How Much Is The Beachbody Step?

Beachbody finally came out with a program that using the aerobic step which in my opinion was way past due. Now getting the Beachbody step can be a hassle if they have just released a program using it so we will go over the cost and alternatives to their step below.

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So how much is the Beachbody Step?

The Beachbody step is $59.95 unless they are running a special for 25% off the retail price which they do from time to time. Still you can get an alternative to the Beachbody step just as good for around 1/3 of the price at places like Walmart, Target or Amazon. 

Beachbody steps are of great quality that is for sure, but we just don't think they are worth the cost even with the 25% off. You can find some great deals on Amazon for steps by CLICKING HERE!

Below are the best ones on Amazon right now:

Beachbody Step Dimensions

The Beachbody Step is 11 inches long by 27 inches wide with a 4 inch height without the risers. There are 4 risers that are each 2 inches in height bringing the max height to 12 inches.

Length: 11 inches

Width: 27 inches

Height: 4 inches without risers & 12 inches with risers

Maximum weight: 400 pounds

Beachbody Step Workouts

The only current workout programs at the time of this writing are Transform:20 with Shaun T and 9 Week Control Freak with Autumn Calabrese. There will be more I am sure in the future and this post will be updated when there are.

Beachbody Step Review

We didn't want you to take our word for it on the Beachbody step costs and if it is worth it. So we went to get information from real Beachbody On Demand users who either used the product or went with an alternative. This information was curated so the only thing that has been changed is any spelling or grammar where needed.

Real BOD Step Users

1. Heyward Sutton “Get it on Amazon” – I got mine from amazon. It’s a bit bigger I believe but works great

2. Mackenzie “Academy make works just fine” – I just have one from Academy! Works just fine

3. Kristi “Walmart's one not good” – I bought mine from Walmart and it slides and hurts my hands.

4. Samantha “Five Below great compact step” – I got mine from Five Below and it’s small but it works.

5. Sarah “Gold's Gym Walmart step works great” – I got. The Walmart golds gym one it’s perfect

6. Brenda “Doesn't matter what step you use” – My sister has lost 5 pounds after 2 weeks. I've gained 1/2 pound, but have really been struggling with nutrition….Steps – doesn't matter which one you use. They have old school ones and BB ones on the set.

7. Beth “Amazon one is longer but works great” – Got mine from Amazon. It’s a little bit longer but works great.

8. Jessica “Beachbody Step” – I love it, it’s was worth the money to me 🙂 and I got the bb step but only cuz it was on par with steps around here any step will do.

9. Shanna “Old school one works just as good” – I'm using the one I've had for years. I think early access was/is worth it.

10. Nicole “Step from walmart” – Totally worth the 50$ I have in and bought it last week. Started week 2 yesterday. My husband got me my step for xmas from Walmart.

11. Janette “Got mine from Aldis” – I bought my step at Aldi's for $7.49. Truth: it slips around on my bamboo floor. I'm not sure if a better quality one would slide less. I love this program and am so happy that I bought early access.

12. Christine “I couldn't fine one so with BB high quality” – I didn’t own a step and couldn’t find a yard sale one. I do like the step. It is solid construction! Others I know bought cheap ones of amazon or eBay and they a few have broken.

13. Michelle “Go with BB Step” – My friend bought the amazon one and wishes she bought Beachbody. Said it hurts her hands and is too long

14. Alyson “Amazon Step” – Found one on amazon that is the same size as the BB step.

15. Niki “Target one the same as BB step” – I bought mine from Target, it’s the exact measurements as BB.

16. Hanne “Bought same looking one” – I just bought one online from a fitness equipment and clothing store that looks exactly the same.

17. Danielle “Amazon One” – I using the one I've had for years but bought mine on Amazon. Came with the risers and mine doesn't slip. Transform:20 is an amazing program.

18. Catherine “Go with Beachbody Step” – Ok. I just ordered one from kohl's with coupon but I'm returning it. Its massive whereas my gf has the beach body step. Its much smaller than the standard ones Cuz I dont have have space to have that huge thing smack in the middle. Lol. So just make sure you check the dimensions. Lol

19. Shelli “Can use any step” – I use my old step and he even shows my old step in the video. A step is a step .

20. Barbara “Whatever you prefer” – Someone in the video is not using the beachbody step so no you don't have to use a bb one. Someone else in the video is using no step at all so it's all your preference

21. Steve “Gold's gym at Walmart” – Walmart the Gold's gym one I got 2 on sale for 22 bucks ea

22. Ann “Gold's gym step” – I got a step from the store. Gold’s gym. I used the risers and it’s kicking my butt haha

23. Rose “Old school step works fine” – I’ve been using my old step I bought years ago with no issue.

24. Debra “One off Amazon works great” – Got one off amazon and works just fine. It was the same dimensions as bb one.

25. Christina “Don't need the BB version” – Bought off Amazon. There is a girl without a step and one with a larger (not beachbody) one in the workouts.


So as you can see you don't need to get the Beachbody Step version which can be upwards of 5 times more expensive then another one that looks just like it. We went with the longer version on Amazon that at the time was $17.99. However I would suggest going with one that looks just like the Beachbody version because it is likely it came from the same company it is just different colors. We will probably re-order that one as well. Be careful because there are ones that will hurt your hands that have the ridges on the top. The way you combat this is just by putting a towel over it when you can.

Related Step Questions

How To Add Inches To My Beachbody Step?

Adding inches to your Beachbody Step you only need to use your risers which it comes with 4. Each one is 2 inches so each week I would suggest you add a riser if you can. If you can't do that right away do it every 2 weeks.

Does Beachbody Have Step Workouts?

Beachbody only has two step workouts so far that include Transform:20 with Shaun T which uses only the step. Then there is 9 Week Control Freak with Autumn Calabrese that incorporates the step into the routine.

Can You Do Transform 20 Without A Step?

Yes you can do Transform 20 without using a step at all. There is a woman throughout the entire routine that does not use a step. Shaun T mentions numerous times you do not need one and some of the exercises are actually harder without the step.

Can You Do 9 Week Control Freak Without A Step?

You can do 9 Week Control Freak without a step, but we highly suggest you do use a step. You don't need to get the expensive Beachbody version just go to Walmart and get the Gold's Gym version or get one on Amazon. As long as it looks like the Beachbody one it probably came from the same manufacture.

Does Beachbody On Demand Have Step Aerobics?

Beachbody doe have Step Aerobics in the version of Transform: 20 with Shaun T. This is a newer updated version of aerobics that includes total body, core and high intensity interval exercises. Shaun T is a supertrainer with Beachbody and has many great programs which you can add this one too that list.


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