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Maybe you are looking for a local coach to team up with as something of an accountability partner or maybe you are completely new to Beachbody. Whatever it is you want a coach that is going to be there as much as you need for Beachbody and other things as well. For us we try to help our Beachbody members build a business that they can take with them like this website for example.

We build a free website for people who sign up under us. Currently as of the time of this writing this blog has made $676.47 in the last 30 days and $812.30 in the last 7 days (on pace for $789 for 30 days). I will put the proof of this at the bottom of the article. This is also during the Pandemic which ad rates have dropped significantly it is finally back to about 50% of what it was before that. If this is something you want to do go ahead and sign up for your Free Beachbody Account Here or your Free Trial Of Beachbody On Demand here.

Looking For A Beachbody Coach

Okay back to looking for a coach. If you are looking for somebody local it is tough to find through Beachbody directly. I would go to a Facebook group called BOD: Members Only . You can either search for it or click that link and it will take you directly there. Post something about how you are new to the group and looking for local coaches to meet up with or whatever it is you are exactly looking for.

That is the best way by far to meet up with coaches you can also do some virtual zooms and some virtual workouts, etc. Its definitely a fun way to stay motivated and involved during the community. You can go through the new programs together and work on ways to promote Beachbody as coaches to. For us we have coaches in our group that go the social media route which works well for them as well as people like me that take the more passive introvert route of blogging. It does take a bit longer but the results once they get going and you have traffic coming in you can do whatever you want with that traffic. Create an email list or like we do make money off of ads.

You want a coach that is going to be actively working out, taking Beachbody Supplements, and active either on social media or blogging. That way you know they are going to be doing well and helping you along the way too. If you have a coach that you signed up under and they haven’t helped you at all or have disappeared maybe even left Beachbody it is probably time to look at changing coaches.

How To Find My Coach On Beachbody?

You can find your coach on Beachbody by first logging into teambeachbody.com

  • Select My Account on the top right
  • Under General Settings select My Coach
  • On the right it will give the full name of your coach with a link to contact them directly
  • That’s it

Can You Order Shakeology Without A Coach?

You can order Shakeology without a coach all you need to do is go to teambeachbody.com sign up for your free account and order your Shakeology their. You will still be assigned a coach, but you don’t need them at all to order Beachbody products.

How To Order From A Beachbody Coach?

You can order directly from a Beachbody Coach by going to one of their two provided websites from Beachbody that is a Shakeology site and General Site. Or you can use a link to a Beachbody product that can be anything from a bag of Shakeology to Beachbody On Demand. Here is an example of a site link: https://www.teambeachbody.com/shop/enrollment?referringRepID=367799

You can see my coach ID on the end there is the only thing that makes that unique. My coach ID is 367799. I usually generate most of my links at tbbcoach411.com

Those are the two ways you can order if you have anymore questions I would get with your Beachbody Coach which can probably help you out better.

Who Is the Highest Paid Beachbody Coach?

The highest paid Beachbody coach a couple years ago made over $3.5 million dollars. This can be very deceiving as it is hard for most to make any amount of money. Since Beachbody is a MLM most people have made their decisions on MLM’s so it doesn’t matter if it is a good product or not. That is why we have taken the route of making our Beachbody website our own and making money off of Beachbody as well as just ads. So if we do leave Beachbody (Probably Never Will) we have our assets that we can take with us. Want a free website sign up under us as a Beachbody Member and coach to get one. Just CLICK HERE

How Much Does It Cost To Have A Beachbody Coach?

It does not cost anything extra to have a Beachbody Coach if you are a Beachbody Member. They are their for you to provide guidance throughout your fitness journey. If you want to be a coach yourself they will help with that matter as well. As long as your membership is active at TeamBeachbody.com you are all set.

Can Beachbody Coaches Track Your Workouts?

Beachbody Coaches cannot track your workouts unless you want them too. What we mean by that is you can download the My Challenge Tracker app that is usually used for challenge groups. So everybody’s workouts are recorded. But as far as Beachbody Coaches having access to your workouts they do not. Beachbody On Demand does have a lot of new features that include when you login the workouts you have done for the week along with lots of other information.

How To Find A Beachbody Coach ID#?

You can find your Beachbody Coach ID# by logging into teambeachbody.com.

  • Then click on coach in the header
  • It might make you re-login so do so
  • Then Click Coach Office in the sub header
  • It will show your Coach ID on the main page here


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