Is Beachbody A Pyramid Scheme? Beachbody Coaches Are A Joke

It is kind of funny honestly when someone asks a question on MLM (Multi Level Marketing) and they ask a question like is “so and so” a pyramid scheme.” The reason why I have always laughed when someone asks this is most all people have a day job. You know the old 9-5 or any shift you work. Well that just happens to be the ultimate Pyramid Scheme (okay maybe not the correct definition) that money you are making that company is almost always going to lead up to one or two people that reap all the benefits (money).

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So yes if you think of Pyramid Scheme as this then all companies are pyramid schemes. But people just have a common misconception times have changed over the years especially with Multi Level Marketing. People aren't in the dark on what a company is about as all you have to do is get online and do a little research unlike the old direct mail marketing.

Products (especially subscription) products have to work for the customers to actually make money for the company. If those products really do work you will see a free trial or guarantee the majority of the time. I would say first and foremost almost never buy something that is a lifetime subscription because most everything will need updates and the company is likely to fold as soon as they have made their money upfront. In the least do tons of research like you are probably doing right now.

So is Beachbody coaching a pyramid scheme? Beachbody is not an actual pyramid (or ponzi) scheme as they don't just take money and pass it up to the person next in line. Coaches simply get a portion of everything sold whether it be programs or nutritional supplements. But if you join and quite and get a refund (most products have refund policy) then they get nothing. 

So the beachbody coaching system is setup so coaches get a portion of everything customers buy. They are labeled as independent contractors. They are still some spammy products out there that is why you should always look for a free trial or something like a 30 day guarantee. Then you can always look to pay through a third party system like PayPal that offers the purchaser a lot of power. If you have ever used Ebay you have more then likely used PayPal.

How does the coaching system pay process work well read on to find out all the details on Beachbody's Multi Level Marketing setup.

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What Is An Actual Pyramid Scheme?

The main characteristic of a pyramid scheme is that participants only make money by getting more members on board. A lot of times there is no real product it is just passing money to the front of the line (naked pyramid).

It is mathematically impossible for everyone is a pyramid scheme to make money. So again based on this definition Beachbody is not a pyramid scheme.

How is that? Well they don't just enroll coaches. When most customers sign up they don't become coaches right away they try out the workout programs and maybe the nutritional supplements like beachbody.

I don't have the exact percentages in front of me on customers to coaches but once I do I will post and update here on that. But if you think about it their customer base is people that are out of shape and they want to get into shape by not going in front of people and working out in a gym…so do you think those people (a lot of shy introverts) are going to promote a product at all or at least if it doesn't work?

In our opinion most will wait until they get their results like a before and after before they promote Beachbody. In turn the product has too work in order for it to be promoted. Now you will have people that all they do is promote the product and never touch it most of these use Paid Ads like Youtube Ads and Facebook Ads.

They were already in shape never touched the program just use others results and say look at me. But every MLM has them and a lot of customers will see through that.

Is Beachbody A Multi Level Marketing Scheme?

I do hate the word scheme as it does give the wrong impression, but yes Beachbody is a Multi Level or Netowork Marketing company. They use the old word of mouth technique and let their customers basically become shareholders by giving them a piece of the pie while promoting and making sales.

The original MLM's were of course companies like Amway, Tupperware, Herbalife, Avon, Mary Kay and Pampered Chef which were huge in their prime and some are just as big like Avon and Mary Kay.

What's The Difference?

Well MLM's don't pay distributors for simply recruiting new salespeople this was a ruling that FTC made with Amway.

If you go to Beachbody and purchase something you don't have to do it again you can be simply just a customer.

FTC does make rules for financial institutional MLM's like forex where 51% of your customer base has to be just customers and not just recruiting people.

So Pyramid Schemes offer money just for recruiting people and basically force you to recruit people and sell things like starter packs that customers must buy to be involved. MLM's don't just pay distributors for recruiting people they sell to customers and you can just be one of those and be successful with their product.

This is where guarantees and free trials come in. If the company you are looking at doesn't have a long history and doesn't offer some sort of guarantee or free trial I would sit tight until you can do the proper research or they off a free trial package.

How Long Has Beachbody Been Around For?

