What Is The Most Difficult Beachbody Workout? (Burn Max Calories)

Beachbody has come a long way with their workout routines covering a wide array of variations. Everything from Weight Training to Interval Training to even Dance and Ballet. Whatever you want to do they have it all for one low price especially compared to a gym membership.

But can it compare to CrossFit and other intense workout routines. We do think there are certain workouts and routines that can somewhat compare, but usually the goals are different from Beachbody to Crossfit.

So What Is The Most Difficult Beachbody Workout? 

Having performed almost every workout in the BOD Library I would have said in the past Insanity or Insanity Max Workouts would be the most difficult, but I now say that 6 Weeks Of The Work's Crucible 800 Rep Workout is now the most difficult. 

It Consists Of: 

  • Spring Hops (100 Reps Each Side)
  • Diamond Pushups (1oo Reps) 
  • Arnold Presses (1oo Reps)
  • Goblet Jump Squats (1oo Reps)
  • Weighted T Plank (1oo Reps)
  • Floor Presses Tabletop (1oo Reps) 
  • Dumbbell Jump Lunges (1oo Reps)
  • Burpee Pushups w/ Sliders (1oo Reps)

Now to some of you that might not look like much, but it is all done during in a certain time frame will very short breaks as well. You can see the reviews from the Exclusive BOD group below along with a short video.

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Beachbody's Hardest Workouts

There are more hard workouts within Beachbody these are just the top ones we have experiences along with the overall comments stating these ones as well.

Insanity: Max Interval Plyo –

“Pushes legs with power and plyo workouts”

No equipment Required 

Duration: 55 minutes

Calories Burned: 700-1000 Calories

Description: It is a pushup heavy workout that is very intense throughout. This workout surprisingly does do a number on the upper body just as much as the lower body. So be ready for some intense reps to the upper body then some squats to push the limits with the lower body.

Here is the entire rundown of exercises:

Warmup – 

Run In Place

Straight Jacks


Jump Rop Side To Side

High Knees With Arms Extended To Side

Switch Kicks

Hit The Floor

Side To Side Floor Hops In plank

Main Exercises –

Switch Jumps

Squat Pushups

Wide In-Out Abs

Power Jumps

V Pushups On One Leg

Pogo Jump

Power Pushup

Globe Twists

Level 3 Drills

Lunges/Hop Squats

Side Pushups

Kickstand Touch The Floorr

8 Power Knees / 4 Diamond Jumps

Balance Pushups


Insanity: Max Interval Circuit

“Interval circuit that’s more intense than anything before.”

No equipment Required 

Duration: 60 minutes

Calories Burned: 700-1000 Calories

Description: This workout is completely insane. Shaun T says right in the beginning “I’m here to train and kick your butt today, and I’m not playing.” And he is definitely not lying your butt gets kicked. There are a series of eight exercises done one after another. The tempo increases after each series is completed, and there are no breaks until the series are repeated three times.

Here is the entire rundown of exercises:


Run In Place

Straight Jacks


Jump Rope Side To Side

High Knees With Arms Extended To Side

Switch Kicks

Hit The Floor

Side To Side Floor Hops In Plank

Main Exercises: 


Level 3 Drills

Power Strike

Frog Jumps

Football Runs Full Body Rotation With Clap

1-Sided Jacks

Hooks And Jump Ropes

High Knees With Body Twist

High And Low Jabs Into Squats

Floor Switch Kicks

1-2-3 Jabs/Cross Combo

Side Suicide Jumps

Squats With Hooks

Full Body Drill

Plank Punches

Insanity Max: Friday Fight: Round 2

“Friday Fight Round 2 is the hardest workout I’ve ever created” –Shaun T

No equipment Required 

Duration: 30 minutes

Calories Burned: 300-400 Calories 

Description: You don't get a break until the 15 minute mark and if you have done any of the Max: 30 workouts you know you probably won't make it until that 15 minute mark before actually taking a Maxxed out break that is for sure. You don't repeat any exercises except in the warmup so no chance of getting bored that is for sure.

