MYX II Beachbody Spin Bike Review: Peloton’s Fiercest Competition Goes Up in Flames

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If you thought MYX, Peloton’s fiercest competition, couldn’t get any hotter, they go ahead and announce that they’re partnering with Beachbody—the mega-brand that reaches millions of people every year. MYX compared to Peloton has been a hot topic for some time now (especially in the wake of this article), but the MYX II provides more fuel to the fire than ever before. With the merger announcement coming from both teams, there will be a MYX II Bike available starting in September 2021 (or perhaps earlier?).

In this post, I'm going over the MYX II. As new information becomes available and the bike is released, I'll update my MYX II review to reflect that. And you may count on me to put it through its paces and share everything I learn with you here! My bike has been purchased, and I can't wait to start putting it through its paces.

The MYX II is a smart indoor bike that includes Beachbody and BODi live, interactive digital programming for a high-end cycling experience. This spin bike was created to support immersive, social-based exercises at home thanks to an 8-megapixel camera, 20W speakers, and a 21.5″ touchscreen with a 360-degree.

The base model of the MYX II has a frame that is constructed entirely of aluminum and features an adjustable upright handle bar with horizontal swept back. This stand-up bike differs from previous versions in that it comes standard with front and rear fenders, a bell, and a basket. The complete list of improvements includes more power (50% more),

MYX burst onto the scene early in 2020, and it hasn't slowed down yet. I've written a lot about MYX Fitness bikes throughout my articles (read more here) , including my own experiences and evaluations. With the introduction of their newest model, I'm curious to see what modifications the team has made as well as how Beachbody's.




The MYX Home Studio is a high-quality stationary bike that allows you to experience the electric energy of live classes at home!

The BODi classes compliment the MYX spin bike, which is a home fitness center that provides both indoor cycling and BODi sessions.

You can switch between cycling classes and on-demand workouts like a strength training program or high intensity interval training exercises with the large swivel screen! There are hundreds of routines for all levels of fitness.

MYX II Beachbody Specs

  • Sony MegaPixel 8 Camera
  • 21.5″ Sweat-proof HD Screen
  • 360° Rotating Display
  • Touch Screen
  • Adjustable seat and handlebars
  • Compact Footprint to fit any 4′ x 6′ area
  • Best-in-class heart-rate monitor
  • Sensors measure your speed, cadence, and distance to track your progress
  • Built-in camera & sound to join others in real-time & get feedback from your favorite trainers
  • Versatile pedals that work with regular athletic shoes & SPD Clips
  • Endless variety with new BODi workouts from your favorite Beachbody Super Trainers
  • Available in Deep Charcoal and Natural White
  • Compatible for People between 4’11” to 7’8″
  • Weight Capacity Up to 350lbs
  • Free Shipping

MYX II Bike Beachbody Workouts

Beachbody is bringing bike workouts to help you achieve your fitness goals at home! BODi now includes over 40 different classes, and you may even join a live cycling class to get real-time coaching from your favorite personal trainer!

Right now as of this writing they have around 2-4 live classes a day with the times usually around 8am, 1pm, 3pm, 6pm, and 8pm. They do range, but if you miss a class they are pretty much immediately available within that hour to watch on-demand.

The best workouts are probably going to come from Pelotons own instructor Jennifer Jacobs. She thrived during her time with Peloton now she is fulltime with Beachbody and also releasing her first program Job1 in December of 2021.


How Much Is The Beachbody MYX Bike Going To Cost Me?

For the base model MYX II it will currently be around $1,299 which is all you need to get. You can find the current lowest price by clicking HERE!

The Base model is all that you need unless you are looking to get the kettlebells, dumbbells, yoga mat and bike mat which will run you around $1,599. I would suggest if you are on the fence to just get the basic and get any supplies you need by yourself on someplace like Amazon. Unless you need everything that is included in the Plus of course then it is a good deal.

To get the introductory pricing, you need to use the code BEACHBODYMYX. It also gets you plus free shipping and assembly ($200 value).



Can I Get The MYX Beachbody Bike Outside the U.S.?

At the time of this writing it is only available in the 48 continental states in the U.S. They will first be releasing to Canada so make sure you sign up for our email list so you can be first to here about it being released in new countries.

How Long Does It Take To Receive The MYX Bike?

So far it has been taking 1-3 weeks to receive and this does vary quite a bit and I am sure it will get quicker as things slow down. Just make sure you get your order in as quick as possible before they go out of stock.

How Is The Warranty On The MYX Beachbody Bike?

The MYX II comes with a 12-month manufacturer's warranty already and you can of course add on 1 year to that for $99 and it is $149 for a two year. If you are going to add on go ahead and go with the 2 year since that will give you 3 years total especially if you are financing.

Do I have To Pay For The MYX Bike All At Once?

