Best Beachbody Workout For Over 40 (Real BOD User Opinions)

Let's be honest 40 is supposed to be the new 30, but when I got to 38 this year I definitely still didn't feel like I was 30. So I had to go back to the drawing board every year our metabolisms slow down a bit more. That means we need to adapt in the way we eat and exercise, well I should say most of us out there have to adapt. There are a select percentage that have it made and don't have to worry about eating too much or exercising too little. This is where I derived this list of the Beast Beachboy Workouts for over 40.

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So what is the best Beachbody Workout For Over 40?

This will depend a bit on your fitness level more so then your age. The best Beachbody workout for over 40 to start out with is Insanity Max :30 Cardio Challenge. The original Insanity by Shaun T had a fit test this takes the place of that. You will get massive results even with doing the modifiers the whole time.

With Insanity Max: 30 you go until failure so you will need to take an easy and not push yourself too hard if you are beginner. Take breaks when needed. I would try the regular exercise first then move to the non-impact modifier when needed.

According to our survey we did 30% of people disagreed with us on the best workouts for being over 40 so we will go through them all so you can make your own judgement.

Best Beachbody Workout For Over 40

Below is the best workout in our opinion for people over the age of 40 this will gauge where you are and where you need to go. Plus down the road you can see how far you have come based off this workout so a win win.

Insanity Max:30 Cardio Challenge

This is the ultimate test basically to see where you are in your fitness journey and to also come back to and see how far you have come. It is simple to track as when you max out and have to stop you write that time down. In 30 minutes you get one heck of a workout and it is based on how hard you push yourself. Shaun T is with you every step of the way pushing you as hard as you can go.

Modifiers – this is the number one reason for this workout if you can't jump or spring around do the modifier. This allows almost any individual to complete this workout. So if you do the regular exercise and you have a pain or ache you can jump over to the modifier. Then you can jump back and forth when needed just keep pushing yourself and your heart rate.

Description – 5 rounds of 3 exercises that you repeat the excise 3 times. Sounds easy right? Well you increase that intensity every time you go through to the next exercise. The plank move killed me then it magically disappears in Round 5 yay!

Warmup – Open Chest Jack, Jack uppercuts, 1-2-3 knee up, cross jacks, high knee jabs then stretching time! This is one thing I loved about the original Inanity where you get that heart rate jacked up during the warm then you stretch, calm down, breath and collect your thoughts before you hit the ground sprinting.

Workout – Round 1: (3X) Squat Kicks, Pick up Spider, 10 & 2's. Water Break. Round 2: (3X) Medicine Ball Twist, Plank Jacks in & out, 4 jabs followed by 4 high knees. Water Break. Round 3: (3X) Plyo Power Knees, Scissor Stance Jacks, Should Taps In & Out. Water Break. Round 4: (3X) Slap Back Jacks, Suicide Burpee, Plank Peed Tap. Round 5: (3X) Chair Squat, Football Run, 2 Jabs and 2 knee tucks

Equipment Needed – NONE

That's it there is a quick cool down. So keep track of that heart rate and also right down what you did with the modifiers throughout the exercises. Doesn't have to be specific, but enough to remember how much better you do when you come back.

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Best Beachbody Program For Over 40

This program is a bit newer than Insanity Max:30, but is amazing workout if you want to get into great shape in 80 days. You can literally change your life around during these 80 days at any age. If you don't have any weights or equipment and don't want to get any we suggest you do follow the Insanity Max:30 Program.

80 Day Obsession

First off 80 Day Obsession is not for beginners so hopefully by the age of 40 you have had some experience with working out, using weights, cardio, etc. If not you can check out our post on 21 Day Fix as this is always a great place to start for beginners and is also with Autumn Calabrese.

Modifiers – there are modifiers for the exercises in 80 day obsession, but they do not really lesson the intensity it more or less just takes the impact out of it.

Description – 80 Day Obsession includes 80 workouts based on 6 focus areas. This approach allows me to constantly challenge you and keep you away from plateaus.

TOTAL BODY CORE (60 min.) – Works your entire body using compound movements to increase resistance and
muscle activation.
BOOTY (60 min.) – Targets the glutes with isolated movements to help shape a firm, round butt.
CARDIO CORE (30–45 min.) – Alternates high- and low-intensity cardio intervals with challenging core moves to pack a
big calorie burn.
AAA (50–60 min.) – Targets your “arms, abs, and a#*” with weights, resistance loops, and strength slides.
LEGS (45 min.) – Focuses on building stronger, more sculpted quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes, and calves from every angle.
CARDIO FLOW (30–45 min.) – A dynamic endurance workout using primary movement patterns that build on one another
for the ultimate calorie burn.

Equipment Needed 

  • Dumbbells (Light, Medium, Heavy)
  • Strength Glides
  • Resistance Loops
  • Mat

Beachbody On Demand User Opinions On Over 40 Programs

So we didn't want you to just take our opinion for it so we gathered information from Real BOD User Groups to share with you. Hopefully this will further help you on your way to health and fitness. This information was curated so they only thing changed was any spelling or grammar where needed.

Real BOD User Opinions

1. Anna “80 DO” – my old sister swears by 80DO…I wanna try but wish I could hear more about it from someone my age’s point of view

2. Maggy “80 DO” – I am 45 and did 80DO twice. The first time I definitely was better with nutrition and it showed. The second time around, I did well, but it didn’t show as much bc I was 5-10 lb heavier.

3. Aubrey “21 Day Fix” – 44 here and I’d encourage you to pick a program you enjoy. I I like 21DFRT, MBF, Shift Shop, 10 Rounds and T20

4. Jessica “MM100” – Started at 48 on left – 49 on right. menopause and all. honestly struggling with some residual fat on my thighs but slowly working it off now. My muscle gain has been awesome though. I have done MM100, 10 Rounds x2, Barre Blend, and mbf. Currently in the middle of mbfa.

