Who Is Joel Freeman?

If you are looking for an amazing fitness instructor to help you get in shape, look no further than Joel Freeman! Joel is a world-renowned super trainer who has helped countless people achieve their fitness goals. He is well-known for his work with Beachbody and his creation of the LIIFT4 technique. Joel is a huge advocate of lifting weights and focusing on specific muscles to create the best results. If you're looking to get fit, be sure to check out Joel's workouts! You won't regret it! Joel also just came out with a new program called LIIFT MORE!


Joel's History

Joel's enthusiasm for assisting individuals in reaching their fitness ambitions began during his time at Texas Tech University, where he worked as a trainer at a local gym. While working in the gym, Joel was constantly driven by one thing: making a personal difference in people's lives and seeing that making simple changes is often not difficult.

Joel began instructing group exercise sessions in Olympia, Washington, in 2004 and aided establish some of the most popular group fitness class registrations throughout the United States. Joel then ran a local gym for four years before moving to work for the Washington State Department of Health, where he assisted in creating a corporate wellness program.

In 2005, when he became a member of the illustrious Trainer team for LES MILL PUMP, the home weight training program, his connection with Beachbody was born.

Joel Freeman is a well-known fitness instructor in the United States. He is recognized for his work as a Beachbody super trainer. Joel came up with LIIFT4, which is a method of performing classic and weight lifting. Techniques that help someone focus on one muscle at a time.

There are a lot of inquiries about Joel Freeman. So, read on to learn more about Joel, who has done it all. However, discover how he was able to lead his life and become a wealthy individual and multi-millionaire. Additionally, find out some information concerning his biography, education, early life, personal life, etc.

What Is Joel Freeman's Net Worth?

Joel is worth an estimated Net Worth of $2,000,000 million as of today. There is no information about Joel Freeman's net worth on the internet or social media sites. As a result, we must estimate his overall wealth by combining all possible salaries and commissions earned throughout his career.

He also went through a divorce recently so this information could be way off as the details of the divorce haven't been released. Both him and his ex wife did make their own financial gains through the relationship.


How Much Does Joel Make Specifically From Beachbody?

According to multiple sources Joel Freeman makes around $80k a year as a trainer specifically from Beachbody. So this doesn't include any bonuses and shares he may be making profit from as well.

Joel Freeman worked for Beachbody LLC as a super trainer. He gets around $6,700 per month from the firm. Furthermore, on average, he earns more than $100,000 in total as part of various criteria and his program LIIFT4

Career History

Joel began working at a local sports center while studying at Texas Tech University. He also exercised in the gym, which he did after moving to Olympia in 2004. Joel started taking fitness lessons after moving to Olympia in 2004 and has since established one of the biggest exercise groups in Washington.

Joel, on the other hand, created a local GYM. He had also worked for four years in Washington's Department of Health. Joel began a corporate program while working for the department. In 2005, he joined Beachbody LLC as an employee. As of 2016, Joel was promoted to become a world-class trainer at the firm.

Furthermore, in 2017, Joel and Jericho McMatthew developed a new remarkable software called Core De Force. It's a martial arts at-home training program. Since its inception in 2017, Core De Force has employed thousands of individuals.

In 2018, Joel introduced LIIFT4, a new program in Beachbody. This is one of the most well-known streaming programs in California. After two years, it had more than 25 million views online. Joel also launched a boxing-related program.

He developed a program called 10 Rounds by selecting the greatest components of boxing. After he posted the program, he received over 5 million views, which was a big response from individuals. Furthermore, Joel has spent more than 15 years working at Beachbody LLC.


Tale Of The Tape

Full Name: Joel

Birthdate: September 26, 1982

Age: 39 years old

Birth Country: U.S.

Zodica: Libra

Height: 5 feet 6 inches

Marital Status: Divorced

Ex Wife's Name: Breanne Freeman

Early Life

Joel Freeman was born in the United States on September 26, 1982, and earned his bachelor's degree from Texas Tech University in 2004. In 2017, Joel Freeman married a former sportswoman and body expert named Breanne Freeman. Starting out in the fitness industry, Joel began publishing exercise films on Instagram in 2013.


Joel Freeman has done it all and is an expert in the field of fitness. Joel started out as a personal trainer, but quickly moved his way up to working for Beachbody LLC where he's been employed since 2005. He works as a world-class trainer and Core De Force developer at the company today, after being promoted from employee four years ago. Joel has also created other popular streaming programs, such as LIIFT4 and boxing-related program called “Ten Rounds.” With a successful career spanning over 15 years in the fitness industry, there's no doubt that Joel Freeman is one of the most well-known trainers in America today. Thanks for reading!