You can get the MYX Bike financed for as little as $28 a month through a good reputable company called Affirm. Depending on your credit rating they will give you a better APR. But I have not heard of anybody getting denied with bad credit either and it won't hurt your credit by applying anyway.

Beachbody (BODi) vs Peloton: Which One Is Better?

The is more of an orange versus apple comparison. I am taking Beachbody 100% because I have been a member of theirs since 2014 and they are so much more than just a spin bike fitness company like Peloton. I have friends that use Peloton and love it, but for the cost you get so much more for Beachbody and they are continually expanding.

Below are some of the pros of the MYX over Peloton:

  • You can adjust the handlebar height
  •  You can wear any shoes!
  • 360 Swiveling Touchscreen Monitor
  • Separate trainer & music volume controls
  • Ability to pause workout
  • Smaller Bike Footprint
  • More training programs

MYX Bike vs Peloton Bike

How Loud Is The MYX Bike?

The MYX II is a very quiet bike so if you live in an apartment or have to use upstairs in your house you should be fine and not wake anybody up or anything. We live in a house that was build in 1871 so I have used on the second floor and in the attic without issue so far.

So Is The MYX Shipped Directly To My House?

Yes the MYX bike will be shipped directly to your house. There have been many horror stories we have heard of with Nordics and Pelotons bikes where there is something missing or went to the wrong place. With MYX it goes to a local warehouse they contact you for delivery so you can be there to receive.

Make sure once you get it check it over there have been some with some dings or missing a small piece but they overnight the part right to you so you won't have much of a delay.

Where Should My MYX Beachbody Bike Be Used?

Wherever there is a solid surface and a good internet connection. Carpet is not a good idea so make sure to have a mat over the carpet beneath your bike before using.

We have used ours in our small gym we have off the main living area, the living room, upstairs and in our attic. If you have two people you can move pretty easily upstairs and such.

I got it I don't like it and want to return how do I do that?

If you don't like it just make sure it is within the first 30 days after delivery. This is another reason why you need to look the bike over for any damage when you first receive to make sure there isn't any. Needs to be in original like shape then just call and schedule pickup same way it was dropped off.

MYX II Actual User Opinions From BODi

We didn't want you to only take our word for it on the bike. So we went out and scoured the internet for real reviews from forums, websites and Facebook groups. All of these people are just customers that have used the product already. This information was curated so nothing has been changed except spelling or grammar.

Openfit & MYX?

With the MYX II bike's release, the company also revealed their cooperation with Openfit, a Beachbody company well-known for its large library of on-demand workouts led by industry experts across a range of modalities. Currently, there are just on-demand class alternatives to pick from, although the MYX+Beachbody brand has

The user will be able to give certified trainers permission to oversee their workout on a split screen, offering personalized form suggestions and feedback.

OpenFit provides a lot of variety on the platform, including HIIT, strength training, barre, Pilates, yoga, meditation, stretching, and more. For $29 per month with Openfit on the MYX II or the MYX II Plus

How Much Is BODi To Access Live Cycling?

BODi will cost $19.95 per month on top of the $99 annual BOD (Beachbody On Demand) membership fee. Users will also have the option to purchase a full year of BODi access at a discounted rate of $169 per year. MYX II users will have the option to choose either Openfit, BODi, or both.

Real User Reviews

1. Kelci “I am definitely getting it no brainer” – I’ll have the BODi subscription because I like N+, I don’t think I’ll use the live workouts much because I love doing the whole programs. If you’re someone who wants the variety of live workouts then I say go for it.

2. Zely “Ready to go out of the box” – It is my understanding you won’t have to pay the Myx subscription and the bike will come ready with BOD and BODi. BODi will have cycling classes so you don’t need the Myx subscription.

3. Laren “I already got my MYX Bike and love it” – I just got a MYX bike.. it took about 4 weeks to arrive but I think it would have been shorter but XPO held on to it longer. Once they scheduled delivery I got a text telling me the date and then a day before a text telling me my 4 hour window.

4. Laura “Just paid $298 annually” – BODi $298 annually and you can get prorated if you have an active BOD for whatever amount of time is left.

5. Haley “Did my first ride” – Did my first ride. There were good and bad. So, my cadence still isn't working in BOD. But, I know I am not the only one. I thought this was a cycle only class, but there was an upper body strength class,so I needed my weights. No complaints! I still burned almost 500 calories in 30 minutes. The music was AWESOME!!! FINALLY, good music!!!! The trainer was great!!!! Very motivating! Pushed me to my limits! The flashing lights were fun! Scared me a little at first, but made it more like a real spin class. I also love that she had her shoes in the cages. I felt pressured when I first got my bike that I needed spin shoes. She proved you don't.

6. Catherine “Finally Spinning” – FINALLY signed up for Open Fit on my MYX bike I got a couple months ago! This was a great sweat, dripping from every pore! Definitely need a couple towels fir the handle bars.