Beachbody Has Been Around For 21 Years! So for an MLM that is a very long time so their products probably do work. If you think about it if you are trying to get into shape any product you move around with is probably going to work somewhat if you eat healthier.

It is more about getting and keeping the customer involved and motivated. That is where the community comes in as well.

How Do You Make Money As A Beachbody Coach?

You make money as  Beachbody Coach by recommending their products upwards of 25% commission on most all products including Beachbody On Demand.

The biggest and easiest way to make money as a beachbody coach is by having your  customers sign up for the Shakeology HD (home direct) program. The coach will make around $30 per sale reoccurring every month.

That is great but is Shakeology worth it?

For the best details on that you can go to our Shakeology Review that goes into detail on the product bot pros and cons and customer reviews and testimonials.

However if the customer does like and wants to use Shakeology then yes it is easier and cheaper to get on the HD program as you save around $20 off retail price and it is automated.

A lot of customers that become coached don't recruit to make money including us when we started. Why would somebody do that? Well when you sign up to become a coach you also save 20%+ on products like the workout programs along with Shakeology and other Challenge Packs. So for us the $15 bucks it takes to become a Beachbody Coach was well worth it.

Retail – As stated you make a commission off all their products and that goes with their supplements and workout programs as well. The only issue with this is that they are one offs for the most part. If somebody was to purchase something like Transform 20 they would only get that one commission until they bought something else.

Team Bonus Cycles – Once you start recruiting and getting people on your team you start to get to different levels and the ‘Emerald Level' or above is where you start to get cycle bonuses. These range from $14 to $28 but add up quickly.

How Much Do Team Beachbody Coaches Make?

Coaches make sometimes nothing but save some or they make tons. We in our group personally have quite a few individuals making mid 5 figure incomes with just Beachbody alone. Most do work hard at it.

In order to make a living of say $40k a year is very tough that is why a lot of Coaches are just passionate and don't try to sell the product they sell what they have gotten out of the product. The product then sells itself one the customer gives it a try.

How to Get To $1k A Month Easily As A Beachbody Coach?

Okay so I just threw this nice round number out there so you can take this and run with it on how much you would personally like to make.

All you would have to do is sell 3 Challenge Packs or Shakeology HD's a month for 6 months or less to make it to $1,000 dollars reoccurring every month.

A lot of Coaches simply get their friends and family involved at first which can be a nice jumpstart to your first 3. It can get tough from their but you only really need to hit 1 or 2 people that are good at recruiting themselves that can take you to the promise land.

How To Make Beachbody Coaching A Long Term Income?

What I would suggest is that you do what we do and not put all your eggs in one basket if you want to sustain a long term income. That is why we built this website so we don't have to recruit people. When you put ads on a site and you have people coming from Google you get paid for every visitor whether they click on something or not.

That is why we offer people who sign up with us a FREE DOMAIN and FREE WEBSITE for a year setup just like this one. That includes your hosting, design, login information, security setup all that.

You can sign up for our email newsletter for more info on that or contact us. No matter what you do on your fitness journey you should document it as a journal and write your opinion on things. People want that information and ad networks are willing to pay pretty well for those types of visitors to your website.

How Much Does It Cost To Start Beachbody?

It costs $15.95 a month to become a Beachbody Coach with a one time upfront fee of $39.95.

If you know you want to be a coach I would do this and get the Shakeology HD.

If you don't know you want to be a coach go get the Beachbody On Demand Free Trial and try it out for a couple weeks before committing. You can also see our BOD review here.


After saying all this you can do more research or you can try their products risk free like the BOD free trial deal. Don't take our word for it I know I didn't when I first started using Beachbody products before I got married.

All I can say and I am sure you can agree with is there is a good reason for a company to being around 20+ years and is continuing to thrive?

Some people of course say Beachbody Brainwashing is a thing or that Beachbody Coaches are a joke but nobody forces anybody to do anything. If people use the products and eat healthy they should and will see results. It is that simple.

Of course there is going to be people who don't get results that may have something wrong with them and hopefully they can get that figured out. We are not saying this is a one size fits all but it is a one size fits almost all. BOD has 70+ programs that are for Cardio, Dancing, Weights, Yoga, Pilates, etc. so something in their for most all people.


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