21 Day Fix FAQ (All Your Questions Answered)

It can be tough when using the 21 Day Fix containers on the fly and wanting to know what the food you want counts as. We hope we have answered all those questions.

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What Does Yogurt Count As On 21 Day Fix?

Yogurt counts as a Red Container which is around 3/4 cup so you can get a good amount into it as well. Red is for protein meaning your options are limitless with chicken, pork, beef, etc. If you are vegan you can supplement things like tofu and tempeh or vegan Shakeology.

What Does Wine Count As On 21 Day Fix?

Wine counts as the yellow container which is about 1/2 cup or 5 ounces of wine. Try not to drink anymore than this. If you do go over don't worry just get back on track the next day.

What Does Honey Count As On The 21 Day Fix?

Honey counts as an approved sweetener for 21 day fix system. That means you can have up to 4 tablespoons of honey a day which is great to fill that sweet tooth. Other approved sweeteners include stevia, sugar, maple syrup, and molasses. Our personal go to are local honey and our homemade maple syrup.

What Does Shakeology Count As On 21 Day Fix?

Shakeology counts as red container since it is mainly protein. Shakeology is a great way to get your protein in if you are a vegan especially with the vegan friendly chocolate being one of our favorites.

What Does Spaghetti Squash Count As On 21 Day Fix?

Spaghetti Squash counts as the green containers. There are many 21 day fix approved recipes that contain or can be substituted with spaghetti squash. Green is used for any vegetable including lettuce, carrots, bell peppers, spinach and onions. Green also is a full cup so this should help you get filled up.

What Does Salsa Count As On 21 Day Fix?

Salsa counts as purple in the 21 Day Fix nutritional plan. If you make your own with low sugar you could even count it toward your green with vegetables. Although tomatoes are considered mainly to go with purple container.

What Does Sushi Count As On 21 Day Fix?

Sushi is one of those foods that will fit into multiple containers including 1 yellow, 1 red and 1 green. So if you love sushi then there is definitely a place for it in the 21 Day fix nutritional plan. We personally go for California and crab rolls quite a bit.

What Does Sour Cream Count As On 21 Day Fix?

Sour cream actually isn't included in the approved foods list for 21 Day fix. However, if you go with light sour cream or a greek plain yogurt you will be just fine. That would put it into the red container which is great.

What Does Soup Count As On 21 Day Fix?

Soup would highly depend on what it entails something like chicken broth would count as 1/2 a red for every 2 cups. Same goes for chicken noodle would count as one full red container for every 2 cups.

What Does String Cheese Count As On 21 Day Fix?

String cheese counts as the blue container for 21 Dix Ultimate Portion fix. The blue container happens to be 1/3 cup so stick with the one cheese stick a day. If you hit a plateau this may be something you want to drop first to try and break through it.

What Does Tomato Sauce Count As On 21 Day Fix?

Tomato sauce is counted as a purple unfortunately. The reason it isn't counted as a green is because of the amount of carbs versus fiber mainly. Tomato and Ketchup are just not that healthy when it comes to vegetables stick to green as much as possible.

What Does Tomato Soup Count As On 21 Day Fix?

Tomato soup all listed on the green list for being a tomato would actually fall into the purple container. All tomato sauces and salsas along with tomato soups fall into the purple container category. If you use milk that will add calories and take away from your red container as well so stick with water if you can.

What Does Recover Count As On 21 Day Fix?

Fixate and ultimate portion control meal system does have what they call freebies that don't count toward your containers and guess what recovery is one of them. One of the reasons for this is because you have recovery right after your workout so the calories are used right up as well.

What Does Pb2 Count As On 21 Day Fix?

PB2 unfortunately they count just like Peanut Butter so it goes with the orange container. I would either look to use regular peanut butter in your shake since it is much more satisfying or use a bit more PB2. Whatever works for you, but there are options.

What Does Popcorn Count As On 21 Day Fix?

Popcorn counts as one yellow container toward your day on ultimate portion control 21 day fix system. Make sure you try to get a bit healthy popcorn like a smart pop and nothing with added butter. One way around getting the extra butter flavor without added calories and fat is to get the butter seasoning that is located next to the butter.

What Does Pizza Count As On 21 Day Fix?

Well surprising you can have pizza, but it can only be a quarter of a 12 inch pizza and it has to be all cheese. This would count as 2 yellow containers and 1 blue. You can go with a veggie style pizza that is made out of cauliflower and cheese then you can count toward your blue and green.

What Does Pesto Count As On 21 Day Fix?

Pesto is a great addition to the 21 Day fix container system and only counts as a green container for every 1/4 cup. So get your pesto recipes going and have fun with it.

What Does Mayo Count As On 21 Day Fix?

May does not count toward anything on the 21 Day fix container system because it technically is not allowed. If you are going to have mayo at least go with the light and count toward red container. I would be more inclined to try to go with something like a plain greek yogurt which we use to replace mayo and sour cream.

What Does Maple Syrup Count As On 21 Day Fix?

