Differences Between Beachbody’s Recharge And Recover

When you start doing Beachbody workouts you are going to more then likely be sore especially if you are pushing yourself and this is completely normal. So you have options you can either do nothing and get through the pain and recovering on your own. Or you can supplement and help your body recover more quickly which can lead to quicker growth with supplements like Recharge and Recovery.

So what is the difference between recharge and recover?

The difference between recharge and recover mainly is that recover is for directly after post workout where recharge is meant to be taking later on to help body repair itself. Recover you take up to 30 minutes after your workout and recharge you take just before bedtime so you can use both or just one. 

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Beachbody Recover VS Recharge

Recharge and recover are two different supplements that you can take both during the same day at different times or just take the one that works best for you based on their individual uses.

What Is Beachbody Recover?

Whenever you exercise your muscles are going to breakdown which is normal. From that point your body will help your muscles rebuild so they come back stronger, leaner and depending on what workouts you are doing larger as well.

With your muscles breaking down you will most of the time be sore. This soreness will vary from person to person and workout to workout depending on the intensity and actual muscle group being worked out. Somebody who has been working out for awhile is not going to get a sore with the same workout as someone who hasn't worked out in a long time. This is completely normal as well.

Recover can help you rebuild your muscles more quickly and with less soreness in a couple of different ways.

  • Protein – recover is a protein based drink which when your body receives this it will also break down into amino acids. These amino acids with the protein feed your muscles helping them repair themselves much more quickly. Recover has 3 different proteins in it.
    • Whey Protein – anybody that has worked out in the past has probably heard of this. It absorbs quickly and is dairy based. This is put into recover to give those muscles a quick jolt to recovery.
    • Pea Protein – this absorbs at a slower rate so provide a constant protein during those first 24 hours of recovery.
    • Casein Protein – is a protein you may have heard of as well absorbs extremely slowly so will continue to help your muscles recover over time.
  • Pomegranate – yes recover even has this magically acclaimed fruit in it that can be very expensive to buy as a drink. Recover has pomegranate extract which has been proven to also help with muscle soreness especially during off peak workout times. So you feel much better going into workout which means you will push yourself harder and get better results.

What Is Beachbody Recharge?

As we have said your muscles get sore from working out and that can lead to other bad side affects like not being able to sleep. Recharge is similar to Recover that their job is to help you get rid of soreness and get your muscles to rebuild more quickly.

So the best time to take Recharge would be at night. There are two main times that are best to get your body's muscles to repair. One of those is immediately after you workout and the other is during your rest time or when you sleep.

When you sleep your body recharges, repairs and grows. Just like in the first 5 years of a child's life their brain only grows exclusively while they are sleeping. I am not saying sleep all day but get at least 6-8 hours. You need to figure out that prime area of sleep time when you feel the most productive all day. There is no one set time.

Recharge contains almost exclusively Casein protein that is slow release which works out perfect when you are sleeping.

So recharge has two main ingredients:

  • Casein – casein protein as we mentioned above is a slow absorbing protein that continues to repair your body for a longer time. This will help your sleep as well.
  • Cherry Powder – Recharge has cherry powder that helps with soreness and inflammation just like Pomegranate in Recover.

Beachbody Customers Opinions On Recharge or Recover

Below is information we gathered from different groups and forums that are opinions of actual Beachbody members on what should be used either Recharge or Recover.

It was curated and the only information that was changed is the grammar and spelling where needed. Other then that the answers remain the same.

1. John “Recover fast, recharge slow” – Recover is a faster acting protein with added stuff for recovery immediately post workout. Recharge is a slow digesting protein for bedtime use.

2. Kelci “Recover” – Recover tastes 5 million times better

3. Craig “Depends on goals” – Recharge basically does the same thing as Recover, but it's designed to work at a very specific time — bedtime. There are two times when it's particularly smart to target muscle repair. One is post-exercise, thus Recover. The other is when you're sleeping, thus Recharge.””
Big difference is the Casein protein

4. Kelly “Recover” – I have never tried recharge but I love Recover. I definitely notice a difference in soreness when I take it. Both flavors are good but my favorite is the orange, it tastes like a creamsicle to me.

5. Brandy “Recover” – I use Recover.. it helps with muscle recovery and soreness so that I can get up the next day and do it all over again.
I also use recharge for overnight muscle recovery and it actually helps me sleep better.

6. Laura Barrett “Recover” – I only drink recover after I think I’ve worked out hard enough, like lifting a lot.
I bought recharge the first time I did 80 day obsession, but honestly still have 2 containers.
It seemed like unnecessary calories and sugar.

