What Size Weights Do I Need For Beachbody? (All Programs & Advice From Real BOD Users)

There are a lot of weight programs in Beachbody that are amazing and get you fast, great and long lasting results. Since they are weight programs you will most likely need some dumbbells at the least to complete it if you want to go the weight route. You most of the time have the option to go with Resistance Bands as well. But for this article we will be going over what weights you absolutely need and then going through each programs weight requirement.

what size weights do i need for beachbody

So what size weights do I need for Beachbody?

For Beachbody all you need is one adjustable weight that goes from either 2-30lbs for females or 0-50lbs for guys. You may need to increase the weights as you go through the program and make progress. That is why we choose Powerblock Adjustable Dumbbells because you can get kits to expand on the current dumbbell you have. It will come down to a specific program as well where with Barre Blend you will only need 1-3lbs, but with LIIFT4 that will be 5-30lbs. 

If you are looking to buy a set of dumbbells I would start with places like Walmart as they are same products just much cheaper by the pound if you want brand new. If they are out which may be the case look at places like Craigslist or Facebook Market place has worked for us in the past. We were able to find a set of dumbbells barely used 15-50lbs with a rack for $250.00. There are deals out there. Also you can take a peak on Amazon as well they sometimes have a 200lb set of adjustable dumbbells that goes for $200 I was able to score a set of those as well. Below are some Beachbody On Demand user opinions one what weights to use as well.

Most of the Beachbody Programs just say light, medium, heavy dumbbells, but if you are just starting out this probably doesn't mean much for you so we have narrowed it down based on user date from BOD groups and brought the average to you.

What Size Weights Do I Need For 80 Day Obsession?

For 80 Day Obsession we recommend and the majority of BOD users suggests using 5-35lb weights. But you can get away with using only one 35 pounder instead of 2. Another option if 35lbs isn't enough for your leg workouts is using a weighted vest as well.

What Size Weights Do I Need For Morning Meltdown 100?

For Morning Meltdown 100 you should use anywhere from 5-30lb weights. Using adjustable ones can be tough for this program as you are moving around quite a bit so can be tough to keep up. A lot of people have reported using 3-15lb weights their first time through and seeing great results with that.

What Size Weights Do I Need For 21 Day Fix?

For 21 Day fix you can use 5-10lb weights for your first time through then increase from there the more rounds you do. If that is too light you can always go up in weight if it is too heavy you can always decrease the weight.

What Size Weights Do I Need For MBF & MBFA?

MBF is a asymmetrical workout program so you will be using mostly one side of your body for most of the moves. So this means you will need much lighter weight as a beginner. So we would suggest starting with 5-15lbs and going up from their as you progress. With leg days you may need a bit more weight, but probably not from doing all the ropeless jump rope routines.

What Size Weights Do I Need For 10 Rounds?

For 10 Rounds you will be using weights twice a week one day for upper and one day for lower. You should be able to use 15-30lb weights for this workout since it is continuous movements. The 30 is for your leg portion so you can get away with 10-20lbs as well for the upper body routine.

What Size Weights Do I Need For 21 Day Fix Extreme?

For 21 Day Fix Extreme you can use anywhere from 3-15lb weights then a heavier one for your legs or even a weighted vest will help increase the intensity on leg day.

What Size Weights Do I Need For 6 Weeks Of The Work?

For 6 weeks of the work you can use anywhere from 10-30lb weights. Cesar can be very deceiving when it comes to saying I am using the heavy boys. The first week I started I was thinking 40-50lbs for the heavy boys well little did I know he was only using 15-20lbs. The reason I checked is because I was literally not making it through any of the workouts and had to back off quite a bit.

What Size Weights Do I Need For T25?

For T25 you can use 5-30lb weights for this. However remember you don't need weights when you start this program it is in the last leg where you get to the weight portion. I know of people that simply skip the weights and just focus on the cardio side of the program.

What Size Weights Do I Need For 4 Weeks Of The Prep?

