How Do I Change My Shakeology Autoship? (Other Shakeology FAQ’s Answered)

Shakeology is an amazing product made with high quality ingredients that is very tasty as well. However there comes times when you get backed up and forget to drink it a day here and there and finally you have two bags sitting in front of you. We had this happen to us so we had to cancel our autoship for a couple months to catch up.

So how do you change your Shakeology autoship?

You can change your Shakeology autoship a few different ways, but the easiest one is the “Do It Yourself Option”. 

  • Login to TeamBeachbody.com
  • Go To My Account
  • Got To My Orders
  • Click on the “Click For Details” words
  • Will bring up all your options to easily change your order


Below are the options you will be presented with when you click “Click For Details” sectoin.


There are also other options in the support tab. That will include the ability to “Text Support” you can also use Facebook Messenger, online chat or last but not least call them. Here is the support icons you will see proceed with which one you are comfortable with:


How Do I Change My Shakeology Order?

Changing your Shakeology order is relatively easy these days before I used to have problems navigating around the Team Beachbody website.

You can change your Shakeology Order now by going signing in, then going to My Account, My Orders then click the for details hyperlink that will bring up options to change flavor/serving, change ship date, view/edit billing info, update credit card, view/edit shipping info, order details, connect with an agent to cancel.

Canceling Shakeology

Canceling Shakeology is so much easier then it used to be when I had to log in and try to find the live chat if they were even available and better yet if the chat was actually working. Now you can login and do pretty much everything yourself.

For canceling all you need to do is login to your account. Go to my account, my orders and simply click the for details hyperlink under your shakeology order. There you will see many options the easiest one is to “Connect with an agent to cancel”.

They will take care of everything for you.

Can You Order Shakeology Without Autoship?

You can order Shakelogy without autoship it will just cost a bit more since you will now be paying for shipping. So your shipping will go from $2 to $11-15 depending on where you live. This is quite the jump so if you are just starting Shakeology I would definitely suggest starting with the autoship method then you can cancel anytime very easily.

You have other options as well lets say you are going to only be drinking shakeology 5 days a week so around 25 days a month. Well Shakeology has 30 serving so you will just want to change your ship date which you can do manually form your account.

Is It Hard To Cancel Shakeology?

Shakeology is not hard to cancel at all anymore. I say anymore because it used to be tough to get a hold of anybody, but now with their improved online chat it is easier then ever. You can do anything you want when you login into your account for canceling the easiest way is to click the “Connect to Agent to Cancel” option.

How Do I Get Shakeology Cheaper?

You can get Shakeology cheaper a couple different ways. One is by signing up for the autoship this will save you anywhere from 11-15 dollars. The other option is to sign up as a coach to get the discount which is well worth it as well if you are going to be using shakeology.

Can I Skip A Month Of Shakeology?

You can skip a month of Shakeology anytime. All you have to do is login at teambeachbody.com. Go to my account, my orders, then click for details and select skip a month. It really is that simple.

How Can I Get Shakeology Free?

You can get your Shakeology free by referring 3 other people to buy Shakeology. This is much harder then it sounds although other websites make it sound wicked easy. What I did was build a website like the one you are on answering fitness questions then I get paid by advertising based on the amount of people that come to my site. This pays for any Beachbody product I want.

Can I Cancel My Shakeology Online?

You have two options to cancel your Shakeology and that is by calling them or chatting with an online agent. To chat online just login to teambeachbody.com. Go to my account, my orders, click for details, select connect with agent to cancel. That’s it.

Does Shakeology Make You Go To The Bathroom A Lot?

For most people when you first start drinking Shakeology it will make you go to the bathroom more. As it has digestive enzymes, prebiotics and probiotics that will help you cycle your food especially if you eat a lot of processed foods or sugars. Also it will be based on if you drink the regular versus the vegan that contains soy. So make sure you read through the ingredients so that you know you aren’t allergic to something before drinking.

How Many Servings Is Shakeology?

There are 30 servings in a regular bag of Shakeology. If you get the individual packs which are handy you will only get 24 servings. This will work as well for the most part if you are only have 5 days of shakeology a week.

What Happens If I Don’t Like My Shakeology Flavor?

If you don’t like your Shakeology flavor and it is within 30 days you can return the back even if the bag is empty. That is right so make sure you save your box to make for easy shipping. If you have nay specific questions you can jump onto the online chat with teambeachbody by going into your account. My account, my orders, and connect with agent.

How Do You Make Shakeology Taste Better?

There are many different ways to make Shakeology taste better, but the number 1 way is to simply add in PB2 powder with some ice into a blender. This will help enrich almost any flavor, but especially chocolate and vanilla this works great for.

How Much Does It Cost To Return Shakeology?

Returning Shakeology will cost you around 7 dollars. If you used autoship you only paid 2 dollars for shipping which would have cost you $11 if you didn’t. So it is kind of a wash.

How Do You Make Shakeology Thicker?

You can make Shakeology thicker by simply adding ice into the blender. You should add around 4-6 regular sized ice cubes to start with and that will be enough. This is just mixing with water if you want added thickness and taste add in PB2 powder and milk.



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