The Insanity Beachbody Workout Program: The 8-Moves Fit Test

The insanity beacbody workout program is one of the most popular programs on the market today. Shaun T, creator of the Insanity workout, has created an 8-move fitness test that will measure your current level of fitness and help you monitor your progress throughout this intense workout! The fit test consists of 2 minutes worth of jumping jacks, wall sits, pushups (incline), squats (incline), crunches (flat), lunges (flat) dips and chin ups. This article explains how to perform each move correctly as well as what it means for your overall performance in the program!

Most programs you will be weighing yourself along with taking some measurements to gauge your progress. Well with Insanity they take it a step further to so you are actually measuring your cardio throughout the program. You will do this fit test on weeks 1, 3 and 8. You will actually feel the improvements not just see them.

What Does The Insanity Fit Test Actually Entail?

The Insanity Fit Test is a 25-minute workout that challenges your endurance, strength, and agility. It has eight exercises in total. Each time you take the test, you'll count how many of each move you finish.

Thos 8 Exercises Include:

  • Switch Kicks
  • Power Jacks
  • Power Knees
  • Power Jumps
  • Globe Jumps
  • Push-Up Jacks
  • Low Plank Oblique

Switches kicks, power jacks, power knees, power jumps, globe leaps, suicide drills, push-up jacks, and low plank obliques are the eight moves in the Insanity Fit Test. A 2-minute warm-up, 2-minute stretch, and a brief cool down round out the fitness test. The entire workout

Below is the actual printout you will use for this test.

Insanity Fitness Test Guide

Example Of Performing The Fit Test:

Do the warm-up, stretch, and then move one. Keep track of how many reps you do during each exercise. This will allow you to monitor your baseline and progress through the 60-day program.

Is The Test An Actual Workout?

The Insanity FIt Test is actually a short workout that is much shorter than the other workouts. No equipment needed of course if you every want to test your fitness throw this in and get to work.

Actually Fitness Test

How Long Is The Insanity Fitness Test?

It is right around 25 minutes probably where he got the idea for the T25 program.

Fit Test

25m | Advanced

Shaun will put the body to the test and see what it's made of.

Works Well For

Cardio  |  HIIT  |  Bodyweight Training

Equipment Needed

Jump Mat*

How Many Calories Are Burnt During The Insanity FIt Test?

Everyone's calorie expenditure will be different since it is determined by your heart rate, but during the fit test, I burned approximately 250 calories where my wife burned around 200. To figure out how many calories you're burning, use an Apple Watch, FitBit, Garmin or Polar heart rate calories trackers.

We have used the FitBit & Apple Watch they are both very similar. With the new MYX Beachbody Bike it comes with a fitness heart rate monitor that is surprisingly accurate. But again very similar to the Apple Watch and Fitit.

Video Of Fit Test:

01 – Fit Test from Shane Hancock on Vimeo.

Final Thoughts

The Fit test will help guide you along the way through the program. It will make sure you are progressing and pushing your limits to reach your fitness goals.

It is crucial to track your fitness goals and progress as you work on the Insanity Beachbody Workout Program. The Fit Test, which Shaun T designed with those goals in mind, will make sure that you are improving and progressing each week of the 60-day program. If you want to see more articles like this one about how to get started or maintain a healthy lifestyle through diet and exercise check out our blog at MYX Fitness! ­­­­­

Below are some questions that we get on the program so hopefully it will help guide you on your fitness goals.

Insanity Fitness Test Move

Insanity Frequently Asked Questions

Who is it for?

FOCUS T25 is for individuals with a solid fitness foundation who are seeking for an advanced physical challenge. It's really tough. If you're not sure whether or not you have the strength to complete this program, consider FOCUS T25 instead.

What equipment does it require?

A mat is optional, but it's nice. You'll definitely want a towel or two.

How do I build muscle?

Although you don't use weights, INSANITY is a high-intensity interval training program that employs gravity (plyometric) and bodyweight exercises to fantastic effect in the formation of lean body mass.

Can I follow the 21 Day Fix Eating Plan while on INSANITY?

Yes, as long as you follow the INSANITY nutrition guide's calorie limits.

I missed a week due to vacation/work travel/sickness. Where do I start from today?

It won't kill you to skip a day or two. Simply pick up where you left off in your routine. Your body is completely recuperated and powerful after about five or six days of not training, and you can actually harm yourself by breaking down fast-twitch muscle fibers.

This might leave you in pain for more than a week. If you've been gone for more than five days, start slowly on your first day back, doing only a third to half of your usual workout and gradually increasing over the course of one week to get back where you were.

How do I build more muscle on INSANITY?

There's also an Upper Body Weight Training routine in the Deluxe Upgrade Kit, which you may add to your weekly schedule twice. Another alternative is a hybrid of INSANITY/P90X.

INSANITY is all cardio—I want more weight training.

To put it another way, when you speak about a cardio workout for fat loss, you're usually talking about high-intensity interval training. Cardio simply implies heart training, and it should not be conflated with aerobic exercise, which INSANITY only offers in recovery routines. INSANITY is a type of high-intensity interval training that incorporates

The nutrition plan doesn’t seem like enough calories.

Remember, just because you're hungry doesn't mean you should eat more. However, if you continue to feel terrible and/or your performance and sleep continue to suffer, try increasing your calories in 100–200 calorie increments, as advised on page 58 of the Elite Nutrition Guide.

How long should I rest before I start another round?

It should not be done indefinitely. The regimen's constant overload is only meant to last for a set period of time, after which your connective tissue and central nervous system need time to recuperate.

If you're feeling fantastic at the end of it, you can stretch out the final block for another two weeks, after which take a two-week vacation before doing another exercise program in a perfect world.

What’s the perfect next step?

This is dependent on your objectives. If you're new to CrossFit, you might want to choose either one of the first two programs (INSANITY: THE ASYLUM or P90X/P90X2), but after completing INSANITY, you'll be able to handle many different forms of exercise. Before moving into your next

What is maintenance work?

It's far more difficult to get in condition than it is to keep it once you've accomplished it. With about half of the volume of your program, you can generally maintain a rather close level to peak fitness.

To keep it up, you can utilize a variety of training methods, but the most simple is frequently 3–4 days each week on the previous program. It will gradually fade away over time, but after a while, you'll probably start another plan or activity to make up for it.

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