Still struggling with lung capacity not back to 💯 but I’ll get there! Positive thoughts!!!
7. Bradd “There are differences” – For those asking about differences in BOD and what you'll get if you end up adding BODi once everything officially launches on Sept 21st, here's an overview. Also, don't forget that those checking out the current Beta aren't seeing a “final product” and there are things that will be part of BODi after the official release that we may not see til then. In terms of trainers, there are now 24 different trainers on the team, including the current super trainers and newly hired BODi trainers, so there should be something and someone for almost anyone to vibe with once this is up and running in full 🙂
8. Bradley “It's Live” – The MYX v2 will go on sale mid/late September in the US. Everywhere else…stay tuned (sounds like regulatory things for international sales 🤷‍♂️). $1299 for bike, $1499 for bike and accessories. More details on discounts, exact release date, etc coming in August. The FAQ ( https://faq.beachbody.com/…/detail/a_id/2900/catid/0/TLP/0 )
9. Lindsay “Love MYX & BODi” – Bodi is going to be live virtual workouts. Not just the bike. I think there will be an official bike program on BOD. Bodi will be separate from BOD. Nutrition + is turning into Bodi. So youll have your bod membership. Then if you want bodi…youll pay separately for that.

10. Jennifer “My Thoughts So Far” –

No one can actually speak to this yet. I’m not sure if you’re familiar with Peloton or their app, but I’ll highlight what I know about them both at this point.
First, the similarities. Both will have interactive live classes. Peloton has all types of scheduled classes; BODi will also have scheduled classes, presumably of most types as well. That’s about all we know so far about the content of BODi.
Next: metrics. Peloton has metrics onscreen including cadence and heart rate for cycling workouts (including third party devices), for example. If you have their bike, you also get output/power. So far the only info we have on BODi is that their second generation bike will be fully integrated, but there is no information on third party integration at this point.
Next, price. Peloton is $12.99/month. BODi will be $19.99/month. BODi will also include nutrition+ content.
Finally, and this is important to me but may not have as much importance to you, Peloton has a world-class tech platform. Everything from the class to sound balance to downtime minimization is phenomenal. Only time will tell if Beachbody will be able to compete with it. Historically, Beachbody has had tech issues with any new launch of programs, platforms, or any other tech issues. All one has to do is search this group for Apple Watch issues or downtime for examples.

Final Thoughts

As the MYX II Bike is expected to be released in September 2021, you’ll want to act quickly and purchase it at an introductory price. You can expect great workouts with BODI that are available live or on-demand as well as Beachbody cycles that will help you achieve your goals. If you miss a class, don't worry about it because they're always just one hour away!

This bike is a great addition to your home gym. It has an amazing display that allows you to see what's going on, and the touchscreen is easy to navigate no matter how sweaty your hands are! This workout partner has everything you need from a sound system with 20W speakers as well as a dynamic camera for you to connect with others and get real-time coaching from your favorite fitness instructors.

It’s great for all levels of rider, but it does have a weight limit so you will want to be sure that if you are over 275 lbs or so the Peloton is still better suited for your needs.

The MYX II (Beachbody Bike) is well worth it if you're searching for a comprehensive home fitness solution. The two most significant components missing from the original MYX bike – cadence/resistance/speed recording and live exercises – are included in the enhanced MYX 2 bike. With these two key features, MYX and Beach

Related MYX Beachbody Questions

Can Multiple People Use MYX II Beachbody Bike?

Yes you can have up to 5 profiles on one Beachbody MYX bike. This is great news for families so they can even get the kids involved. We love the spin bike especially during winter time or when there is bad weather out you can still get that bike workout in no matter what.

Do I need BODi In Order To Use Beachbody's MYX II?

No there will be a program released called JOB1 by Pelotons own Jennifer Jacobs December 2021. This will be Beachbody On Demand content. In order to get the Live Classes you will need BODi, but you can also use this bike with pretty much any program you see fit.

Will Beachbody Coaches Get A Discount On MYX Bikes?

Currently everyone gets the same discount for the MYX Bikes. Coaches will get compensation for the Bikes, BOD, and BODi subscriptions of course.

They will eventually come out with a Coaches or Preferred customer discount when things slow down. However they could be all sold out for awhile if things keep going the way they are so I suggest you get it while you can or wait. If you have a spin bike already just use that for now if you would like to wait for the coaches discount.

Does Beachbody On Demand Have Bike Workouts?

Beachbody On Demands first bike program will be released in December 2021 taught by super trainer Jennifer Jacobs. There will be at least 4 bike workouts in that particular program.

On top of this with BODi which is a separate subscription there will be over 50 classes in there along with live classes everyday. You can sign up for a free 30 days use of BODi if you already have Beachbody On Demand. So make sure to check that out as well.


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