Can You Heat Up Shakeology? (Real Shakeology User Opinions)

You have probably seen some amazing Shakeology Recipes over the years and most of them taste amazing. Some of the most popular one are Cookie Dough Energy Balls, No Bake Shakeology Balls, Nutty Butter, Pumpkin Pie, Peanut Butter Cookie, Peanut Butter and Banana Latte, Peanut Butter Cinnamon, Iced Cinnamon Almond Milk, No Bake Shakeology Breakfast Cookies, Chocolate Shakeology Pudding and many others. Now you see a few of these are no bake so what does that mean?

heating up shakeology

So can you heat up Shakeology?

Yes you can heat up Shakeology and use some great recipes for things like hot chocolate. You do not want to overcook it however as the nutrients will and probiotics will dissipate. So for example hot chocolate Shakeology you would want to microwave no more then 1 minute and 30 seconds and also drink before cold so you don't need to heat up again.

There are many who say not to do this at all or to not do it all the time as you will see below a few examples of this. We are on the side of just don't do it everyday as chances are you are not going to get all the nutrients you can out of that shake. However, it is not bad for you at all and it beats not drinking anything so heat away just don't boil if possible.

Heating Up Shakeology Opinions Of Actual Users

So we didn't want you to only take our word for it so we gathered information from actual Shakeology Users. These opinions were curated from Beachbody On Demand Groups so no information was changed except any spelling or grammar when needed.

1. Gloria “Kills The Probiotics”

2. Amanda “Not too frequently” – Once in awhile is okay. But not every time.

3. Halsey “Use in Coffee” – People do it in their coffee so…

4. Tiffany “Only chilled coffee” – You can blend it in chilled coffee but using hot liquid defeats the purpose because you kill nutrients. I do cold coffee or espresso powder all the time. So yummy!

5. Ashley “Not Recommended” – Not recommended. It won’t harm you or anything but you won’t get all the nutrients from it.

6. Lori “Not Recommended” – It is not recommended to heat the shakeology. I think it has to do with the nutrients being damaged by heat. I have seen people make mug cakes in the microwave.

7. Sarah “Hot Chocolate Shakeology yes” – There is a Fixate recipe on the BOD site that is Mexican Hot Chocolate.

8. Chad “Sounds Awesome” – Sounds awesome but remember that heating Shakeology can destroy the potency and bioavailability of the ingredients. That’s one reason why it’s never heated during production.

9. Stacey “Don't do it” – I don’t because it denatures the proteins so you don’t know how much you’re getting when you heat it.

10. Erin “110 Degrees Or Less” – You can add warm milk thats under 110 degrees to Shakeology, that's the hottest they recommend

Can You Make Hot Chocolate With Shakeology?

Yes you can make hot chocolate with Shakeology. If you don't want to kill any probiotics or nutrients then try to keep to as close to 110 degrees or less. This is the highest recommended temperature.

Hot Chocolate Shakeology Recipes

1/2 – Full Scoop Shakeology (work on the flavor can always add more)

2 Tablespoons Of Unsweetened Cocoa Poweder

2 Tablespoons of Stevia

1 Cup of Almond Milk

Dash of sea salt

1/4 teaspoon of pure vanilla extract

Directions: Whisk together shakeology, cocoa powder, stevia and 2 tablespoons of almond milk and sea salt in a small saucepan over medium low heat. Add remaining milk and whisk over medium heat until mixture is hot. Add vanilla and serve.

Easier Version:

1 packet or scoop of Shakeology

8-10 ounces of Almond Milk

Shake it up!

Pour into mug

Throw in micrwave for 1.5 minutes (may vary a bit based on microwave)

Stir it up (we add some heavy cream sometimes to flavor it up a bit)


There you have it yes you can heat up Shakeology without harming yourself, but it may take some of the nutrients out of the shake so be careful with overheating. Try to keep your Shakeology at or as close to 110 degrees or less. Another way you can do this is simply add in the Shakeology last into the hot chocolate, hot water, or hot milk mix so it isn't at the temperature as long as if you are actually baking it or putting in microwave. Try it out and experiment a bit with regular recipes then you can't go wrong and won't waste it. About 60% of the people that posted had or recommended heating up Shakeology while around 40% were against it.

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