For 4 weeks of the prep you can go with 5-30lb weights you may need less as these are functional exercises. That mean you will be doing a lot of bending and moving around with the weights so start light and increase from there.

What Size Weights Do I Need For P90X3?

For P90x3 you can use 5-40lb weights and get away with that. Some of the workouts you can do some pretty heavy weight for and that may be where you want to bring heavy bands into play.

What Size Weights Do I Need For 30 Day Breakaway?

For 30 day breakaway you can use 5-30lb weights for this routine as most of the weight routines are relatively short as you have a running or cardio portion to follow.

What Size Weights Do I Need For Hammer & Chisel?

For Hammer & Chisel 5-40lb weights should work great and get the job done. Your second time through the program you may need to add more weight.

What Size Weights Do I Need For Body Beast?

For Body Beast if you are a beginner you should be using 5-30lb weights if you are a little advanced I would go with 5-60 or 70lb weights. Adjustable dumbbells work well for most of the routines as Sagi has rest periods. But if you are doing a back to back pyramid it can get pretty tough to keep up with adjustable dumbbells. We have two sets of adjustables that go from 2-12 then another at 5-50lbs. That makes it much easier.

What Size Weights Do I Need For LIIFT4?

For LIIFT4 you can use 5-50lb weights depending at where you are on your journey. For a beginner you can definitely start with 5-25lb weights the 25 being used for your leg days.

What Size Weights Do I Need For Barre Blend?

For Barre Blend you actually do not need weights and if you are just starting out we recommend only going with 1-3lb weights your first time through. As you go through again for another round then you can increase your weights.

What Size Weights For BOD Workouts: Opinions Of Real Users

Below is information we curated from several different Beachbody On Demand groups so you don't have to take our word for it on what size weights you need. This information has not changed except any spelling or grammar where needed.

1. Jillian “15-25lbs” – 15s 20s and 25s. Really starting to get great results with the heavier weight

2. Marisa “5-10lbs” – I started with 5,7,10. And I saw great results. You will “know” when you need to up your heavy weights. It’s not “better” results. You can do amazing things with a 10 lb weight. You just want to keep pushing yourself, and if it gets too easy then you aren’t working to your full potential.

3. Kelci “10-30lbs” – I use 10s, 12s, 15s, 20s, 25s, and 30s usually

4. Stacie “5-30lbs” – So depends on the move/exercise. Twos are killing me in Barre Blend, but I have by 5s from 5-30s. In LIIFT 4, Joel noted that your reps should feel difficult and hard to finish by rep 8/10 for example. Also have 8/12s- that jump from 10-15 is a lot for upper body work!

5. Nikki “5-35lbs” – I use 5-35s, plus a weighted vest for legs

6. Jennifer “2-30lbs” – I use anywhere from 2-5 (barre blend) then other programs I have 8,10,12,15,20,25,30 use em all

7. Jessica “3-30lbs” – Depends on the program but I range between 3lbs all the way to 30lbs

8. Nikki “1-15lbs” – 1 have 3s for Barre but 8s, 10s (used almost the whole time for 6 weeks of the work) 12s & 15s. I need heavier for leg days but maybe in a few paychecks 😉 I just make it work! Good luck girl!

9. Danielle “5-25lbs” – I use between 5 and 20 (really need to get some 25’s). Depends on the program and workout.

10. Debora “1-30lbs” – Totally depends on the program. 22df I used up to 15lbs. Lift4 I could have gone 30lbs. Barre Blend. Im using 1 to 3 pounds (sometimes I use nothing) and my arms are on fire.

11. Kelley “8-30lbs” – It really depends on the program. Usually 8-30. But, at times, for some programs, I pull out the 5s. Just depends on the program you’re doing and where you are (don’t compare yourself to anyone else), YES! DEFINITELY better results with increased weights…but also with form and isolation!

