Best Beachbody Workout For Knee Problems

Beachbody bad knee workouts

A lot of people go through knee, back and hip problems somewhere in their lifetime. I actually tore a lot of ligaments in my right knee when I was young in a 4 wheeler accident so I have to be careful at times. I have also had sciatica issues that can act up from time to time so picking my workout routine can be tough, but I just have gotten to know my limits and when to back off.

Luckily with Beachbody most all of their programs now have modifications that allow for lower impact workouts. We are going to go over the best ones right now along with some insight from real customers that have use Beachbody programs with bad knees as well.

Beachbody On Demand For Bad knees

When choosing a program that best suits your knee discomfort you are going to want something that is low impact at all times. It only takes one jump or one tweak to hurt your knee then it will take more time to recover. One of your options is to simple lift upper body weight exercises every other day with programs such as Body Beast or LIIFT4. Then you can simply add in some walking or any lower body exercise you can withstand which might even be getting on the bicycle or spin bike.

  1. LIIFT4 – Joel Freeman really has brought it with the weights and this program you can build muscle and burn fat in just 4 days a week. It combines strength training with HIIT training that creates a perfect type of workout to get you going on your healthy journey. With bad knees you can do only the modifiers for the high intensity interval training that takes most all the impact out. Don't have any weights use resistance bands as they are in the program as well for a modifier. This program can work for almost anyone with bad joints just know your limits.
  2. PiYo – This program is 100% low impact so you don't have to worry about your joints getting beat up and it will work on your flexibility. You will be doing a mixture of cardio, pilates, and yoga to get toned up, burn that fat and lose weight in only 60 days. You will be protecting your joints through these low impact moves. Each week you will build more and more strength and flexibility. This program is perfect for someone that wants to get into shape at home without doing all the jumping around.
  3. 21 Day Fix – This program I know we have at number 3, but you can always start with this program it is a night jump start in the right direction both with your workout programs and with nutrition. Each workout is 30 minutes long and you have a modifier person doing the moves right in front of you the whole time. So it is easy to follow along and some moves you may not need the modifier so you can jump back and forth in your comfort-ability zone. The nutrional side of this program is second to none and will teach you the healthy habits to stay on your fitness journey.
  4. 3 Week Yoga Retreat – This is a great short 21 day program that can take you on a journey using yoga. You will work on your flexibility for 30 minutes per session. Along with that you can lose inches off your waist while losing weight all while not using any high impact or high intensity workouts. You will master the fundamentals of yoga as they are broke down by super trainer Elise who just came out with her program Barre Blend. 72 workouts over the course of 21 days. This of course is easy on your knees and joints and will actually help you heal those areas.
  5. YouV2 – This is a month long workout program mostly designed for beginners and people who just want to get back into shape after a long layoff. There is 6 workout sessions of which 4 are more cardio based and 2 that are more for muscle building. The average length of the workouts are around 30 minutes. YouV2 is more about kickstarting your butt in the right direction to lose that first 10-15 pounds while becoming more flexible and agile so you can push yourself after this month is up.
  6. Barre Blend – This program is high intensity, but low impact at the same time with the workouts coming in at around 30-45 minutes 5 days a week. You will be combining ballet barre, pilates, and cardio intervals all in one workout program that is lead by Elise the same creator of 3 week yoga retreat. The workouts don't involve jumping but your heart rate is still going to get up there for the cardio moves. It s great for beginners to advance and of course those with joint issues.


Best Beachbody Workout For Knee Pain

We curated this information from real Beachbody On Demand users. The only thing we changed is grammar and spelling where needed other then that the answers have remained the same.

Real BOD Users With Knee Pain

1. Bridget “LIIFT4” – Liift4 should be ok with modifications on hiit and maybe avoiding leg day altogether. You may be able to do core de force too… there are squat jumps and stuff but just walk it out or do what you are able… it's a lot of upper body though and a lot of the leg work is kicks which I imagine should be doable. My knees aren't nearly as bad… a sports injury as a teen knocked my kneecaps to the side of my legs, tore stuff, and destroyed cartlidge, but with my braces and listening to my body's cues I'm still able to do most things. Because mine aren't as bad I can't promise what I can handle easily will be ok for you but those 2 might work.

2. Crystal “YouV2 or Barre Blend” – You V2 or the new Barre Blend! Both are designed to be low impact and they are also fun and upbeat.

