Cast For Beachbody 645: Who Are They?

It’s no secret that getting in shape is hard work. It takes time, effort, and a lot of willpower to stick to a workout routine. And for many people, the hardest part is finding the right program.

That’s why Beachbody’s 645 workout program by super trainer Amoila Cesar is such a godsend. Not only does it provide an amazing workout experience, but it also comes with an engaging cast of trainers that make the whole process fun and exciting.

So who is Amoila Cesar? And what makes him such a great trainer? And of course who is this amazing cast he put together to help engage the users.

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Who Is Amoila Cesar?

Although Amoila Cesar is new to Beachbody, he is no stranger to The Work and its partner workout, The Prep.

Instead of an ‘f-bomb,' The Work distracts with fluff, so you won't have to worry about your four year old entering the room and hearing something they shouldn't.

Amoila is lovely and knowledgeable, and he spends most of every workout helping people in one way or another. So, you might not see him doing a lot of the routines himself, but his form pointers, encouragement and general exercise tips are definitely spot on.

Some Beachbody Supertrainers try too hard to be funny or likeable, but that's not the case with this one. He is just real and keeps it real.

Amoila Cesar, a Beachbody Super Trainer, is famous for her rigorous, high-intensity workouts. She has worked with professional athletes and Hollywood celebrities to develop their personal training regimens. Her personal experiences have shaped her approach to training. When she was younger, she lost someone very close to her. She invited her brother out to Los Angeles so he could follow her training regimen, and within three months, he had lost 50 pounds.

Seeing the positive change she was able to make in his life made her extremely proud. She took what she had learned from her own experience and used it to develop a rigorous training routine that became 6 Weeks of THE WORK.”

Amoila is a certified personal trainer and the creator of six-week programs, 6 Weeks of THE WORK and four weeks of THE PREP. Her background includes a degree in exercise science and a minor in psychology. Her latest program, 645, is available for Beachbody members as a video download.

Amoila's program focuses on functional fitness, agility, and mobility exercises. These workouts are designed to challenge both your mental and physical toughness while also helping you build lean muscle. Whether you're a beginner or a professional athlete, Amoila's program will help take your workout regimen to the next level.

Featured 645 Photo

Amoila's motivational style

Amoila cesar is a hollywood-based strength and conditioning coach. her clients include nba all-star julius randle and grammy award-winning artist 2 chainz. in her beachbody workout programs, she combines total-body resistance training with cardio workouts and restorative mobility workouts. cesar is known for her stern and motivating style.

Amoila Cesar Beachbody's workouts, while containing clean versions of the colorful language, can certainly be challenging for some. However, many people have found great success in getting fit following Amoila's workouts due to the motivational style.

The 645 program includes six workouts that each last 45 minutes and target the entire body. The routine for each week stays the same, but the level of intensity and weight gradually increases over time. Each workout starts with a warm-up and ends with a cool-down period,  and also incorporates cardio and mobility work. Consequently, this is an excellent way to improve your fitness overall by gaining strength and range of motion.

Amoila's workouts are intense but can be modified for any fitness level. You will sweat and burn fat, regardless of your current state. In addition to getting you in shape, these workouts will help build muscle tone.

Introducing 645 Cast Members


Manny is the only cast member who was featured in Amoila's previous program, “6 Weeks of the Work.” In 645, Manny provides comic relief and is constantly teased by the other members. Throughout the 13 weeks, there is a running joke that Manny is ridiculous and needs his mic turned off. I must admit that I laughed out loud for many of these moments! Hopefully, he enjoyed all the good-natured ribbing.

Some info on Manny who is an actor:

Production Co: @crimsonmooncinema

Management: @volitionusa

TV/Film: @take3talent



Of the 645 cast members, Cassandra was my favorite for several reasons. She has an amazing voice, great wisdom, a sense of humor, and drive. What's also fascinating is that her personal fitness coaching business – “Muscles by Plants” – focuses on vegan eating for performance. And like me, she has roots in Boston!

Some info on Cassandra who is a fitness trainer:

Helping VEGAN women build strength in 90 days w/o restricting foods you love or spending hours in the gym

🏋🏽‍♂️B.S -Exercise scientist

💪🏽CrossFit L2



Jordan is an amazing person. She has incredibly toned arms and an unbeatable attitude. Throughout the program, she constantly increased her weights, motivating everyone else to do the same. Plus, she's training to be a firefighter and paramedic! It's clear that she cares about helping others and making a difference in their lives.

Some more info on Jordan:

Jordan Sessions

Get outdoors🤘🏼

Firefighter/Paramedic in the making

CPR expert 😈

Trainer: @4pillarsfit

Coach: @onnitgymatx




“Shy” was the modifier for one of the cast sets, and it was exciting to see her progress over the course of the 13 weeks. She has a great personality, and it was enjoyable watching and working out with her.

Some more info on Shyanne who is an actress:

Shyanne King


LA|Boston 🎭



Charlene is not only a great 645 move modifier, but she's also a world-class salsa dancer and hand model! Also a LA Actor, Dancer & Choreographer. Her positive energy was infectious and really lifted the spirits of everyone on set.

More Info on Charlene and where to find her:

𝒞𝒽𝒶𝓇𝓁𝑒𝓃𝑒 𝑅🌺𝓈𝑒

LA Actor, Dancer & Choreographer. #worldsalsachampion #handmodel

Dance Classes @livingroom2ballroom

Airbnb Superhost @oldhollywoodlodge



Nicky is a professional dancer and actress who was in the movies “Stick It” and “Bring it On!” She has such a cute voice, and she describes herself as being all rainbows and sunshine. Such a delight!

Some more info on Nicky and where to find her:

Nikki SooHoo (Shamos)

Public figure

“Be the LIGHT that lit a thousand candles & as the world gets brighter, it shines back to you” ✨



Michael comes from New Zealand and he's just amazing to be around and have in the crew. Great personality overall. The crazy part is that he's an official dancer for Jennifer Lopez crew that she brings to her concerts.

More info on Michael and where to find him:

Michael Metuakore

Dance: @go2talent

Fitness | Commerical: @naturallyfitagencyla

🇨🇰🇳🇿 in 🇺🇸


Aristotle is kind and always looking on the bright side. I chuckled when he said, “I’m just a dude! Everyone else in the 645 cast is a professional dancer or actor… but not me!”

He is a trainer though with over 84,000 followers on instagram more then anyone above so he is a somebody that is for sure.

More info on Aristotle and where to find him:

Aristotle Polites

🏋️‍♂️ ISSA Certified Trainer

📝 Online Performance Coach

⬇️ Training & Booking Inquiries

📧 apolites1225@gmail.com

📍 Los Angeles

💍❤️ @ash_ofalltrades

Final Thoughts

It's clear that the 645 cast is full of amazing and inspiring people. Whether they are professional dancers and actors or just regular people with a passion for fitness, each member has something special to offer. I highly recommend giving the 645 workout program a try – you won't be disappointed!


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