Is Beachbody Low Carb?

Low dieting is nothing new been around for many years even though it has changed names with many different variations. Keto, Atkins, Anabolic, etc. Doesn't matter what you call it or what you follow keeping your carbs low is the goal. We have found

Can you do Beachbody and low carb?

Beachbody is very low carb friendly when it comes to following their workout programs. 2B Mindset can be adjusted to be low carb as well and with drinking 16 ounces before you eat a meal you will definitely feel very full doing low carb. Even using the portion control containers you can adjust those to be much lower carb as well simply by replacing the starch and carb containers with lean mean or healthy fats.

Beachbody doesn't focus specifically on low carb dieting, but they may in the future. This is why we went out and gathered responses from actual Beachbody Members to get their input on low carb and keto dieting while going through In the end just make sure you are keeping your calories under control especially when first starting out. If you are looking to do Keto with Beachbody we also go into more detail on that below. Low carb is absolutely doable with any Beachbody program I practice this as well with fasting and intermittent fasting. I find combining low carb/keto with fasting accelerates results and easier to get into ketosis.

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Beachbody Low Carb Diet

We didn't want you to only take our word for it on this matter so we went out and gathered information from real people doing low carb in Beachbody. We went out to different Facebook groups, websites, and sub reddits to get this information. It was all curated meaning nothing has been changed except any spelling or grammar where needed.

Real BOD Users

1. Jennifer “Love keto and Beachbody” – I follow ketogenic lifestyle + BOD programs. Lost weight and had major improvements in muscle tone. 21 DFX, 80 DO, Insanity are faves.

2. Berenice “Switched to keto after joining Beachbody” – I started with the containers and then switched to keto 2 months ago. Keto has changed my life forever.

3. Dana “Try healthy carb first” – 21DF has a nutrition program for best results. You will definitely want to eat the recommended amount of “healthy carbs” so you have the energy to give each workout your all. Cutting carbs is not recommended in any BB program – other than for very specific purpose like deplete week in 80 Day obsession

4. Vicki “Always do low carb” – I always do low carb.. I just finished 21df and lost 6 lbs… if I do eat carbs I do no grains mostly just sweet and white potato and if I do I make sure it’s early, never have carbs with dinner. Also maybe look into the shift shop nutrition! I love this! He does carb cycling and zero grains.

5. Kate “Keto Low Carb Great” – Yes, that's where I started back in February. Excellent results but only when I got serious and made the work out and the food prep part of my routine. If you can't prep food then carbs are too easy to grab on the go. You won't have success without it. It doesn't need to be difficult…pre-packed veggies, clementines, baby bell cheese, sliced deli meat wrapped in lettuce…there really are a lot of options. Try to think outside the box..not everything needs to be cooked. Good luck…it really will work. I've evolved since then and moved on the 21 DFX and then on to LIIFT 4 and I'm my second round of that and it's amazing. Routine, routine, routine….

6. Debra “Beachbody, low carb to benefit MS” – I have no carbs at all I cut out sugar and anything with yeast. My pasta are all veggies and I stick to it. On my cheat day I only have 2 drinks. But my meal is the same as I do when I’m on this. I changed my diet for my MS. It’s all fish which is great for you. No soy products no wheat products and I mix the recovery shake with almond milk. It tastes so much better. So since I did this for my Heath. It was a lot easier then I thought it would be. I have only been on this 2 weeks and I’m in my size 6. Which I started I was a solid size 10. I want to be at a 4. Then I will just maintain my weight on my diet. After the 8 week program is over I’m teach country line dancing so that will be my exercise. I'm going to try to do the country Dancing on this program. But I'm happy it really works for me as many of my friends can't do this due to their MS. So I'm blessed❤️

7. Jennifer “Keto & BB Lifestyle the best” – I follow ketogenic lifestyle + BOD programs. Lost weight and had major improvements in muscle tone. 21 DFX, 80 DO, Insanity are faves.
8. Cassie “Low Carb, IF and BB” – I do intermittent fasting. Since starting it and BOD I have lost almost 60 pounds. I don't use containers. I generally eat 2 meals and a couple snacks. I am mostly trying to make healthier food choices. IF really just works for us. And we are able to maintain it. I did IF all through 80 day obsession and workout in a fasting state, with no issues.

9. Agnieszka “Keto and BB fire” – I found that none of the B.B. meal plans worked for me so now I’m doing Keto with B.B. workouts lost 60lb since November and haven’t felt better overall in years

10. Vicki “Shift shop carb cycling” –I don’t know if you’ve done shift shop, his nutrition plan is my favorite! It’s basically carb cycling.. and also grain free.. recently added IF in the mix, awesome!


Over 60% of Beachbody Users that we reviews (162 responses) either are currently or have done keto/low carb. About 23% suggested trying the 21 day container portion control nutritional plan. Another 9% suggested trying 2B mindset which is a very simple diet plan.

Overall the consensus is in that Beachbody is low carb and keto friendly. The shorter workouts are probably going to be best on Keto like Transform :20 especially when first starting out. Then you can get up to the longer Insanity style workouts. The weight lifting ones like LIIFT4 and Body Beast will be great on low carb or Keto as well.


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