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Beachbody Recover pregnancy

Beachbody has some great products when it comes to pregnancy and I have stuck with them throughout. Whether it is their workout programs that you may already be doing or their specialized ones like the all NEW BARRE BLEND PRE & POST NATAL which is amazing by the way. There is also the ACTIVE MATERNITY SERIES that include Autumn Calabrese. Most of the regular works are great as well, but the question I hear asked the most is about their products like Beachbody Recover.

Is it safe to drink Beachbody Recover while pregnant? 

Beachbody Recover is fine to drink while you are pregnant as long as your Doctor approves first. You should always consult your doctor with any supplement you want to take or fitness program you will be performing. Everyone's pregnancy is different, but more then likely they will agree that if you were drinking before it is okay to drink while going through your trimesters.

Below we will go through answers from those that have or are going through pregnancy as well as postpartum and breastfeeding while either using Beachbody Recover or being told not to. That way you don't have to take our word for it.

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Beachbody Recover While Going Through Pregnancy

Overall you should be increasing your Calorie intake as you go through your pregnancy especially during the third trimester. I had major issues with my appetite during the first two trimesters as I was just nauseous all the time. Protein is vital for your growing baby so getting enough is a no brainer. The main issue will be telling your Doctor and having them approve it.

The best way to do this is to simply take a picture of the Beachbody Recover ingredients or print it out so they can take a look. Let them know that you are working out and very sore want to take something to help with that. Also make sure to let them know if you have been taking Beachbody Recover before as if you are they are much likelier to let you continue. Introducing new supplements during your pregnancy unless it is prenatal is up for debate. You will get many different answers from different doctors on this matter.

Taking Beachbody recover while pregnant is an easy way to increase your protein intake along with an extra 130 calories. If they say no don't worry about it there are many other ways through food you can get your protein recover in. The below foods are a nice start to this:

  • boiled egg (6 grams)
  • cup of cottage cheese (28 grams)
  • handful of nuts (6 grams)
  • 3 ounces of baked salmon and a bowl of lentil soup (15 grams + 9 grams)
  • a glass of milk (8 grams)

If you love eggs like I do that may be your main go to. You can scramble them, fry them, boil them and make them into egg salad sandwiches as well. Especially since most all doctors advise against processed sandwich meat. You will need to limit the processed food in general anyway.

Also if you can maybe bring a food diary on the amount of calories, protein and carbs you are consuming before asking the doctor. That way they can tell if you are getting too little or too much protein.

Beachbody Recover While Breastfeeding

As always you should consult your doctor first. However drinking a recovery drink like Beachbody Recover contains the needed proteins to help you and your baby grow. You need this nutrient as does your baby to continue to grow and develop. Building, maintaining and repairing muscles helps with aging and development. During the breastfeeding period your body uses protein explicitly to produce milk that sustains the babies growth.

This is protein that normally isn't used so you need more protein then you were previously consuming. Drinking a shake filled with this nutrient like Beachbody Recover will help fill that void. With Recover having both whey and casein it will help sustain this over a 24+ hour period since it is rapid and slow absorbing protein nutrients.

Most of the area for concern isn't the actual protein that is in the powder but the sugar and added preservatives. Luckily Beachbody Recover is all natural without added preservatives. There are also other protein shakes that are explicitly for breast feeding moms we will quickly go over with below most of these you will see are very high quality and actually cheaper then Beachbody's recover.

Top 3 Alternatives To Beachbody Recover For Increase Milk Production

1. Boobie Body – Organic Superfood Plant-Based Protein shake: Protein Blend is sourced from organic pea, sacha inchi, organic chia, Organic and flax seeds and provides a vegan, Dairy Free, and Paleo-Friendly complete amino acid profile. Organic, Gluten Free, Keto Friendly, Vegan, Dairy Free, 19g protein, 1 net carb, 0 sugar. This is a complete meal replacement when needed just make sure you are getting your daily caloric needs. This will help you lose weight while maintaining a consistent milk production for your baby. No added sugars whatsoever and also has Vitamin D3 for your immune system. This is a pregnancy safe powder and is built just for breastfeeding moms. So if you are doing keto or plan to try keto this is definitely the way to go or even if you are just doing lower carb.


2. Milk Drunk – Protein Powder for Breastfeeding mommas: Dairy Free that is a vegan protein full of lactation high quality ingredients including oats, flax, and brewer's yeast. Yes it is also Gluten and soy free as well. Designed to keep you full with quality, real-food ingredients that are good for your body – while simultaneously helping to boost your milk production with proven milk-making ingredients like brewer's yeast, oat flour and flaxseed. A natural breastfeeding supplement with 17g protein, 4g fiber and only 6g of sugar. This isn't as keto friendly as the previous one but it is still very low carb.


3. MilkFlow Supplement Drink Mix – Breastfeeding and lactation supplement for increased milk supply. NO ARTIFICIAL ANYTHING: Natural and non-GMO. (Does contain dairy and soy. Concentrated formula contains fenugreek, blessed thistle and anise to support healthy breastmilk production. Great tasting and hydrating alternative to fenugreek pills, elixirs or teas. This is definitely one of the better tasting ones, but at the same time it is also the highest carb one coming in at 12 carbs so definitely not keto friendly. Can still use for a lower carb diet.


