Best Beachbody Cardio Only Programs (Scorch Those Cals With Ease)

Best Cardio Beachbody Insanity

A lot of people hate cardio and a lot of people love it. No matter which side of the line you fall on you should still be getting some cardio in every week. It can be walking which is one of the most underrated cardio workouts by far. If not you can always get in a quick 30 minute Beachbody all cardio workout. You can do complete Beachbody Cardio Programs or you can simply pick and choose some cardio workouts you want to do to get that heart rate racing.

What Is The Best Cardio Workout On Beachbody?

The Best Cardio Workout on Beachbody is Max Cardio Conditioning that is 50 minutes of pushing yourself to the brink. There is no repeat in this one making the workout go much quicker while scorching those calories. People tend to burn around 400-600+ Calories on this workout based on your weight and intensity you put in. 

The other two workouts on the Original Insanity that burn a well Insane amount of calories are Max Interval Circuit and Max Interval Plyo which both burn 500+ Calories in each workout if you are really pushing yourself during all the moves. If you aren't in decent shape that okay in our next section we go over the best beginner workouts to get to that next level quickly.

Best Beachbody Cardio Workout For Beginners

These workouts are designed to help you progress from Beginner to Intermediate so all you need to do is press play and get your nutrition down. Your main goal with nutrition should be to just cut back your Calories a bit each day around 250 then you are eating currently. Don't push it too much especially while training.

A lot of these workouts you will be burning 200-500+ calories. So you will already be in a deficit from what you were eating before. So even if you just maintain and don't increase your Calorie intake you will shed some weight. Download an app like “Lose It” to easily track your food and this will auto calculate your Macros. Macros are great when you want to get down to 10% or less Body Fat, but if you aren't there yet just focus on calories.

One of the Best Beginner Workout Programs we have found out there is surprisingly Insanity Max:30. Why is that surprising? Because it is also one of the best Intermediate To Advanced workouts in Beachbody as well.

This is possible because you only push yourself to failure then you take a break and go to failure again. On top of this they have some great modifiers.

Insanity Max: 30

Insanity Max 30 gets our vote and that is because it gets the job done with cardio and bodyweight trianing that raises you to a whole new level. You get into this program and stick to it for the duration you will come out a different person knowing you can push yourself harder then you had thought previously.

Below is the Calories my wife burned during the second weeks workouts. These results will be based on what fitness level you are at, but also keep in mind these are just the calories you are burning during the workout. Insanity Max:30 is High Intensity Interval training that will keep you burning calories all day long.

Calories Burned Insanity Max: 30

Cardio Challenge Calories Burned: 290
Tabata PowerCalories Burned: 282
Sweat Intervals Calories Burned: 300
Tabata StrengthCalories Burned: 292
Friday Fight (Round 1)Calories Burned: 320
Max Out CardioCalories Burned: 310
Max Out PowerCalories Burned: 310
Max Out SweatCalories Burned: 320
Max Out StrengthCalories Burned: 320
Friday Fight (Round 2)Calories Burned: 340

What Are The Best Beachbody Programs That Are Strictly Cardio?

So we didn't want you to just take our word on this subject. So we went out and curated information directly from Beachbody On Demand forums that are current or past customers on their opinion on the Cardio Only Programs that Beachbody provides.

We didn't change any of the information outside of any spelling or grammar that made the response unreadable.

1. Beth “Insanity”

2. Andreea “Insanity”

3. Megan “Cize”

4. Mysti “T20”

5. Chrissy “Core De Force”

6. Caron “Anything Shaun T' – The vast majority of Shaun T’s. I think there’s maybe one workout in one programme that has weights

7. Chrissy “Shaun T” – A lot of Shaun T Stuff

8. Sophie “Country Heat”

9. Jamie “Transform 20”

10. Candis “Transform 20”

11. Amber “Country Heat”

12. Courtney “Max30”

13. Kelci “All Shaun T”

14. Ma Ma “Transform 20”

15. Natasha “Shaun T Programs” – Along with Country Heat, Turbo Fire, Turbo Jam, most of Shaun T’s programs.

16. Chrystal “Max30”

17. Sarah “Max30”

18. Anne “Insanity”

19. Amber “Turbo Fire”

20. Alyssa “Max 30”

21. Lyndsey “Insanity” – I love insanity max because it’s a lot of cardio but you still build strength. It helped me lose my last 10 pounds over quarantine!