Here is the entire rundown of exercises:

Warmup – 

Med Ball Twist

Hop Hop Knee

Mountain Climbers

Hit The Floor

Plank Walk

Main Workout – 

Iron Legs

Floor Hops

Scissor X

Plank Jack Front Raise

Plyo Hook Lunge

Hit The Floor Tuck Jump

Free Runners

Power Jump Dive

Ski Down Abs

Alternating Lat Push-ups

Low/High Switch Kicks

Slap Back Jump

Plank Jack Tap

Jab Speed Bag Right & Left

Plank To Squat

Lunge Punch Kicks

Genie Tuck Jumps

Wide Burpee Jump

X Abs

Tricep Pushup Jacks

10 & 2 Punch

8 Jabs / 2 Diamond Jumps

Alternating Burpee Punches

High Knee Jabs


Crucible:  The Work Week 6 Day 5

Calories Burned: 550+

DESCRIPTION: Do you have what it takes to complete this grueling test of physical and mental strength? Stay tough and give every rep your all! This is where it all comes to a close sad to see it end will definitely be giving this another go along with adding to future hybrids. This one workout in particular just to see where I am at. The only issue I have had on these mainly is finishing the burpees in a timely manner I always have to pause just a little slow I guess but oh well. 100 reps wth???? Let’s do it. Take your breaks where needed I definitely did. As long as you are working hard it don’t matter.

Equipment Needed:

Dumbbells (Light, Medium, Heavy)
Strength Slides

Warm up: 4 moves at 30 seconds each that are high knees, toe touches, reverse lunge crossover reach, side lunges


Spring Hops (100 Reps Each Side)
Diamond Pushups (1oo Reps) – yep this did some damage
Arnold Presses (1oo Reps)
Goblet Jump Squats (1oo Reps)
Weighted T Plank (1oo Reps)
Floor Presses Tabletop (1oo Reps) – enjoy the break
Dumbbell Jump Lunges (1oo Reps)
Burpee Pushups w/ Sliders (1oo Reps) – can’t believe they finished with this lol. I was done. I prefer starting with this to finishing.
Cooldown: 2 minute cooldown of stretches including shoulder pulls, overhead tricep stretches, cobras, childs pose

BeachBody User Reviews: The Crucible Workout

We curated this information from The Beachbody On Demand Facebook group. After you join it is definitely a great place to go for inspiration and transformation stories. People are very giving with their time there and you can ask any questions doesn't matter if you are a coach, customer or even past member or future member.

1. Lilly “800 Reps Total…Hardest Workout I have Ever Completed!” – I did it!! 💪🏻

My arms are still shaking from The Crucible this morning! 800 reps total and 200 were pushups! I love a challenge but this workout kicked my ass! It is the hardest workout I have ever ✅ completed!

It took over 5 minutes to do the first set of 💯 diamond pushups!! And the last move of burpee slider pushups were done on my knees because my arms could barely hold me up. 😳🤣

If you love a challenge like I do then this program is for you! I can’t believe the last workout is tomorrow!

2. Rhonda “I am jello” – I finished The crucible…800 hundred reps….I am jello!

3. Aaliyah “This program made me the strongest so far” – Week 6 – The Crucible – 800 reps
I made it to 100 on 5 excercises.. the rest I made it to 70ish ish… This program by far has made me the strongest! Falling a close second to 80 Day because that program really stepped it up a notch with strength! I'm debating doing a couple weeks of 80 day before another round of The Work… decisions… decisions.

4. Christi Champlin “800 Reps wow” – Well that’s a wrap end of round4 the crucible 800 reps wow and o definitely see some changes have a great weekend everyone.

5. Amanda “800 Reps…holy sh*t” – The final crucible…800 reps…holy sh%t! My arms were quaking hahah. Got it done…didnt die! Round 2 of The Work coming Monday. 3 day refresh starts tomorrow…intermittent fasting starts the 1st. Ready to kick my fu*cking excuses…lets go!