5. Sylvia “MBF & MBFA” – I'm thinking of doing 80 day obsession after I finish MBFA and I'm 67. I say give a program a try and if its not a good fit, move to another one. There's plenty to choose from 💪🏽

6. Jill “21 Day Fix” – I’m 54. I’ve done multiple programs including 21 day fix, 80 day obsession, Liift4 and more. Since 10/19.

7. Holly “80 DO” – 80DO is awesome and you’ll get results, even modifying some:) Be aware that most of the workouts are 40-55 minutes long. If you need to ease back into serious workouts like I did, the Fix & Fix Extreme workouts are also awesome, but only 30 minutes each. I did those first and then I felt strong enough to do 80DO! I’m on Day 54!

8. Julie “MM100 & LIIFT4” – I started 1/1 with MM100 and loved it, but missed lifting weights, so I did LIIFT 4, then 4WOTP, and 6WOTW. Trying to put on some muscle right now, so I'm on Week 4 of Body Beast. But MOST importantly, I was 90% consistent with my nutrition the whole time (not a BOD plan…did my own thing). The exercise is secondary to the nutrition if you're trying to lose weight. NOTHING will change if your diet isn't on point! That's the biggest lesson I've learned.

9. Melissa “80 DO” – I don’t have pics yet, because I just finished phase 1 of 80DO, but I’m 51, and I was really scared to try it, too! But I love it and am seeing great results, even having to modify on some things. I initially hated the thought of the longer workouts, after doing a few programs that were only 30 minutes, but honestly, the time flies, and it’s my favorite part of my day!

10. Kelley “Barre Blend” – I started in February and I am 50. Best choice I have ever made for me. Started with Barre, 21DF and now two rounds of Lifft4.

11. Angie “80 DO” –I turned 48 on Monday 😊I am just like anyone else. Work family and life responsibilities, thyroid doesn’t work, I’m tired & short on time. And truth be told, I Like chocolate a little too much 🤷🏻‍♀️but i am also stronger, leaner, and in better shape than every before. I lift and I ran my first marathon last October and was supposed to run my 2nd in June (cancelled due to Covid). Age is just a number. Do not let it be a barrier for you. My point is, It’s hard for everyone but You can do it! ❤️💪😁

12. Suzy “80 DO” – Just turned 49 and I completed 80 DO in the spring…loved it!! Could’ve done better if I followed the nutrition closer. Go for it!

13. Barbara “80 DO” – Will turn 50 on Wednesday and have learned nutrition is key. If you’re not eating properly, no program will deliver results. If you are, all programs will deliver results! I ruptured a disc in week 5 of my first attempt at 80 DO. I stuck with the nutrition and still made progress. Once I healed, I did the full program with “loose” nutrition and flatlined.

14. Valerie “MM100” – MM100 was my first program. I’d recommend it-follow the modifier is you can’t do a lot of jumps because Jericho is half gazelle! 😂 Barre Blend is also a great starting point. Low impact, but high intensity and high results.

15. Marianne “LIIFt4” – 46 but I started when I was 38 with P90x. Did two rounds, then p90x3 when it came out, then…not a lot. At 44, I started up again and did Liift, T25, and 80DO. I loved MM100 but after having three kids…lots of jumping meant wet pants. 😬😬 80DO and Liift are my faves. Oh. And 10Rounds. Did that twice.

16. Giselle “Anyone with modifiers” – I’m 55 and have done great as long as im followings the nutrition, i use 2B Mindset because its so easy!! Heres my current transformation pics and I’m in tge best shape and health off my life!! I follow the modifiers always cause I have a bad back but i still get great results!!

17. Mireille “Barre Blend” – It was fine until 50 for me – then all hell broke loose! One thing after another. Just started up again this spring – 40 lbs heavier than at 50 (I’m 54, almost 55 now). One round of Barre Blend, focussing on food the last 5 weeks – lost 10 lbs. So it is slower, injury prevent me from going all out or jumping. Bottom line : be kinder to yourself and it will be just fine.

18. Terrence “LIIFT4” – I have a bad knee and very bad Achilles tendon issues. Most videos have modifications that are low-impact. I like Liift 4 and just started doing T25. Both are good for low impact modifications.

19. Erin “MM100” – Doing MM100 and I am 40. I have 2 very bad knees. My right is almost bone on bone. I modify and don’t jump. I did Day 57 today and it was leg day. It was my best workout so far. It can definitely be done! And I’ve had great results even with modifying.

20. Winter “T25” – You might want to start with T25 if you haven’t been working out in a while – then move up to insanity max 30 – which is pretty intense


The overwhelming favorite from the BOD Members we took opinions from is 80 Day Obsession out of the 200 people it was just over 30% with LIIFT 4 coming in 2nd at 15%. MM100 was next at around 10%. That was followed by Barre Blend at 7%. 80 Day Obsession is a big committment there is a lot of modifiers throughout that can help get you through. If you are looking for something that won't take up as many days LIIFT4 is the way to go at 4 days a week. Then you can use the off days to either rest or do something else like yoga or some other cardio workouts that Beachbody provides.

If you can decide on one, but have narrowed it down to two like LIIFT4 and Barre Blend do a hybrid workout. Barre Blend and LIIFT4 have a great Hybrid Workout HERE! You can a again sign up to our 100% Free Beachbody Hybrid Workout HERE to figure out which program you like first.

The other option if you like pure cardio and no equipment is go with the Insanity Max:30 if you don't want to push yourself to the limit maybe start with Shaun T's T25 first.

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