7. Kimberley “Recharge has casein” – Recharge has a casein protein in it. It's a slower digesting protein. you're supposed to drink it at night before bed to keep you full so you don't wake up in the middle of the night hungry. it's also supposed to recharge your muscles so you have the energy to workout in the morning. When you finally do make it through the containers you can use cottage cheese the same way.
Recharge is for night time, recover is for right after.

8. Linda “Recover whey, recharge casein” – If memory serves recover is whey protein and recharge is Casin protein. And I think Casin protein takes longer to digest slowly feeding your body a night long. I actually use both recover for after and recharge for bedtime.

9. Jill “Rate of absorption” – The difference is the rate of absorption. If you exercise heavy at night it’s probably a good idea to take casein to prevent your body going into a catabolic state, thereby preventing overnight muscle loss. (I’m a store manager at a supplement store FYI… I know my protein) 😁

10. Joe “Only need Recover maybe” – The answer is that Recharge is unnecessary. Recover is also not really something you need, but it will help with muscle soreness, if that's something that bothers you a lot.
There was a study published recently regarding optimal protein supplementation for training. The result was that anything above a 1:1 ratio of grams of protein to body weight has no positive impact on training results.

11. John “Recover all day” – Recover. All day. Because post workout nutrition is always a priority or me. And because I love the Orange. And the Recharge just doesn’t do it for me taste or performance wise.

12. Angela “Recover” – Recover. Helps with muscle soreness and doesn't taste like shit.

13. Melissa “Recover” – Recover! Does more for muscle recovery and rebuilding after workouts.

14. April “Recover” – Recover has been awesome with 10 rounds still a little sore but not that bad

15. Kim “Either depending on goal” – Well do you feel you need one more than the other? Or do you need to choose one because of cost? If that's the case chocolate milk after your workout in place of recovery and cottage cheese or cheese and fruit at night in place of recharge.

16. Brandy “Recover if you have to choose” – If you have to choose between the two recover. I personally use both..recover right after work out and recharge before going to bed

17. Samantha “You can use both” – You can have both in a day. Drink recover w/in 30 min of workout. Recharge w/in hour/30 min before going to bed.

18. Dennis “Recharge bedtime, Recover after workout” – Recharge is for your sleeping time – not your workout. Recover is taken right after your workout (whatever time of day.) Recharge is taken right before bed time.

19. Sarrah “Recover” – Recharge a night time drink helps with recovery and has tart cherry and other stuff it’s awesome
Recover is like post workout also awesome
If you can only get one get recover

20. Chrissy “Both” – I use both! I believe the nighttime recharge has a little less sugar than the recover. But yes, they are very similar. I also think they are delicious! It’s kind a like a treat for me.

Final Thoughts

There are a few differences and similarities between Recharge and Recover. In the end they both work, but do you need both? Probably not and if you are going to only have one I would without a doubt go with Recover.

Recover has the best combination of helping your muscles immediately after that workout along with the other two proteins that are slow absorbing to help over time.

So start with recover in whatever flavor you desire (we like orange) then if you are still sore after that maybe go to Recharge. Recharge to be completely honest is not at all as good tasting as Recover either.

So if you use Recover and maybe Shakeology to fill any other voids you should be set and on your way to recovery and results. Do your really need Recover to get results? No you don't if you eat a well balanced diet already and are taking a protein recovery shake Recover probably won't do much for you. Hope this article has helped get the BEST DEAL ON RECOVER HERE!

Related Questions

When Should I use Beachbody Recover?

You should use Beachbody Recover right after your workout as that is when the Whey Protein it contains will be quickly absorbed the start the process of rebuilding your muscles to deal with that soresness. Then after that the pea protein will kick in just in time for the casein protein to slowly absorb to continuing the repairing process. So Recover definitely has the perfect combination to get your body back into shape for the next workout.

What Is The Difference Between Shakeology And Recover?

There are quite a few differences between Shakeology and Recover. The main one being that Shakeology isn't really an after workout recovery drink in that it is a very nutrient dense shake that is more of a meal replacement. That doesn't mean you can't use it for an after meal protein shake it is just a little pricey to just be using it for this.

Recover on the other hand was created exclusively to be taken immediately after a workout to deal with muscle repair. It has 3 different types of proteins to absorb quickly and also work during the next 24 hours. It also even has pomegranate in it to help with muscle soreness and some extra sugars to help with absorption.

What Does Beachbody Recover Taste Like?

Beachbody recover is probably the best taking shake from Beachbody. It probably has to do with the added sugars but that is okay immediately after your workout as your body just eats it right up. Recover comes in a few different flavors at the time of this writing and that is chocolate, vanilla, and orange. We definitely like the orange since it has that nice citrus flavor and is a nice change up to the Shakeology flavors.



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