Is Beachbody Performance Line Gluten Free? (Real BOD User Opinions A Well)

Having to eat Gluten Free can be a huge issue that you want to make sure there is no gluten in what you consume whether it be a beverage or food. When it comes to Beachbody products you want to know exactly the same information. Whether you have Celiac or just any kind of intolerance for Gluten like IBS it is information you want to know. That is why we wrote this article and went out and gathered information from hundreds of users of Beachbody's Performance line.

Gluten Free Beachbody Products

Is Beachbody Performance Line Gluten Free?

Yes Beachbody's Performance Line is gluten free, but it is not certified gluten free. So that basically means they don't have a separate gluten free plant to produce their product line. Beachbody products are made at the same plant as wheat based products. This will change in the future I am sure as Beachbody has gotten bigger and bigger over the years.

Having said that you should consult your Doctor before proceeding with their line and read below where we ask others that have Celiac disease among other complications with gluten. Or maybe you are on a Gluten free diet and looking to Beachbody to make sure you can stick with that diet we go over that as well.

Real BOD Users Opinions On Beachbody Product Line

We went out and gathered information from many different BOD users that have something like Celiac, other allergies to wheat, or are simply on a gluten free diet to get their perspective on Beachbody's Performance Line when it comes to the Gluten Free aspect. As you know it is not certified gluten which the way Beachbody has explained it is because they don't have their own gluten free plant to produce the products. This may or may not change in the future.

We curated this information from Beachbody Groups so nothing has been changed except any spelling or grammar where needed.

1. Melanie “I do fine” – I have a glutton intolerance and do fine with it.

2. Christina “Gluten Allergy and IBS no issues” – Gluten allergy, autoimmune thyroid issues, IBS!!! Feel free to message me for any info, I’ve done both with no issues.

3. Beth “IBS and Gluten Sensitivity no issues” – IBS/ gluten sensitivity and have to eat dairy free..and I don't have issues.

4. Marissa “Have Celiac and had issues” –  I have celiacs and thought I had no issues At first. But eventually I would get stomach bloat (especially with vegan one) gluten rash and fog. It was the only thing I ate that wasn’t gluten free. Once I stopped most of my symptoms went away and I now use a different protein powder.

5. Sheina “Some are fine and some aren't” – Some people are fine with it and some people react. It has inflammatory ingredients and isn’t organic, gluten free, or grass fed or antibiotic free.

6. HermitGirl “I wouldn't touch it if you have celiac” – I can tell you that Shakeology made me violently ill. I only used half the packed of powder. I wouldn't touch it with a ten-foot pole after how sick it made me. I had never had such an intense reaction before, but had the same thing the last time I was glutened a few weeks ago.

7. LookingForAnswers “Don't personally use it because of grain grasses” – I personally don't eat any of the gluten grain grasses, even though they are supposed to be gluten free they make equally as sick. Plus, they are cheap filler ingredients – humans aren't supposed to eat grass

8. CpeaBody “Son has celiac” – I am a Beachbody coach and have been drinking Shakeology for almost 2 years. It is an amazing product but those with Celiac need to make an informed decision on if they want to try it.  My son is 5 and has Celiac and I do not give him. I trust Beachbody and their statements but my son reacts to wheat grass and the vegan formulas have oat protein in them and unless those oats are certified gluten-free they can be troublesome for Celiac's.  My son can not eat any oats at all so the vegan option is out ans our regular formula has whey and he can not consume dairy either.  Just the oats alone without being certified is enough for me to opt out of giving him Shako.  Still on the hunt for something comparable that he will drink. He loved his Shakeology before being diagnosed!


So as you can see it is hit or miss on whether it will affect you. There are different levels of Gluten Allergies that can include the gluten free wheat that Beachbody uses in most of their Beachbody Performance line. Maybe get a sample from a coach that you can try 1/4 of the sample to see how your body reacts. As always ask your doctor first. Seems over 75% of people using Shakeology and other Beachbody Performance products had no reaction. The other 25% were a range of little to a lot, but still not worth it too use of course.

Other Gluten Free Beachbody Questions

Are Beachbody Shakes Gluten Free?

Beachbody shakeology (Shakeology) are labeled as Gluten Free they just aren't certified gluten free. This is basically due to being made in the same plant as other non gluten free products. They have improved their product line over the years, but still don't make everything in a Gluten free plant.

Is Beachbody Energize Dairy Free?

Yes Beachbody Energize is dairy free as it is vegan. This means that no animal based ingredients are used to make Energize.

Is Beachbody Recover Gluten Free?

Beachbody Recovery is is both Gluten Free and Vegan is also plant based. They are not certified Gluten Free as it is still made in a plant where non gluten free items are made. So you still could have a reaction to this based on the severity of your gluten allergy.

Are Beachbody Bars Gluten Free?

Beachbody's gluten free bars are all gluten free along with 0 trans fats. Along with this they have a Low Glycemic meaning it is slow digesting carbs so your insulin wont spike and then crash like with other bars.

Are Any Of The Beachbody Supplements Gluten Free?

Most of all of Beachbody's supplements are gluten free or come in a gluten free version. So check the label before ordering as most products are not certified gluten free.

Does Beachbody Have Any Products That Are Certified Gluten Free?

Beachbody does not have any products that are certified Gluten free at this time. This doesn't mean they produce a subpar product, but it is a risk to try it. Consult your doctor and maybe try a sample of Beachbody products to see if you have a reaction. In our research over 75% didn't have a reaction at all. While the other 25% had a bit of a reaction to a severe reaction.

Is Beachbody 3 Day Refresh Gluten Free?

Beachbody 3 Day Refresh is Gluten Free as Shakeology that it includes is as well. Most all of Beachbody product line is Gluten Free just not certified Gluten Free.

Is Beachbody Hydrate Gluten Free?

Yes hydrate is Gluten Free as are most of Beachbodys products. It is not certified Gluten Free as all Beachbody products are not at this time. I am not sure what the hold up is as I know at first it was due to their products being produced in a plant where other products are not gluten free.

Is Beachbody Ultimate Reset Gluten Free?

Yes Beachbody Ultimate Reset is Gluten Free and also vegan friendly as well. This basically means there are no animal derived or gluten containing ingredients in the Ultimate Reset bundle.


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