Shakeology Packets VS Scoop (How Many TBSP In Scoop)

It can be a tough decision at first whether to go with Shakeology Packets or Scoops. We usually have an order of packets at all times mainly for on the go use then we have Shakeology bags setup for autoship to get the discount and use those at home.

pick of shakeology scoop and packets


Shakeology Bag VS Packets

A Packet from the single serve packets equals a level scoop from the Shakeology bag. So you can rest assured you are getting the same amount no matter which one you choose. If you are looking at cost savings go with the Shakeology bag as you get 6 more servings per order. If you are looking for convenience the Packets may be your best bet.

The bag you can use in your own single serving bags as well. When I am on the go or need to take a shakeology serving with me I seal a scoop in a sandwich bag. Guess what? You can use that same bag over and over if you like as well. I would just throw out at some point since Shakeology does go bad quicker once exposed to the air.

How Many Tablespoons Is A Scoop Of Shakeology?

There are 5 to 5.5 Tablespoons of Shakeology in each scoop. Vegan Chocolate, Vegan Cafe Latte, Strawberry, and Vanilla all have 5 tablespoons in each scoop exactly. Regular Chocolate and Cafe Latte have 5.5 tablespoons. Vanilla Vegan has actually only 4.25 tablespoons per scoop. 

Shakeology Scoop Size

Whether you lost your Shakeology scoop or just want to know about how much is in your scoop here you go:

Shakeology Flavor Grams per Serving Tablespoons (US & CA) Imperial Tablespoons (UK)
Chocolate Whey 42 5.5 5
Chocolate Vegan 41 5 4.25
Café Latte Whey 40 5.5
Café Latte Vegan 41 5
Strawberry Whey 36 5 4.25
Tropical Strawberry Vegan 40 4.5
Vanilla Whey 36 5
Vanilla Vegan 38 4.25 4.25


How Many Scoops Of Shakeology Do You Use?

You should only use 1 scoop of Shakeology per a shake. Also only use one scoop of Shakeology per day unless doing the 3 Day Refresh in which you drink two Shakeology scoops a day over those 3 days. 

Unless you have already used Shakeology before your stomach may have a reaction so sometimes it is best to try it for the first time later in the day after work or closer to bed time to see how your body will react. When doing the 3 day refresh having two Shakeology shakes a day is meant to better clean you out so be aware of that at the same time.

Does Shakeology Come With A Scoop?

Shakeology bags come with a scoop inside the actual powder. So if you don’t see it when you first open the bag it is there you just may have to dig for it a bit. If you can’t find it and are in a hurry don’t worry just mix around 5 tablespoons of Shakeology to make your shake for now.

How Much Ice Do You Put In Shakeology?

You should put 6 regular sized ice cubes in your Shakeology shake. If that is a little thick back it off to only 4 ice cubes. 4-6 ice cubes should make it a nice cool refreshing and frosty shake that you will enjoy.

How Much Is A Serving Of Shakeology?

A serving of Shakeology is 5 tablespoons or 41 grams depending on whether you are weighing it or scooping it. Each bag of Shakeology contains 30 servings so it should get you through most all months.

When first starting out on Shakeology unless doing the 3 day refresh you will want to take later in the day and only a half scoop to start to see how you stomach responds.

Shakeology Single Serve Packets

Why would you choose 24 packets/servings of Shakeology compared to 30 servings if you go with the bag? Well if you are just starting out with Shakeology you probably don’t know which flavor you like. With the packets you can get different flavors to try out so it works out well. After you find out what you like you can always switch over to the bags.

If you are on the go or like to drink yours at work packets may be the way to go as well. We do both and if we need take to go from the bag just put a scoop in a sandwich bag.

Where Is The Expiration Date On Shakeology Packets?

Expiration dates on packets of Shakeology are located on the side seal of the packet. So you will have to flip sideways to see correctly. If it is expired that is okay as it is a best by date so if close to it go ahead and drink and you will be fine. Overtime it will lose its nutrients and the taste will differ still doesn’t mean it is bad.

How Many Packets In A Box Of Shakeology?

There are 24 packets in a box of Shakeology. So you can just setup your order to order more quickly or just skip a day a week to make about the same as buying a bag of Shakeology. Sample packs come with 7 days worth or 7 packets of Shakeology to try out.

Best Way To Make Shakeology Packets

There are many ways and recipes to make your Shakeology packets up the below is the best one for the busy person.

  • Put 12 ounces water in your blender
  • Put 6 ice cubes in there as well
  • Open your Shakeology packet and pour in there
  • Use two tablespoons of PB2 powder to give it that flavor
  • Chop a banana up into the blender in slices
  • Hit that blender button
  • Pour into your Shaker mission complete

Shakeology Packets When Breastfeeding

Shakeology Packets are fine when you are Breastfeeding as your body needs more protein to produce more milk. You should always ask your Doctor before consuming Shakeology when pregnant or breastfeeding.


Shakeology scoops and packets work the same its just what is more convenient and cost effective to you. Whatever is going to keep you consuming this healthy shake is all that matters so you can reap the rewards. It will take consistency to bring out the benefits of Shakeology so just drinking one time won’t help you. It is not a miracle shake, but will help in a multitude of places in your body.


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