Best Pre Workout Comparable To Beachbody Energize (Cheap / High Quality)


Pre-workout supplements can be a big blessing especially if you aren't one for coffee. This is where you need to watch it somewhat with Energize because it does contain caffeine so if you have something like 4 cups of coffee a day then maybe cut back on one cup.

Another thing with energize is the price it is a bit pricey for the amount of servings you get, but it is a great high quality supplement. There are cheaper alternatives out there that have about the same quality. So don't think just because you are using Beachbody programs you have to use there supplements.


What pre workout is comparable to Beachbody Energize?

One of the best pre-workouts we have found comparable to Beachbody Energize is Garden Of Life brand Pre-Workout Energy+Focus product. It is cheaper then Energize and also organic and plant based. Garden Of Life products are also gluten free, non-gmo and this also happens to be a natural NO Booster with B12. 

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Beachbody Energize Reviews And Alternatives

Below we curated information from Beachbody Groups to get the opinions of others on both energize and if they recommend any alternatives so you don't just have to take our word for it.

All information remains the same except if any grammar/spelling that needed to be changes.

Customers Real Opinions

1. Stephanie “Love energize” – I like the energize. I don’t feel jittery when I drink it. Maybe start with half a scoop and see how it makes you feel. I have a friend that is highly sensitive to caffeine too.

2. CJ “Energize works for sensitive coffee drinkers” – As someone who is sensitive to it as well, I’d say energize gives you enough of a boost to get your workout in and feel good while doing it.

3. Kayla “Coffee the cheapest alternative” – Not sure why, but the energize didn’t cooperate with my body. I felt light headed and just clouded brain. I have read that can happen if you aren’t rested. As an autism mom, I’m never rested as my kid hates to sleep.
I just stick with coffee and do okay, but it seems the majority of people do great with energize!

4. Anissa “Love energize since I don't drink coffee” – I love it. Never jittery. I don't drink coffee. Energize is like a bright, refreshing wakeup

5. Brittnee “Energize does nothing since I drink so much coffee” – Because I drink sooooo much coffee, it does nothing for me. Just a feel good drink that's my routine. Energize gets me up and moving.

6. Nikki “No jitters with Energize which is why I stick with it” – I love energize! It’s doesn’t make me feel jittery at all and gives me the boost I need. Sometimes It makes my skin feel tingly but goes away once I workout

7. Sergey “Green Tea safe cheap alternative” – I would stick with green tea if that sets you off this def will

8. Dominque “Decaf Tea w/ honey and milk instead of Energize” – I drink decaf tea with milk and honey before and water after.

9. Amy “BCAA's instead of energize” – I drink BCAA’s during my workout & drink Beachbody’s Recover (orange) drink afterwards.

10. Julie “Not a fan of Energize” – I do not love it. Doesn’t impact me. I’d much rather spend my $$ on recover.

11. Samantha “Energize is the best” – It’s the best! Iv replaced my coffee with it (first grade teacher here!) and even helps my sweet tooth. No jitters and doesn’t make me crash. I look forward to it every day! Mixing fruit punch and lemon is so yummy but my new obsession is the mixed berry!

12. Corynne “Can't live without my Energize” – I don’t think I’d be able to do my morning workouts without it. I’m still exhausted when I get up but it gets me moving at a good pace way earlier than I’d be able to otherwise.

13. Nicole “100% yes with using Energize” – 100% yes! Will help you work it, flip your thang down, flip it AND reverse it 😉
But in all seriousness, I used it when I started Beachbody and wasn't sure it was doing anything. Delayed my next shipment and went a month without it. It was torture! Only month in the last 10 I've gone without it. Get up, get dressed, drink my Energize and push play 😁

14. Jennifer “Energize cheaper and more worth it when a coach” – Yes, especially if you're getting a deal like you've stated. If you're not a coach I think it's closer to $50 plus shipping, so now's the time to try it. I have had all the flavors and lemon's my favorite but that's just my personal opinion

15. Chrissy “Provides less of a crash then coffee” – Yes, it is delicious and helps with pushing through workout. It also is a great replacement for coffee if you don’t like the crash and acidity from coffee daily

16. Michelle “No I use Garden Of Life Brand cheaper and better” – No😬I don’t like it but that could be because I had preciously started drinking a different brand that tastes way better in my opinion. And I get 65 servings for $40, no shipping

17. Ashley “Energize totally worth it” – Totally worth it and the cost is on par with other preworkouts. I used to use C4 but had to stop because on top of the tingles sometimes it made my heart beat weird and that was scary. I get the tingles with energize but not the heart thing

18. Misty “Energize not worth the cost I use C4” – I use C4 from amazon. Cost me $13-$15 for 30 servings and makes me way less jittery. Plus quick shipping!

19. Katie “Energize best Beachbody Product” – It’s better than any single product from beachbody. Seriously. No crash, and great boost. I find coffee and energy drinks can’t give me the same lift and even close. Other pre workouts have SCARY ingredients

20. Kyria “I use oolong Tea instead works much better then Energize” – It was ok. Oolong Tea works better for me. However, everyone reacts differently to various stimuli.