3. Whitney “21 Day Fix” – Ultimate portion fix for nutrition will be key’
21 day fix is an amazing beginner program

4. Yariela “Shift Shop” – I’ve lost 80lbs and totally relate to what you just said because I was SOOO there.
I couldn’t workout more than 10mins without being exhausted & feel defeated. I would say regardless of what program you do, do the best that you can do. You will get frustrated. It will be hard. You will want to quit but you’re motivated & determined for a bigger purpose. Always keep that in the front of your mind.
When it comes to a program decide what kind of program you would like best. A dance cardio based or something with cardio & weights, or something with little to no equipment all body weight exercises?
The beauty of BOD is that there are so many options. Maybe try a workout from some of these programs and figure out which is your jam.
Shift Shop
21 Day Fix
Clean Week
Shaun Week
Mes De Mas
Country Heat

5. Angela “You V2” – I also need to lose like 80 pounds so here’s to being here together. I love you v2 because the instructor’s energy is awesome and honestly — I love the cast that’s with him. I need to invite beautiful curvy women into my living room to workout with me because I’m not ready to be with the super fit ones…

6. Brooke “Country Heat Among Other” – You start with any program but you need to do whatever nutrition works best for you.
Some good starter programs are: clean week , 3 week yoga retreat, 21 day fix, Cize, country heat

7. Amanda “Slim In 6” – Slim in 6 is a great place to start. Low impact and easy to follow.

8. Jenna “21 Day Fix” – I'm 5′ 11″ and started 2 years ago at 245…currently 170…but remember everyone's bodies are built differently. Start with 21DF, follow the modifier and repeat until you're confident to move onto another program.

9. Lindsey “LIIFT4” – I did liift4 and had no problems with it exercise wise except for my knee. Physically I could do it and it only got easier as I went on but then I couldn’t even go from the floor to standing with my leg.

10. Jack “LIIFT4” – Liift4 and modify the lower hiit!! You will strengthen your legs and get amazing results. I have had 5 knee surgeries no cartilage in my right knee, and can do more now than b4. I modified through it, and now I can jump and challenge it all.

11. Amber “PIYO” – PlYO was my jam when I was struggling from my sleep apnea issues which caused some body pain. It helped me get back to more intense workouts. You can always modify too my bestie who has a knee issue does that.

12. Amanda B. “MM100” – I started mm100 with modifications at 5 weeks post and I was pretty out of shape. Dont be afraid to pause for a moment or go your own pace

13. Amber R. “PiYo” – There is a modifier to most workouts. Some you can select on a split screen (I do this for T20).
PiYo or Yoga is always a great place to start ❤️.
And MM100 has a beginner and intermediate modifier (which I LOVE!)

14. Chelsea “80 Day Obsession” – 80 day obsession is a great program. Maybe after vacation? 21df was always my go to and I lost the most inches the fastest

15. Erin “PiYo” – I have very bad knee issues, had torn acl, torn miniscus which keep me away from jumping exercises. So far I’ve done piyo and T25 and a little obsessed. Piyo and T25 has a modifier in the class who I stick with and have not been in serious pain. Little obsessed requires bands and weights but have not had problems yet, if I cushion below my knees for floor work.

16. Laura “3 Week Yoga Retreat” – Nutrition has to be on point..
Go 100% with containers and shakeo. Decide on a workout. The 3 week yoga retreat/ 21df/piyo are my go to when my ankle is hurting. Modify as needed. Add ab routines if you want. Nutrition is most important though. I know the feeling. I have gained 30 pounds since October! I'm down 7 now. We can do this! It's a life journey. Like life, we will have ups and downs. :

barre blend


The overwhelming consensus as we went through testimonials and comments from those that either currently have knee pain or have had knee pain mostly recommended LIIFT4. Which is a great program for both beginners to advanced and it is for the most part all low impact especially with using the modifications. Then you have the fact that it is only 4 days a week which gives you a lot of time to recover. So the main focus then has to be on the recovery side of things.

So you can choose from these other workouts we recommended as well. You can also do a hybrid of these. Beachbody always continues to release new programs and most all of them have great modifiers for those that need low impact. So maybe the best decision you can make is to try a free trial of Beachbody On Demand so you can see first hand which workouts are going to work well with your joints. I would also look at supplements that can help ease those joint issues like collagen. We personally get our collagen off of amazon and just mainly look for great reviews and the use of Type II collagen which specifically helps the joints.

I would do more research and take a look at the results maybe join a facebook group like the Beachbody On Demand group where you can ask more specific questions to your situation. As not everyone that has knee pain is the same. My father for example is set at the time of this writing to have his 3rd set of knee replacements as the first ones were faulty and these last ones just did not take with his body. He is very limited on his physical capabilities but has found a way to stay in great shape doing upper body Beachbody weight workouts along with riding his bike everyday. He also practices some extreme cold water and weather therapy to help with his pain.

So where there is a will there is a way just keep at it with baby steps. As long as you are not moving back you will get there.


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