Cardio 7 Days A Week

It could be because it is getting closer to summer, maybe New Year's Resolution or just looking to push the limits. You do have to be careful an listen to your body anytime you are working out once you start adding in consecutive days it only gets that much more important.

Can I Do Cardio 7 Days A Week?

Cardio can performed 7 days a week and will have major benefits. If you are going to be doing cardio everyday make sure to keep to around 30 minutes more is not always better. Switch it up as well the same workout everyday like riding on the treadmill can cause bad side affects to your joints. Maybe add in a weighted cardio workout or rowing machine as well to alternate with some upper body exhaustion as well. 

You are sure to burn max calories if you get all bodyparts involved and you will feel it more as well. That is why most people dislike burpees because you are getting all your upper and lower body muscle groups involved causing your body to need more oxygen in a hurry.

Start off by going outside and simple going for a walk. Or you can keep it indoors as well with some of the best cardio equipment on the market shipped to your door in as little as 2 days just CLICK HERE to see the list of cardio equipment.


Now Should We Do Cardio 7 Days A Week?

Definitely get with your doctor first as long as you are pushing it to failure everyday and doing different kinds of cardio you shouldn't have too many issues working out 7 days a week. Keep the workouts short around 20-30 minutes in the beginning before increasing.

If you start getting extra sore maybe with shin splints start doing non impact like an elliptical or doing a total body weighted cardio workout. Don't be afraid to take a day off or two to fully recovery every once in a while. Your body may plateau and that can be a way to bust through that wall.

Benefits Of Working Out 7 Days A Week

There are numerous benefits some of those are listed below and we will go through others from actual fitness fanatics that workout 7 days a week about the pros and cons.

  • Increased energy – working out especially when you don't train to failure can provide hours of energy that is much better than reaching for that cup of coffee. So even on your lunch break get out and go for a walk.
  • Increased Weight Loss – 30 minutes a day may not seem like much but when you go from couch potato to moving around your metabolism will get revved up just make sure to watch your calorie intake as well.
  • Increased Muscle – cardio even though it isn't known for it will add muscle to your body. You can increase that overall with doing weighted cardio workouts as well.
  • Increased toning – with pushing your body and muscles that will get more ripped as they repair themselves.

Cardio Everyday According To Actual People

We didn't want you to only take our word for it on this matter so we went out and scoured the internet. We came back with some great information from people that actually workout 7 days a week or at least have in the past. We went through over 100 responses and narrowed it down to these below. This information was curated from different forums, websites and sub reddits meaning nothing has been changed except any spelling or grammar where needed.

Real Opinions

1. RealRook “Mix it up” – Will you be able to sustain this level of activity longterm? THINK LONGTERM. But doing cardio every day is fine if its not too hard. Morning run + evening strength training works fine for me.

2. Doublsh0t “Go for it” – I do 1.5 – 2hrs of medium intensity cardio every day, for the past 40 days, seeing great results. Play intense racquetball 2x a week and still do the cardio on top. So yeah, go for it.

3. Like_it_or_love_it “You'll burn out” – I Think that's going too hard, you'll burn out fast and life will get in the way. Try and set up something challenging that you can sustain and turn into a habit. For me (office worker) biking to work a few days of the week + an intense 45 min lift 5 days a week over lunch is perfect. If I try and hit it much harder than that I burn out, the weekend really helps get me restored and I actually look forward to my workouts.

4. WiseGene “In the short term yes” – You might be able to keep it up for 2-4 weeks. I once trained every day (mix of lifting and cardio) for three weeks, and found my performance was falling, so I stopped.

5. Shawarma_Law “Keep sessions short” – I mean it'll depend on how long each session is for one thing. If you're doing 2 hours a day, I feel like you'd burn out. Why not try once a day, 7 days a week, for a week or two and see how you feel before going to twice? During the initial period, don't decide after 3 days “hey it's not hard, let me just do it 2x/day”, because I think you'd want a benchmark about how you're actually adjusting to the 1x/day after a little while, rather than realizing you're burned out on 2x/day and getting discouraged.

6. Ms_Sunshine_Showers “Hunger may be a problem” – I find it really hard to cut weight with lots of cardio because it makes me so much hungrier than strength training. I recently tossed on 4-6 sessions a week of low intensity cardio and I am so damn hungry that I am struggling not to eat all the calories that I am burning.

7. JeanLucGhost “Two a days fine even” – I have run twice a day before and gone to the gym for weights and some intervals but the two runs were very easy with my dogs, pretty short…like 20 or 30 minutes, a fair amount of stopping. It was fine but you can’t go all out. You could run in the morning and take a walk in the evening for instance. I will say that my cardio endurance improved more from running slower for longer rather than 2 shorter runs, that were still easy.

8. Idrinktoomanykcups “Depends on intensity” – 7 days a week might be a bit much IMO. Yeah, it may be sustainable depending on your intensity, but I dont think its worth it. Focus on your diet for weight loss by maintaining a calorie deficit. I think its okay to use cardio as a tool to break through plateus or help shed those last stubborn lbs on a cut, but, dont rely on it for weight loss. Control your diet for weight loss. Use resistance training to gain muscle and strength. Use cardio to improve your cardiovascular heath.

9. Headturn3r “5-6 days enough” – short answer no. 5-6 days a week with ATLEAST 1 full rest day, you need time to recover. I do weights 6 x a week PPL program and then 30-40mins cardio in the mornings 3 x a week for weight loss.


86% of the 100 responses stated that doing cardio everyday is fine as long as you keep the intensity and duration low to around 30-60 minutes. 4% said you will get burnout and another 4% stated your hunger will be unbearable and counteract the results you seek.

Is Cardio Necessary Once A Week?

Cardio is not necessary at all if you are lifting weights and dieting correctly you will get to where you want to be. Really dig into your macros when you get down into the low teen bodyfat percentage. If you want to you can add in a full body circuit training workout to burn some extra calories or a weighted cardio workout.


Yes you can workout 7 days a week and have massive great results. Just keep the intensity down, switch up your workouts and add in some weight training if possible. Even some circuit training would be great and burn a great amount of calories. Try to keep it between 30-60 minutes max unless you are doing very low intensity workouts like walking or else your appetite could become uncontrollable.


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