Does Muscle Milk Stunt Your Growth? (Other Muscle Milk Facts)

Muscle has been around for many years and in the main stream when it comes to protein drinks. There have been a lot of other protein powders that have come and gone while Muscle Milk has expanded into other areas like ready made drinks, low carb and you can find it everywhere from the local Dollar General to Walmart. With it being around are the many side affects? Well we will go over that discussion below.

But does Muscle Milk stunt your growth?

It is nearly impossible for any supplement to stunt your growth as the number one way you stop growing is from inadequate nutrition with the second just being genetics or illnesses. Muscle milk has great nutrition overall and can help aid in illnesses. You can think about muscle milk more like pediasure as they both have growth compounds in them.

Is muscle milk the best out there? Definitely not there are a lot of great overall shakes that have more nutrients in it for cheaper, but Muscle Milk has been out for the a long time so they have built a reliable brand for sure. Muscle milk is great for building muscle, but it does have some saturated fats in it that if you are looking to cut I would stay away from.

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Muscle Milk Side Affects

Muscle Milk Stunts Your Growth (Real Protein User Opinions)

So we didn't want you to only take our word for it on Muscle Milk so we went out and scoured the internet for others opinions that have either used Muscle Milk or are experts in the matter. We also asked on younger kids taking it as they shouldn't need too when they are younger and still growing anyway. So it is in our opinion probably a waste unless they are exercising twice a day for two a days practice or expending a huge amount of calories during cross country runs. Even so there are better supplements out there for them with more natural ingredients as well. This information was curated so nothing has been changed besides the spelling and grammar.

Real Muscle Milk Users

1. PerplexedRomeo “Switch between two” – I switch between Gold Standard ON Whey and Muscle Milk (both with milk) and I feel I prefer the ON just because the 1 scoop protein serving is higher (24g ON vs 16g in Muscle Milk). I think ON is preferred in this subreddit but try out different brands and flavors (you have to at least like the taste to an extent) and eventually you'll find your match.

2. LucyLifter “Make your own” – Muscle milk is okay. Check out truenutrition.com if you are interested in making your own protein mix.

3. Lentil5 “Try ON Protein” – Muscle Milk has lots of sugar. I like ON protein powder (double rich chocolate is best) mixed with rice milk or almond milk. I don't religiously take protein shakes but they're great for when I'm not hitting my protein target for the day. They aren't the devil, but watch out for the sugary ones and make sure it fits your macros.

4. TLinchen “Love muscle milk” – I love muscle milk chocolate. I've tried (and occasionally continue to try) other brands, but muscle milk chocolate powder tastes the best in my opinion. It does have a bit more fat than some other protein shakes, but I figure a big of healthy fat is fine, and getting protein is more important. Oddly enough, I lose weight and gain muscle quicker with muscle milk. It may just be that it helps combat soreness so I can continue going hard, or it may be because I don't have an otherwise high-protein diet and muscle milk is easy…For the record, I do cardio (usually HIIT, tabata, circuit course or the like) in the morning and lift in the evenings and I take protein after each. I'm 26 years old, 5'9″, 130 lbs and a size two.

5. RedYote “Only after heavy lifting” – I drink Muscle Milk after my heavy lifting workout mostly to get rid of the soreness the next day as well as give my body a protein boost after the workout. However, I only ever drink one, and only on the days I do weightlifting. So about twice a week. I also agree with Tara in that you should be looking for protein in natural foods rather than using supplements. I've just tried Muscle Milk vs. other protein after workouts and have noticed a decrease in soreness the next day. YMMV.

6. PerplexedRomeo “I switch back and forth” – I switch between Gold Standard ON Whey and Muscle Milk (both with milk) and I feel I prefer the ON just because the 1 scoop protein serving is higher (24g ON vs 16g in Muscle Milk). I think ON is preferred in this subreddit but try out different brands and flavors (you have to at least like the taste to an extent) and eventually you'll find your match.

7. CrankyFlamingo “Tastes Good” – Tastes really good, but you get relatively little protein per serve, and the rest of the calories that aren't protein is junk. A whey isolate such as this: http://www.amazon.com/Optimum-Nutrition-Standard-Double-Chocolate is almost all protein (better value for money and better on your digestion)

8. MIdnightSlinks “Waste of money” – I would argue that it's more of a waste of money than bad (although it could be bad–looks like there are some heavy metals in it per /u/BeerMeBlue's comment). For the same price you can get way more normal chocolate milk, which has been shown to be a great recovery drink. You could also buy way more protein powder to mix with said cheap milk. Post-workout you could do 1-2 scoops of a whey/casein blend with a big glass of 2% milk.I would encourage you to get most of your nutrients from real food though. I know some swimmers have a hard time eating enough calories and that's where a protein shake could come in, but it should just a supplement–not a major part of your diet.

9. TonyGla “Not really needed”- It's not that it is bad for you, just unnecessary and a waste of money. At most you require about 110g of protein per day (and that is pushing it) at your current weight and by how much your training. You can easily get this by eating a complete diet. eg small can of tuna has nearly 30g. 250ml of milk (what you typically pour over your cereal in the morning) has about 10 grams. eat 4-5 times a day. have smaller meals with your protein intake spread throughout the day (ie have protein in each meal and snack)

Best thing post training (long aerobic sessions) is some flavored milk..maybe round 600ml. Best combo of carbohydrates and protein. great for recovery.

10. BantamBasher135 “Not a good choice” – That being said, muscle milk is not a good choice for anyone, simply because of the fat content, if nothing else. You should look for any basic whey product, if you really need to supplement protein. Some popular ones are Gold Standard by Optimum Nutrition, the Gaspari Myofusion series, and Dymatize Elite, to name a few.


I was surprised a bit by the overwhelming negative responses related to Muscle Milk. We have personally never had anything negative to really say about it besides the price. Which over 33% of people we saw responses on (192 total responses) brought up was the price. So when it comes to price there is many other protein shakes out there that are of higher quality and cheaper.

Muscle milk isn't all bad and most of the time it is easily accessible even at gas stations. So if you need a quick recovery drink go for it won't hurt ya especially right after a workout. If it is longer after a workout I would look for some casein based protein instead of whey which is much slower absorbing. Muscle Milk does have both it is just if it isn't immediately after a workout it is a lot of sugar and mostly whey protein that you would be taking in.

Related Muscle Milk Questions

Can Muscle Milk Help You Grow Taller?

In a sense yes it can help you grow taller just not taller then you are genetically supposed to be. So it can help you grow taller quicker and reach your body's full potential. It just won't take a full grown older person and make them taller nothing will for that matter.

Does Muscle Milk Make You Go To The Bathroom?

Muscle milk like other whey based protein shakes can make you go to the bathroom more. This can be a common side effect that will get better as your body gets used to it. Or it could be that you have a whey/lactose allergy and it will do that as long as you are taking it.

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