Joel has created many programs that include the below along with LIIFT More coming out Summer 2022.

Core De Force

Nothing compares to the mixed martial arts-style training of CORE DE FORCE for outstanding results that will EMPOWER you! It's addicting, and more importantly, it works. CORE DE FORCE combines the greatest elements of mma into a single body-shredding workout. DYNAMIC BOXING, KICKBOXING



Liift 4 is a beachbody workout program created by Joel Freeman. The program is based on the principles of high-intensity interval training (HIIT) and includes a mix of strength, cardio, and plyometric exercises. Liift 4 is designed to help participants achieve their fitness goals in just four weeks.

The workouts are approximately 30-45 minutes long and are meant to be completed three times per week. The program also includes a nutrition plan, which is designed to help participants fuel their bodies for the workouts and promote healthy eating habits. Overall, Liift 4 is an effective workout program that can help people achieve their fitness goals in a short period of time.

10 Rounds

10 rounds Beachbody workout program is a comprehensive fitness program that combines HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) with strength and cardio exercises to help you achieve your fitness goals all with learning how to Box along the way. The program is designed for people of all fitness levels and can be adapted to fit your individual needs.

The workout includes 10 rounds of 30-second intervals, with each round consisting of a different exercise. The program is supported by an extensive nutrition plan and online support community, making it easy to stay on track and motivated. Whether you're looking to lose weight, build muscle, or just improve your overall fitness, 10 rounds beachbody workout is an excellent option.

Frequently Asked Questions About Joel Freeman

Are Autumn Calabrese and Joel Freeman Related?

Autumn Calabrese is a mother of two who works hard and is a trainer. Autumn Calabrese and Joel Freeman are among the world's best trainers, according to Beachbody. However, in 2017, Autumn Calabrese was the number one 21-day fix program coach for the year. However they are not related.

Things People Don't Know About Joel Freeman (Curated From Beachbody's Website)

1. My favorite food: Cheeseburger! With all the fixins, avocado, and a fried egg.

2. My least favorite food: KALE

3. My idea of a perfect meal: A good bourbon (like maybe a Blanton’s), some spicy tuna tartare appetizer, and a fine cut of steak filet with some grilled veggies and baked potato.

4. What motivates me when I’m not in the mood to work out or eat healthy: I remind myself that consistency has helped me feel successful and that allowing myself an “off” day every week makes it easier to stay on-track all the other days.

5. My guilty pleasure: I never feel guilty! That’s the beauty of allowing myself the pleasures that life has to offer… in moderation of course.

6. One thing I’m really good at: Fixing things, especially if it involves construction. I love building new and fixing old!

7. One thing I’m really bad at: Relaxing! If I spend too long in one spot or don’t have anything on my “to-do” list, I get very antsy and uptight.

8. How I clear my head after a crappy day: Hug my kitties and wife and unplug from the world to give myself the chance to think through what made the day crappy to begin with and what I can change/learn from the experience.

9. The song (or type of music) that always puts me in a good mood: Anything rock! Classic vinyl, cassette-tape era, hair metal, glam rock, late ’90s – ’00s, the new stuff… if it’s rock, it amps me up!

10. The talent I would most like to have: Dance! But like REALLY dance, MJ-style and moonwalk all over the place.

11. Who I admire and why: I admire anyone who’s not afraid to do whatever needs to be done for themselves and their family, without excuses.

12. The qualities I most admire in someone: Solid work ethic, humility and simply being “real” to who they are and to those around them.

13. The things I most value in my friends: My true friends are those who are always honest, upfront, and never make anything more complicated than it needs to be.

14. Three qualities that have gotten me to where I am today: Fearless and unwavering work ethic, ability to stay objective with tasks at hand, and overall being appreciative and grateful to everyone around me

15. The change I’d like to see in my industry: I’d love to see more “real” approaches to fitness and nutrition that more people can relate to in their own personal lives. More thought to the fact that health and fitness aren’t supposed to be a chore; they’re meant to enhance your life!

16. The best advice I’ve ever gotten: Don’t ever let anyone hold you hostage when it comes to your emotions, feelings, or simply in life.

17. The best advice I could give someone: What you do and who you become is 100 percent up to you. Dwelling on and using the past as an excuse to shape your future is doing yourself an injustice.

18. My greatest achievement is: Not being scared to make the big moves to start over (more than once in my life) and take on new challenges and opportunities.

19. My idea of a perfect day: Sipping coffee; seeing all of the amazing people on social media doing my workout programs, and getting a solid workout in.

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