Are Ropeless Jump Ropes Effective?

If you have to be indoors you usually have to modify some workouts that you perform outside just like jump roping. Most people don't have the room to jump rope inside that is where the Ropeless or Cordless jump rope comes into play.

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So are ropeless jump ropes effective? 

Ropeless or cordless jumps are very effective especially the weighted ones. You can get a complete body workouts using the lightweight rope to tone and burn massive amounts of calories. Try for some high intensity interval reps so you can burn calories all day after your workout is complete. Try it for yourself just holding something like a couple water bottles to emulate the same affect. 

Ropeless jump ropes can get the job done anywhere below we go through some of the specific exercises and workout programs that use these. They are versatile and portable so you can bring anywhere most hotels have very stable and quiet floors when jumping if not make sure to be on the ground room floor.

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Cordless Jump Ropes Effectiveness

There are quite a few different brands coming out for cordless jump ropes that doesn't mean you should go out and buy the most expensive one. Start cheap to make sure you will start and stick with the workouts.

Jumping rope is one of the best total body workouts that will be sure to get you up into the calorie burning zone. Some cordless ropes come with digital addons like tracking your jumps along with approximate calorie burning. These are okay, but definitely not needed. If you have a fit bit, iwatch, or any other tracking device you can accomplish the same feat.

There are many options when it comes to using the Ropeless Jump Rope like using as a warm, in between sets and just a straight jump rope workout.

Different Ropeless Workouts

  • Warmup – you can use your jump rope for a nice warm up then do a little stretching before jumping into your main workout. This will give your heart that jumpstart it needs.
  • Cardio/Weight hybrid – so if you are like me I love to lift weights and cardio not so much. Depends on what kind of cardio of course and I actually do love using the Cordless Jump Ropes to mix in some cardio during my weight workouts. So instead of resting between sets I actually try to do about 100 jumps or for 2 minutes. This way if I cam doing a 10 set workout I get 1,000 jump ropes in at the same time. So for example do a set of Chest Press when complete jump up and do 100 cordless jump ropes. When you are done take 15-30 seconds to catch your breath before doing chest press again then repeat.
  • Cordless Jump Rope Workout – surprisingly you can get pretty creative with the cordless jump ropes. You can control your tempo quite a bit making high intensity interval a lot of fun. So you can do something like going fast 30 seconds followed by 60 seconds a bit slower. Or you can just do a total count of say 1,000 in a row or as many as you can get taking small breaks until you get to 1,000.

Most Effective Ropeless Jump Ropes

So we didn't want you to only take our word for it on if Cordless Jump Ropes are effective so we went out to actual program groups like Beachbody On Demand. They have at least 2 programs that I am aware of that include 80 Day Obsession with Autumn Calabrese and Muscle Burns Fat with Megan Davies. They are used a bit different in each program, but they are there to increase your results. Beachbody On Demand has a Free Trial you can check out HERE as well. We curated this information to see what is the best most effective ones on the market that will get the job done.

This info was all curated meaning the only thing changed was any spelling or grammar where needed.

Real Cordless Jump Rope Users

1. Crystal Martin “Yidada Brand” – Nice! I ordered this one on Amazon yesterday and it will be here tomorrow. It’s still in stock for anyone else looking YIDADA Weighted Jumpropes for Adults Fitness – Jump Rope Workout for Women,Weighted Jump Rope for Men,Weighted Jump Rope for Women,Exercise Ropes Training Ropes

2. Natalie “Pink Ones” – I got this one. Yes, because it’s pink. It had 176 reviews.

3. Adrienne “LinkIdea Brand” – I got this one coming Thursday 7/2, I ordered 6/27.

4. Angela Chatman “Keweis Brand” – I found one on amazon!

5. Jonathan “iRope Brand” – I ordered these yesterday. Should arrive today. Can't wait to use them for #mbf

6. Ewa “BEFANS Brand” – I've ordered one Sunday evening after trying a sample and it arrived tomorrow. I saw plenty different ones in stock then.

7. Erin “Ananko Brand” – Just ordered this one and it will be here Thursday

8. Sharon “Hongxin-Shop Brand” – I have ordered two different sets just in case there is a delay in shipping 🙈🙈 I have already tried mine so cool

9. Anglea “Keweis Brand ” – Love these ones I found on Amazon.

10. Kimberly “CyberDyer Brand” – ordered they work great



In short yes ropeless jump ropes are very affective and can be even more effective then regular jump ropes since they are weighted. Where they lack a bit is the eye-hand coordination you get from traditional jump ropes. But if you have always felt clumsy trying to jump rope give these a try. I was never good at jump roping so these are a great fit for me. If you want to do something pretty cool try both the traditional jump rope and the ropeless with a heart rate to see which one burns more in a minute I bet you will l be surprised.

With how cheap they are and how long they will last it is worth giving them a shot. After all most companies have a no hassle 30 day refund process.

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