22. Kristie “Max30” – Insanity max:30 !!! My fav fav fav program! But what has been said before too hah

23. Lori “Shaun T Anything” – Pretty much all the Shaun T programs are cardio only.

24. Kimberly “Transform 20”

25. Michelle “Max 30”

26. Nicole “T25”

27. Melissa “T20” – Transform20, Country Heat, Turbo Fire, Cize, T25

28. Wendy “Barre Blend” – Barre Blend, you don’t have to use weights and it’s low impact. I swear more than ever with this.

29. Ari “Turbo Jam” – Turbo jam, any dance program, majority of Shaun T, Rev Abs, Core De Force, and the list goes on. You can filter BOD by type of workout

30. Krystin “Barre Blend” – Barre Blend 🔥🔥🔥
You can hold weights while doing the cardio, but it’s not necessary and it’s not your ‘typical' lifting


Max30 – 28%

T20 – 21%

Insanity – 18%

T25 –11%

Barre Blend – 11%

Turbo Fire – 11%


Well I guess we were kind of right with Insisting On Insanity Max:30 for Best Beachbody Cardio Program coming in at 28% of BOD users. We grabbed information from 83 total customers. I do think this is because of the massive amount of calories you not only burn during the workout, but after the workout since it is High Intensity Interval Training.

This brings massive results when you are pushing yourself to failure just to take a quick break and do it all over again. You can see that Shaun T is definitely the Cardio King when it comes to Beachbody Cardio Workouts with 4 of the top 6 being his programs. This is because his workout programs just plain and simply work and he does a great job of keeping you motivated.

Short and Sweat – T20 came in at 2nd with 21%. This workout program is no joke and all you are adding is a simple step just like the 80's lol. In all seriousness this workout is amazing there is one long workout at the end just to prove how far you come in this program. Sign up for Beachbodys On Demand 30 Day Free Trial to try it out today. Just 20 minutes a day plus a healthy nutritional plan of course.

Related Questions

Which Cardio Burns The Most Fat?

The cardio that burns the most fat is any cardio that you can do over a sustained period of time while keeping your heart rate into that fat burning level usually around 120-140+ beats per minute. This could be simple exercises like running, biking, or even jump roping. To burn more calories all day do some High Intensity Interval Training.

Does Netflix Have Beachbody?

Netflix does not off Beachbody On Demand at this time unfortunately. You can use Beachbody On Demand on your Fire Stick or Fire TV where you can also watch Netflix. You simply need to download the BOD app and sign in to get your workout of choice on your TV in no time.

How Can I Watch Beachbody For Free?

You simply go to BeachbodyOnDemand.com <= Click Here and sign up for their free 30 day trial. During that time you will have full access to their library of over 100 workout programs. Try a new one out everyday or you can even go for two a days. If you don't want to sign up yet there are many Beachbody Sample Workouts right on YouTube as well.

Is Beachbody On Amazon Prime?

Beachbody On Demand is not on Amazon Prime yet that doesn't mean this won't happen someday. For now you can download the free Beachbody On Demand App onto your Amazon Fire Stick or TV to stream it on your television. If you don't have BOD yet you can sign up for a free 30 day trial as well.

Is Beachbody Going Out Of Business?

Beachbody is not going out of business or at least not anytime soon. They have released a hand full of new workout programs this year including 6 weeks of the work, 10 Rounds, Muscle Burns Fat, Muscle Burns Fat Advanced, Barre Blend and more to come. They just had their virtual summit so even with the Pandemic going on they are still doing quite well. MBF was all recorded via zoom as well.

What Kind of Workouts Does Beachbody Have?

Beachbody has all kinds of workouts including yoga, plyometrics, weight training, functional exercises, dancing, cardio, bodyweight, among many others. So if you want a one stop shop just go to BeachbodyOnDemand.com and get your 30 day free trial so you can see for yourself.

What Is The Easiest Beachbody Workout?

The easiest Beachbody workout is definitely the PiYo program that is 100% non-impact. It is a great program for beginners to build a solid foundation with your fitness. It brings the best out of yoga and pilates exercises then adds some extra cardio to it as well. This will get you started and moving on up to the next level with your fitness.


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