The overall consensus is that Energize is great especially if you don't like coffee. If you are looking for something cheaper try out C4 as it is less than half the price most of the time. (Amazon prices fluctuate of course). Another alternative is Oolong Tea who people clam that it also works better then Energize.

C4 Sport Pre Workout VS Energize

C4 Claims to be an explosive energy/performance pre-workout supplement. The is considered a dual sex supplement meaning for both men and woman.


  • Caffeine – contains 135mg of caffeine so more then your average cup of coffee for sure. More caffeine then Energize by far and this is just one scoop serving. Energize has 100mg per scoop. Where with energize you hear most people say to start with 1 scoop then move to 2 if needed.
  • Sugar free – no sugar added or containing any of it. Energize has 2-5grams of sugar depending on 1 scoop or 2.
  • Flavors – comes in 3 different flavors as does Energize. The flavors for C4 Blue Rasberry, Fruit Punch and Watermelon. Energize comes in Lemon, Fruit Punch and Mixed Berry.
  • Creatine – C4 also contains creatine which helps with building lean muscle and also recovery.
  • Other Key Ingredients – They both contain Beta-Alanine and Arginine as well.
  • Price – C4 usually ranges $14-$20 for 30 servings where Energize is usually around $50 for 32-40 servings depending on single serve or 40 serving tub.

Oolong Tea Pre-Workout

Oolong Tea is great for any tea drinker and even better for any tea drinker looking for a nice pick-me-up before an intense workout.

It packs more of a punch than any other tea. It is an amazing pre-workout drink if you want something different then coffee but just about as cheap.

This supplement is actually picking up in popularity which is a good thing and bad thing. A good thing because more people can enjoy the benefits a bad thing because the quality of product has gone down.

So you definitely need to be more careful about the brand you use. We use a couple different brands including Prince Of Peace 100% Organic Oolong Tea. That is USDA Organic and is around $8-10 for a 100 count.

This company has been around since 1983. They don't really advertise much which isn't a bad thing they just focus on the quality of the product.

This is definitely worth a try even

Garden Of Life Pre Workout

This is a great pre-workout drink that also happens to be Organic, Gluten Free and Non-GMO. This is also a plant based supplement that give you both energy and focus.

They claim their product is very clean and it will keep you clean. It does have a bit less caffeine compares to Energize at 85mg. It does have the usual B12 and also contains a Natural NO Booster and the price is actually respectable. 30 servings for $20 less then Energize. This may be something worth a try that is for sure.

energize instructions

Beachbody Energize Directions

People get confused on Energize is it 1 scoop or 2 scoops and how long before should I take it well we have the answers for how to take Energize.


“Gently shake the container to loosen compressed powder. Mix 1 level scoop with water until dissolved according to the recommended dosage. Drink within 30 minutes before exercise. “

Start off with 1 scoop in water for the first week. Get through at least 5 workouts before increasing it to 2 scoops.

Drink around 10-15 minutes before workout it is okay if you don't finish before your workout. Add a bit of water to it and drink during the exercise breaks. It works great like this and is a great way to start your day.

8 ounces of water should do it for 1 scoop it mixes best with 12-16 ounces for 2 scoops. If you don't like the taste you can fluctuate with the amount of water you use.

Related Questions

When Should I Drink Beachbody Energize?

Beachbody recommends taking within 30 minutes before you workout. Once you get that energy buzz it is time to get to work and burn those calories. You can still take on your rest as well to give you a nice jolt if you don't like drinking coffee.

Just don't take in too much caffeine as it can be bad for you and have some negative side affects. This is mainly based on your current health situation so see your doctor before taking. Beachbody also has the new togo packets so you can take it with you for work purposes or to get that lunch workout in at the gym.

You can also increase to two scoops if needed always start with one to see if you feel any side affects. Mainly if you aren't used to caffeine it can give you some jitters for people that are sensitive to it.

Is Beachbody Energize Good For You?

Beachbody Energize when taken accordingly can provide a multitude of health benefits. On top of the caffeine which has antioxidants in it as well you have some additional amounts of sodium and potassium. This will help you with any cramping or hydration issues you might have. Basically the same affect you get with eating a banana or drinking Gatorade.

The magnesium it contains helps you focus more especially when combined with the caffeine. If you don't feel the positive affects I would definitely recommend getting your money back if possibly and exploring cheaper alternatives. You can start with one scoop then increase to two if needed.

Can I Have Beachbody Energize While Fasting?

You should have Beachbody Energize while in a fasting state to get the additional metabolic advantages of doing so. If you workout in the afternoons that is okay try to have a 1-2 hours before your next meal and an hour after your last meal. This way the thermogenic affects will increase which work best on an empty stomach.

If you are intermittent fasting or doing one meal a day or something similar energize will not break your fast since it is only 15 calories per scoop. So if you take two scoops you will only be taking in 30 calories. Most believe that anything like then 50 calories won't raise that insulin level so you will not technically be breaking your fast.

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