What Beachbody Performance Products To Use While Pregnant or Breastfeeding? (User Opinions)

So we didn't want you to only take our word on taking Beachbody Performance supplements so we went out to actual Beachbody Users that are or have been pregnant and breastfeeding. We curated this information from several Beachbody groups and forums. The only thing we changed was any spelling or grammar where needed. We hope this helps you make a decision.

Real Beachbody Customers

1. Vivian “Used everything” – I used everything else except the energize. My doctor didn’t allowed it cz of the amount of caffeine. But I used it once in the blue-moon when I really need it for my workout also I only did half a scoop. But everyone is different. My doc didn’t allowed cz of my hight and my weight. It was too much for my body and for my baby. I know a lot of pregnant women used/using it.

2. Ashlee “All except hydrate” – I've used all of these throughout my pregnancy, except Hydrate (didn't have any on hand). Dr approved all of them. I did cut back on Energize or coffee, depending on which I needed most. Now I'm no longer working out so I stick to coffee but occasionally use Energize. I know lots of other coaches who did the same through pregnancy. I'd say as long as her Dr approves, she should be good to go

3. LeeAnn “Shakeology, Energize and Hydrate” – I have used shakeology, energize and hydrate for multiple pregnancies (including this current one) I have never tried recover, power greens or BB collagen yet but I have been using another brand of collagen.

4. Elise “Don't use anything” – I don't use anything while pregnant but really only use Energize regularly. Personally choice I guess but my doctor doesn't think there is enough research on supplements for pregnancy. I agree and decided to just not use anything until after. Once I am PP and my breastmilk supply is established comfortablely I will reintroduce energize.

I workout however I feel comfortable though.
5. Megan “Used everything” – I used everything while pregnant. Energize. Shakeology. Hydrate. Collagen. I took it into my OB and she okayed it all. Energize ya caffeine but pregnant you can drink up to 200 mg. I drank energize daily bc I wouldn’t have survived with also a toddler lol. My baby turned out healthy and happy with no issues! And I currently breastfeed that same babe whos 6 months and still use them all.
6. Jessica “Cut them all” – Honestly, I cut them all out. There’s just not enough research regarding most of these supplements and pregnant women, so I decided I could live without them for nine months for the health of my unborn child.
7. Marcie “Hydrate, Recover, Collagen” – My OB approved hydrate, recover and collagen! I would tell you to bring in labels of the sample packets in to have her doc look at. That’s what I felt most comfortable doing and basing my decision off of
8. Bri “Shakeology” – This is my first pregnancy and I’ve been using Shakeo (even though I’m not vegan, I use the Vegan Vanilla because I like the taste better lol), Energize, and Collagen! OB approved all. She especially loved Shakeo for my thyroid issues and all it’s ingredients in general plus how all-natural energize is!

9. Kristen “Took Everything” –

I took everything and my doc and midwife team was okay with it all. He thought the ingredients were excellent and safe dosing to not cause concern
Used vegan shakeology when my adversities allowed lol
Energize in doses of 200mf of caffeine or less
Collagen wasn’t out but I plan to discuss this pregnancy
Recover once a day
10. Brittany “Shakeology, Energize, Hydrate” – I am currently pregnant (20 weeks today) I've used shakeology every day and 1 scoop of energize every day. (I've cut out regular coffee) I also use hydrate on workouts I know I will need it.
11. Samantha “Shakeology, Hydrate, Collagen, cut down on energize” – Shakeology has stayed a stayed a staple, and I cut energize to half a scoop daily. I also kept my hydrate and collagen. I’m pregnant now with baby #3.

12. Leanne “All Beachbody Performance Approved” –

My midwife approved of all the BB performance line and Shakeology when I was pregnant with baby #3 🥰 Even energize because she said it had a little less caffeine than coffee.
But she should do what she feels like is best for her and baby! Congratulations to your friend!!
13. Ashley “Cut it all out” – I cut it all out during pregnancy and the first 6 months so far of breastfeeding. There are some ingredients that haven’t been proven safe yet for pregnancy and breastfeeding so I decided to put a pause on all of it! There were maybe a few times I had shake balls and a hand full of times I had like 1/4 of a shake but other than that I stopped. OBGYN And midwife at first glance had approved and then backtracked and said they don’t actually know the research on every ingredient and that I should look into it. A pharmacist (also a coach) told me like 4 ingredients in shakeo haven’t been proven safe yet. So that was why I stopped. And Energize says on the container do not take if pregnant or breastfeeding. Then again, a ton of coaches take all supplements and their babies are totally healthy!!
14. Sophia “Shakeology and Energize” – I used shakeology and energize. My midwife didn't approve recover but now I can't remember why. She did have me switch to vegan shakeology because one of the vitamins was different in the vegan formula I can't remember right now if it was A or E.
15. Kimberley “Do what Doc says” – You can use all Beachbody products if he said not to worry about it. Energize has no more caffeine in it than coffee does. And if she's drinking Shakeology she should tell her doctor because she doesn't need a prenatal except for maybe more folic acid and iron if she's deficient. Shakeology and a prenatal would be too many vitamins in a day.


Do what makes you feel comfortable and go off your Doctors advise first and foremost. Everyone's body is different and everyone's pregnancy and breastfeeding experience is going to be different. If it is your first baby do your research on the ingredients take a list to your Doctor to ask for advice. Still don't feel comfortable then maybe cut it all out and take regular recommended supplements your Doctor suggests. Also maybe get a protein that is built just for Pregnancy and Breastfeeding like we have above. Continue to workout as your Doctor suggests as well as this will greatly help your labor and getting back into shape after you deliver.


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