12. Kelly “5-25lbs” – Really depends on move and program. But i use anywhere from 5-25lbs.

13. Marissa “3-40lbs” – Depends on the program. I lift a lot lighter in 21 Day Fix and MM100 than I do in LIIFT4. I have 3, 5, 7, 12, 15, 25, 30 and 40

14. Lisa “5-30lbs” – Started with 5 now on 15-30 depending on the exercise. Awesome results progressively lifting. Consistency, patience and trusting the process is key.

15. Melissa “5-30lbs” – I use a variety anywhere from 5's for Shoulder fly to 20's for chest press to 30's for goblet squats. I try and keep it challenging so that I can consistently get stronger.

16. Silvia “5-30lbs” – I liift4 I have 5,10,15,20,25,30

17. Brenda “5-20lbs” – 5-20 lbs is what I use for LIIFT4. Could use 25-30 for some but haven’t found a good sale yet. My first round I tried so hard to lift heavy, round 2 I focused on my form and lowered my weights. I’m on round 3 after being hurt for 5 months so I much lighter weight but still make sure form is perfect. No mirror….video yourself to see

18. Nicole “5-20lbs” – I use anything from 5-20. Depends on what I’m doing. And every time I start a new program it seems I have to go back down a bit and start building up again once my body gets used to the new program.

19. Gina “3-35lbs” – I have from 3s to 35s and everything in between. I use them all depending on the program.

20. Kathy “5-45lbs” – It depends on the program … but yes.. I’ll use 5-45lbs … and make sure I feel challenged whenever I workout. My best results are when I challenge myself and are on track with nutrition. If you are worried about bulking up too much, you won’t:.. you bulk up by the food you eat plus the weights

21. Jessica “5-40lbs” – I always go as heavy as I am physically able to with good form. It’s the best way to get results. I range from 5 to 40 lbs (dem legs are STRONG!)

22. Jennifer “3-20lbs” – Mine range… 3, 5, 8, 10, 12, 15, 20… Just depends on what part of you're body you're working and your progress. If you're comfortable with the way you have now that's fine but if they get easy or you're done with a set and you feel like you could keep going for a while then it's probably a good sign that you need to bump up your weights.

23. Casey “3-35lbs”- Anywhere from 3 to 35. 35 are for sumo squats. I’m 27 weeks pregnant so although I could go heavier I’m staying where I am. I’ll continue to build after I deliver. I felt a difference in strength before I saw a difference. I don’t think the weight amount matters as much as the time under tension

24. Bethany “3-30lbs” – Depends on the program. I have 2s (only bc of Barre Blend), 3, 5, 8, 10, 12 (I just got and I LOVE), 15, 20, 25, and 30s. Someone gave me the 30s. I've only used them towards the end of liift 4. Something like 21df I mainly use 5 8 and 10. Body Beast I'd use like all of them.

25. Erika “8-20lbs” – The weight I use depends on the muscle being developed. For some I can use 12-20, others I have to drop to 8-10. Rule of thumb, if it gets easier, get heavier weights.

Below is the percentages of what we gathered from 125 users. As you can see if you go with 2-30lb weights you will be covered.

1-15lbs: 3%
5-10lbs: 3%
3-20lbs: 3%
5-20lbs: 6%
8-20lbs: 3%
5-25lbs: 6%
15-25lbs: 3%
1-30lbs: 3%
10-30lbs: 3%
5-30lbs: 21%
2-30lbs: 18%
3-30lbs: 6%
8-30lbs: 3%
3-35lbs: 6%
5-35lbs: 3%
3-40lbs: 2%
5-40lbs: 2%
5-45lbs: 2%

So you can start there and that will cover most all the programs. I would try to get in 2-2.5 lb increments if possible. If you can't find 1-3 lb weights you can use things around your house like soup cans and water bottles. 16-32 ounce water bottles is 1-2 pound weights. An adjust dumbbell set in our opinion is the best way to go, but it can make it challenging keeping up with some workouts while changing your weights everytime.

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