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Now being a control freak can be bad in certain areas of your life, but when it comes to your fitness and health it can be a great thing. That is what this program is designed for is so you can take control of your health and improve upon it. Autumn Calabrese is ready to help you build lean muscle, boost your endurance and burn that fat so you can see a shredded version of yourself. You get this all done in just 20-30 minutes a day.

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What Is 9 Week Control Freak?

Control Freak is a fitness program that takes Tabata, Strength exercises and density training to put them all together to get ripped in just over 2 months time. Broken down into 3 week intervals so the intensity will increase each phase. You are going to increase definition from head to toe. So you will be taking control of not only your exercise, but also your nutrition and sleep. So you will be happier and healthier.

Who Is 9 Week Control Freak for?

This program is for anyone looking to get on track with their fitness by not simply saying I am going to start working out and dieting. Diets are terrible you need to look at this like a life long change and Autumn makes that much easier with her strategies, tips and tricks. You will be changing your habits for the long term.

Who Is Autumn Calabrese?

Autumn Calabrese is a super trainer for Beachbody that is best known for her 21 day fix program along with her portion control containers. She keeps things simple with fitness and nutrition along with her life at home.

She has other programs and items available on Beachbody On Demand that include:

  • The Monthly Fix – the ultimate game changer for nutrition and weight loss
  • 80 Day Obsession “Real Time” – Abs, Booty, Total Body program over 80 days
  • The Ultimate Portion Fix – this is a more in depth look at her portion control containers and how they can change your life.
  • 21 Day Fix “Real Time” – 21 simple 30 minute workouts with simple portion control equals amazing results
  • 21 Day Fix Extreme “Real Time” – Get Serious results with Daily 30 minute workouts and portion control. 21 Day Fix on steroids.
  • A little Obsessed – try new moves from Autumn and Get prepared for 80 day obsession
  • A little More Obsessed – Get Obsess with these workouts focusing more on the abs and booty
  • Country Heat – turn it up, have fun and burn off the weight
  • Hammer and Chisel – your absolute best way to build an incredible body in 60 days
  • Autmuns Exclusives – Autumn will keep you working hard with these exlusive workouts
  • Pre & Post Natal Fitness – Feel healthier during pregnancy with these safe simple workouts

9 Week Control Freak Meal Plan

This is just as important as any other section in this review since nutrition if focused on is 80% or more of the battle to being healthy. That is why Autumn likes to keep it very simple and it is no different with 9 week control freak. So what they do mainly for this program is stick with what has worked for so many with her portion control system. Then there is the 2B mindset which if you have not read Ilana Muhlstein's book you are missing out.

Ultimate Portion Fix 

Basically Ultimate Portion Fix is an expansion of what Autumn Calabrese brought to the table with her program 21 Day Fix. It is not considered a diet it is just a way to get you eating healthy foods because of healthy habits. You can of course still indulge in some things like cookies and wine when you want to.

You follow 3 basic guidelines that include: portion control, macro-nutrient balance, and the elimination of process foods from your diet. There is color codes containers that you simply fill foods up in them to get your portions right. It comes with a lot of material to help you on your way like easy shopping lists, workbooks, step by step videos, etc.

I can tell you that you won’t go hungry on this diet because most people can’t even eat all the food. Portion control can be taken out of context if you are eating the right kinds of foods you get filled up easier.

Another option is of course to follow what works for you even if you just want to start by counting calories or doing intermittent fasting. There a lot of people that have done either one and had great results. It is hard if you are just starting out so just take baby steps. Your initial goal should be to just get healthier and finish the 9 Week Control Freak Workout Program. If you even cut back a couple hundred calories a day you will see results.

2B Mindset

2B Mindset nutritional plan is designed to give you 4 fundamental rules to follow to help you on your weight loss journey. You aren’t going to be counting calories or skipping this food and that food.

You are basically provided a list of foods that you go off of but no specific food is completely off limits since that is why most diets fail. You basically use a plate diagram to get your portions down within a couple weeks you most likely won’t need the diagram no more. This makes it easier to make this a lifestyle change instead of just a short term diet.

It teaches you good habits when it comes to eating, indulging, shopping and going out to restaurants while traveling. Whatever it may be that comes up in your day to day life this program has you covered. It is very flexible and simple overall. 21 Day fix is more of a short term fix so you may want to try that first to jump start your system since it uses containers and you really can’t mess it up. Then move to 2B to get your life long journey on track and stay there.

9 Week Control Freak Calendar

The calendar will cover 3 weeks at 5 days a week so Monday-Friday would be much preferred so you can enjoy the weekends. Each workout will be 20-30 minutes long 10 minute add ons that target certain trouble area muscle groups.

9 Week Control Freak Schedule

The schedule for the week will include:

  • 3 DCT workouts which are Density Training, Strength Complexes, and Tabata.
  • 1 Total Body Toning Workout
  • 1 Express Cardio & Core Workout

*The last 5-10 minutes of workouts will have a nice stretching and restorative techniques added to it so you can repair and move onto those results as quick as possible.

9 Week Control Freak Sample Workout

At the time of the writing their isn't any official sample workout, but I wanted to provide as much insight as I could. Below is a woman that shows 12 minutes of the workout that was released during the Beachbody Summit this year. I have done the workout and I did like it a lot even though it has gotten a lot of mixed feedback which we will also post below.

If you want to see this right now you can sign up for a free Beachbody On Demand Trial Membership where you get access to 100's of exercise programs at your disposal.


9 Week Control Freak Results

Although the official results have not come in yet from the test group I am posting the below as sneak peaks.

How Many Calories Burned In 9 Week Control Freak

I will be reporting on this as I go through the program myself. As of right now if they are like the sample workout that Autumn Calabrese did during the Beachbody Summit you are looking at around 250-350 calories for every 30 minutes.

Where To Buy 9 Week Control Freak?

It will be released December 2020-January 2021 officially. It will be released VIP to the coached then to regular customers then finally to the BOD general library.

It will be in December for Coaches and January for everyone else. Should be around $30-50.

What Equipment Do You need For 9 Week Control Freak?

The equipment needed here hopefully you already have. If you don't and want to get ahead of time just look at amazon or walmart for all of these you should be able to find for much cheaper then on Beachbody although Beachbody's is probably better quality so up to you.

  • Dumbbells
  • Step
  • Control Track
  • Core Ball

Is There A Modifier For 9 Week Control Freak?

There are always modifier with Autumns workout programs so I don't expect Control Freak to be any different. Even Country Heat had modifiers.


I think this will be a great program for those that like Autumn Calabrese and 21 Day fix. I think you will see a different side of Autumn you have never seen before. Now if you don't like Autumn then you probably still aren't going to like her in 9 Week Control Freak and that is okay.

If you want to jump on earlier go for it and get your 100% Free Trial to Beachbody On Demand you will not regret it with the library of workouts they have. Even if you have ZERO equipment you can still get a heck of a workout in.

Tab Winner

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