How Many Calories Burned Typing?

Did you know you burn calories doing almost anything like blinking your eyes, standing, and even typing. So yes I am getting a workout in just by typing up this blog post for you guys to read. It is very overlooked that small tasks can add up to a massive amount of calories maybe not over the course of a day, but definitely over the span of a week or month.

So how many Calories Burned Typing?

Typing for 1 hour burns on average 80-100 calories for the average sized person. If you are a bigger person say around 250lbs you will burn 160+ calories per that hour. This is likely more calories then you thought but there is a lot going on when you are typing with your appendages and little muscles. 

Typing isn't really a fitness routine of course, but it goes to show you that when you are on the computer you are still burning calories. Below we talk about how many calories a person in the office burns on an average day along with how many calories you can burn texting. Not that you need another reason to be on your phone longer.

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Calories Burned Typing

Calories Burned Typing On Computer

We don't want you to only take our word for it on the facts we found on the internet. So we went out and gathered information from real office workers, entrepreneurs, and people that just spend all day on the computer to find out how many calories they really burn. This information was curated so nothing has been changed besides any spelling or grammar where needed. These people also talk about burning extra calories while typing and being in your office. These are simple workouts that won't make you be embarrassed.

Real Typers Opinions

1. RandoPer132 “You burn calories just sitting anyway” – For starters, the amount of calories you burn depends on factors like weight, height, gender etc…For example, a 25 year old guy with an average height of around 5′ 9″, weighing 150 pounds would burn 70 odd calories an hour just by sitting, yup.. just sitting and doing nothing else.

For a 200 pound guy with the same height and age, it would be 95 calories an hour. If you take into account things like sleeping and standing, it's easily over a 100 calories an hour each. You see how many calories we burn a day by doing literally nothing… quite startling isn't it ?Calories Burned Sitting In Front Of Computer

2. BairAtBha “Just sitting in chair you burn calories” And how many calories does sitting on that chair (no type) add? You burn calories regardless of the activity you do. Even sleeping and laying around all day.

3. KrakonFour “You burn calories doing nothing” – You burn 1600-2400 calories per day doing ‘nothing', depending on your physical size and metabolic rate. Most westerners eat in excess of 4000 calories per day, so they usually don't lose weight through their metabolic consumption alone.

4. Sctrsk “Standing at computer burns more” – standing desk burns something like 100 an hour. thats 800 cals a day. that or sit on an exercise ball. thats more for posture tho I think. You will probably burn over 100 calories an hour standing but you will also burn about 100 calories an hour sitting, so you really need to look at the net effect. I think it's usually like 30 extra calories burned an hour if you stand rather than sit so more like 250 cals a day.

5. TheAustrOnaut “Typing 50 cals 30 minutes” – Always take the stairs. Elevators are the enemy. Also, jogging up a few flights is a good way to wake yourself up if you're still feeling drowsy when you get to work. We have one day a week at work where we turn off the escalators for this reason and you would be shocked at how much people bitch about it. A fairly overweight lady on my floor walks twice as far to get to the elevator just so she doesn't have to walk up and down stairs.

6. HandleYou123 “40 Cals a Half Hour” – I burn 40 cals a half hour that why I also park a good distance from the building so you gotta walk. i do this even when i go shopping and stuff… it's usually easier to get out anyway.

7. RighForWrong888 “100 calories an hour” – I average 100 calories while typing at my computer without the extra stuff I do on the side. I keep a set of weights (dumbbells) next to the desk – I get about 240 reps in – shoulder, bicep, tricep etc. – all in two minute increments. I also get about 300 reps in using a $20 simple ab roller, also in two minute increments thru the day. I've been kicking around the idea of the treadmill/computer desk but have never used one.

8. I_Stepped_On _A_Lego “88 calories an hour” – I burn around 88 per hour so I do some different tricks to workout at my seat. Sometimes, I'll put my butt at the edge of my seat, then lean backwards so my back is almost against the back of the chair, but not quite. Then I'll hold myself like that until my abs burn. It kind of looks like you're just leaning back, so it doesn't look weird. One time I did that all day, and my abs were legitimately sore the next day!

9. XenoGenome “35 calories every 30 minutes” – I burn around 35 cals on average for 30 minutes. Below are tips to add to that calorie burn.

-Park farther away from the office.

-Use the toilet on different floors and use the stairs to get there.

-Make sure you take a walk at least once an hour. Go to the printer, toilet, kitchen.

-Get a hometrainer and do High Intensity Interval Training every day, 3 reps of 20 second TOP SPEED running/cycling. That's 1 minute of exercise a day, you can do it.


Most every person we saw responses on stated they burned around 30-50 calories typing. However as you can see they also state that you burn around this amount without typing and just sitting there. So stating that they also added in some tips, tricks, and easy exercises to burn extra calories.
girl texting on phone

Calories Burned Texting On Phone

You should never think about texting as exercising that is for sure, but doing any activity like texting you do burn some extra calories. If you text for a straight hour that will yield you about 40-50 additional calories burned.

However your fingers and ability to get things done will suffer the price. So try to take breaks from your phone every 20-30 minutes or go for a walk while listening to some music.

Related Questions

How Many Calories Do You Burn Doing Nothing For A Day?

If you are doing nothing all day on average you are still burning around 1200 calories. So yes you can lay there all day and night and still burn calories. Just watch it as your metabolism will slow down the less you move throughout the day. The best general calculation to find out your resting metabolic rate is take your bodyweight and multiply by 11.

How Many Calories Do You Burn Sitting On A Couch All Day?

Although we don't advise sitting on the couch you will still burn around 1200 calories for the average sized person if you don't move off it for a 24 hour period. Getting up and getting food or making trips to the bathroom will allow for some bonus calories. The easiest way to calculate how many calories you burn resting is take your bodyweight and multiply by 11.

Does Typing On A Keyboard Burn Calories?

Yes typing on the keyboard burns calories around 50-60 every half hour. However your body is always burning calories no matter what you do even blinking your eyes or sleeping.

How Many Calories Does Writing Burn?

You can burn between 60 and 70 calories every half hour by writing. Now writing all day by hand will be tough unless you can do so with both hands. This is why a lot of people all resort to typing and yes that does burn calories as well.

Does Typing Make Your Fingers Skinnier?

Typing does exercise your fingers and typing for long periods of time will make your fingers look skinnier although it is just the muscles firming up. However over the course of time your fingers may swell back up from typing too much as it can bring about arthritis as well.


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