Booty day from ALMO.

9. Angela “Core De Force” – I’m doing CDF right now after my second round of 80DO. I’ve never sweat so much in all my life lol

10. Colleen “Tranform: 20” – Transform 20 is really good, although I find Sean T annoying. I was never a huge step person but it’s quite effective. T:20 you can see improvement each week as you try to beat your transformers you can also add some extra 10 minute workouts he has if the 20 isn’t enough
And you can add risers to your step
My legs have gotten defined

11. Angie “Core De Force” – Core De Force… it took me a couple days to like it but I’m sweaty after every one

12. Katie “Core De Force” – Cdf was hard. I modified but got it done. T20 was ok. Broke a sweat there too. And shift shop I think it's a great one. Broke a sweat there as well.

13. Chelsie “80 DO again” – Increase your weight! Did the exact same thing I sweat tons

14. Stephanie “Body Beast” – I did Body Beast. I continued to improve upon my results. I really liked 80DO and loved my results, but Body Beast is one of my faves.

15. Sarah “6 Weeks Of The Work” – I'm doing A Little More Obsessed for a week and then moving onto the Prep before doing the Work. I'm looking forward to getting on the pull up bar and trying that out! I think any program will be fine though. I know I've gained so much strength so that means in any program I'll be able to go deeper, do more reps, and lift heavier than I would have before… I believe nearly any program could work for my new fitness level.

16. Ashley “LIIFT4” – Lift4 helped me get ripped! I lifted heavy and stick with timed nutrition

17. Tabitha “LIIFT4” – I just did two rounds of 80DO, then tried Barre Blend but missed weights so I’m doing Liift4 now. I’m also trying to decide what to do next….

18. Jillian “6 Weeks Of The Work” – I have done 3 rounds of 80DO (one per year) and I never thought I'd get better results from any other program. I just finished a round of The Work… while I actually gained a few pounds, I have had more people comment on the differences they've noticed in me than ever before. My upper body is in beast mode! It was a HARD program, but totally doable if you can make it through 80DO!

19. Alyssa “80 DO Again” – I did The Work after then Barre Blend-I’m back to80 DO currently cause i wasn’t impressed with either of those

20. Christina “6 Weeks Of The Work” – 80 was a great program. I tried H&C afterwards but it was too hard on my knees. The Work has been amazing, extremely challenging but my knees can handle it.

21. Shana “LIIFT4 or Body Beast” – Liift4, Body Beast, Hammer and Chisel, The Prep and The Work have helped me maintain my muscle definition and lifted booty the most. The Prep and The Work have been my favorite so far but as far as results I got the most drastic results probably from Sagi's Body Beast All or Nothing challenge following the Ripped Beast Nutrition plan. It was 60 days of pure torture lol I'll see if I can find a schedule for it if you want.

22. Katie “Barre Blend” – I am doing lift and Barre Blend hybrid. I'm not too sure about lift yet, but oh my goodness, Barre Blend is intense. I can't even use the 2 lb hand weights

23. Amy “LIIFT4” – Liift4 I got in even better Shape w that program!

24. Kristen “21 Day Fix” – I'm doing 21 df real time (not exteme) after finishing 80 day and I'm feeling it! Up the weights & perfect your form. I dont sweat much during 21 df (maybe I will with cardio today) but I def feel it!

25. Angie “LIIFT4” – I started liift4 after I finished 80 day Obsession. New way to build muscles and it was a compliment to my running schedule

26. Nikki “T20” – T20 brings me Life!! I hear ya I’m the same way- I know I’m working but if I’m not sweating or running out of breath, I feel like it wasn’t challenging enough! Looks like Jericho’s gonna kick our butt too 🤣💪🏻 or heavier weights which I can’t afford rt now.

27. Aimee “Insanity” – Just started Insanity after finishing 80DO. It’s so intense. It’s different than the workout from 80DO, in a good way. I feel like I could rotate between the two cover all my bases.

28. Julie “T20” – T20 is the sweatiest for me by far. They are clearly only 20 mins but there are plenty of bonus workouts if you want 10 or 15 mins more

29. Airelle “LIIFT4” – Liift 4. The hiit workouts are great. Even lifting gets you sweating. And you burn more calories throughout the day! T20 is a bit much for my taste. But soooooo much sweat. The hybrid of both together is pretty great tho!!

30. Kelsie “21 Day Fix” – Try out the 21day fix that isn’t real time – I tried out the real tune this week & had that issue but the old ones I do sweat a lot. You could try a little obsessed too, those are 30 min


LIIFT4 or LIIFT4 Hybrid – 27%

80 DO Again – 22%

6 Weeks Of The Work – 14%

Body Beast – 13%

Barre Blend – 7%

Hammer & Chisel – 6%

Core De Force – 6%

Insanity Max: 30 – 3%

PiYo – 2%



So as you can see LIIFT4 (HYBRID) or doing 80 DO again is the overwhelming favorite. But it is your decision so do what you think you are going to have the most fun with while getting the best reward. You have to stick to a program in order for it to work so you can have a love/hate relationship just not a hate/hate relationship with a workout program.

Switch it up try some different Hybrids if looking to stick with weights you can also do Body Beast which brings some intense results. There are other Hybrids with that program that involve more cardio. Body Beast Insanity Max:30 is an amazing one for sure. I honestly thought Insanity Max: 30 would have been higher up in the percentages. For a 30 minute workout I do think it is the best one when it comes to torching those calories without weights. Good luck to you and make sure you check out our other Beachbody Hybrid workouts.



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