6. Melissa “800 reps of pure blood sweat and tears…” – You guys I just finished round two of six weeks of the work with the crucible and range and repair and all I can say is wow…800 reps of pure blood sweat and tears..did I stop on some moves yup but I gave it all I had..this workout is everything amoila spoke to my soul today..before we finished the last 20 reps of the slider burpees he told us to look into the camera and say your why..why because Failure is not a option i am worth it I have come to far to give up now…this program has really helped me gain strength I have gained muscle in all the right places and just burning up all the fat 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾..I am feeling on top of the world…the first time I did this workout I was scared lol this time around I went in and crushed it..went to war and conquered it…feeling amazing another round

7. Maribel “Insane” – one more day of the work and 6 weeks are done love this program to death it's hard but pushes you to your limit . today was w6 crucible 800 reps was insane but nailed it all the way even modifying i conquer my fears on finishing this program with my foot not been at 100% i did it .. And it's tempting me to do it again birthday coming in a couple of months and i want to be as strong as ffffff……kkkk as i can be ..

8. Stephanie “I can do hard things” – 800 reps!!!! The Crucible!!!! I did it!!!! Super proud of myself!!!! You can do hard things!!!! Starting a second round on Monday!!!!

9. Catherine “Today was a day I knew was coming and feared” – Today was a day I knew was coming, and feared. THE CRUCIBLE 100 reps each for 800 total!

This program flew by.

This program was insane.

This program is AWESOME!

I did it! Congratulations to everyone that completed the 800 reps, even if you just attempted to complete and put all your heart into it!!!!! That was insane!

Yes the end got very emotional, and my muscles were shaking probably after the first 100 reps.

10. Mari “I am thankful that the rest of the day I get to ride in a car for 6 hours back to Minnesota” – For a gal who was timid in wanting to start this program with fear and self-doubt of not being strong enough or of the pain it may bring… to a gal
who just nailed week six, the crucible!! 800 reps total including 100 pushups and 100 push-up burpees. I am thankful that the rest of the day I get to ride in a car for 6 hours back to Minnesota.

11. Wendy “Killer” – I finished my first round of The Work. 800 reps on the last Crucible! Killer!! I wasn’t even going to purchase it early, but did for my birthday gift to me. Best purchase ever! Here’s to round 2!

12. Rosajean “800 reps! Dead” – 800 reps! Dead 🤬🤬
I felt like crap all day and came home exhausted so instead of doing isometrics I killed myself with the crucible which is tomorrow’s work out but I switched things up. I’ll be jumping for joy on my workout program when it’s completed tomorrow. Now to just lie here for ten minutes

13. Dewayne “We survived” – Wk6D6 of #thework and we survived the Crucible! We completed 8 moves 100 reps each for a total of 800 reps! We're so proud of our accomplishment! #swolemates #progressnotperfection


As you can see the overwhelming response is that the Crucible is one hell of a workout. You do progress up to this 100 rep workout so as long as you put the Work in (LOL) it isn't as bad. I have been doing it every once in awhile since moving around to other workout programs and hybrid programs and it was much tougher when not going through the progressions of performing the moves every other week.

So you basically go from 50 reps each to 75 reps to 100 reps it is all in the same amount of time. Except really no breaks in the final week as in the previous weeks you are doing arm crawls during your break period.

Related Questions

Which Insanity Workout Is The Hardest?

Insanity Max Interval Circuit is the hardest workout but only by a small amount over Insanity Max Interval Plyo workout. 60 minutes and be ready to bring it the entire time as you will definitely be pushed to the max no matter what kind of shape you are in.

Final Thoughts

Okay so there you have it and you can be the judge for yourself if you have a Beachbody On Demand Membership (Free Trial Here). You can do all of these workouts with the same membership. So your 100% free trial lasts two weeks you can do these workouts over the course of those two weeks and see what you think. Just be careful as you need to see your doctor before you do these as well.

Most of these are for intermediate to advanced exercisers as you will really be pushing yourself to the max no matter what shape you are in. You can see our full review of 6 weeks of the work here


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