Maple syrups is approved for a sweetener in the 21 day fix system. Up to 4 tablespoons is what you should go with and it counts towards the sweet. Other approved sweeteners include stevia, sugar, honey, and molasses. Our personal go to are local honey and our homemade maple syrup.

What Does Milk Count As On 21 Day Fix?

Milk counts toward yellow so make sure you don't have too much milk. Most all milk like coconut and almond count toward the same thing. You should try to stay away from overindulging in dairy if you can.

What Does Coconut Milk Count As On The 21 Day Fix?

Coconut milk counts as a yellow for 21 day fix portion containers so try not to have too much of it actually. Probably have it a few times a week mostly after your workouts for the day.

What Does Larabar Count As On 21 Day Fix

Larabars are great and yes you can have them in 21 Day fix portion control containers. These count as 1/2 purple and 1/2 yellow so don't over do it on these and try to fill up on the green vegetables where possible.

What Does Ketchup Count As On 21 Day Fix?

Ketchup counts as a sweet so try not to lose too much and you can get away with it counting toward a purple if you go with the no sugar added version.

What Does Kombucha Count As On 21 Day Fix?

Kombucha counts toward the yellow containers in the 21 day container system. Kombucha is a great beverage if you have the tea with no calories then you don't have to count it at all so maybe give that a try.

What Does Orange Juice Count As On 21 Day Fix?

Orange juice will count toward 1 purple container at 8 ounces. It is suggested to only drink orange juice a few times a week however. I would be more inclined to get into juicing and making some great veggie and fruit smoothies. Even getting some frozen vegetables and fruit going with a blender can taste very good.

What Does Iceberg Lettuce Count As On 21 Day Fix?

Iceberg lettuce counts toward the green container, but you should definitely mix this up with romaine if you can. Chicken salad with iceberg lettuce is great though so add something to it to get some nutritional value.

What Does Ice Cream Count As On 21 Day Fix?

Ice cream does not count as anything on 21 Day fix since it is not allowed. However if you need to indulge either go with a homemade ice cream which is easy to make healthy in your own ice cream maker which are relatively cheap. Or go with something like Halo brand or low carb ice cream.

What Does Hummus Count As On 21 Day Fix?

Hummus counts toward a yellow container make sure you just measure 1/4 cup if you don't want to use your containers. Get some low calorie crackers to go with this and it is the perfect snack.

What Does Greek Yogurt Count As On 21 Day Fix?

Greek yogurt is the best way to go with higher protein and lower carb. Go plain if you can and it would count toward your red containers at 1 1/2 cups.

What Does Granola Count As On 21 Day Fix?

A granola bar counts as a yellow on 21 day fix. I wouldn't eat too many of these on a weekly basis keeping to maybe 3 times a week. Other than that try to stick with more whole foods.

What Does Edamame Count As On 21 Day Fix?

Edamame counts as a yellow container for every 1/2 cup.

What Does Dark Chocolate Count As On 21 Day Fix?

Dark chocolate counts as 1 yellow for ever 1 1/2 inch by 1 1/2 inch square. So not much I would make sure to have after your meal to make it more satisfying then just having a snack.

What Does Coffee Count As On 21 Day Fix?

Coffee is calorie free meaning it is free drink on 21 day fix. That is until you add in the creamer which will go toward your daily allotment for sweeteners or yellow for your cheats. Try to keep the sweetener down maybe going with stevia or something with less calories.

What Does Chili Count As On 21 Day Fix?

Chili counts 2/3 of a yellow container for every serving. This will of course depend on what you add to the chili cheese will be more of that yellow where turkey may help take it down a notch.

What Does Cheese Count As On 21 Day Fix?

Cheese goes toward your red container try to use a lighter cheese like a mozzarella or shredded as well is much lighter than eating block. Block cheese is healthier, but you tend to overeat more since it is more condensed. So it can be very calorie dense and you don't want that.

What Does Coffee Creamer Count As On 21 Day Fix?

Coffee creamer counts as yellow so only use a tablespoon or so and maybe go with 1-2% milk and a stevia sweetener to keep the calories down.

What Does Cocoa Powder Count As On 21 Day Fix

Cocoa powder and PB2 powder so great in Shakeology, but both will count toward your yellows. Just use a bit more of a serving if you want to make it much tastier.

What Does Corn Count As On 21 Day Fix?

Corn is listed as a yellow so use toward that. Corn on the cob is best especially right at the farm stand. If not go for frozen and lastly go for canned. Either way don't over indulge since there isn't much nutritional value to corn, but we love sweet corn the most that is for sure.

What Does Cream Cheese Count As On 21 Day Fix?

Cream cheese counts toward the blue container which is a healthy fat. You can go with lower fat we like the 1/2 fat cream cheese and tastes just as good. We use it on our bagels and to make some good dips. The alternatives are to use greek or plain yogurt as well don't knock it until you give it a try.

What Does Cottage Cheese Count As On 21 Day Fix

Cottage cheese is actually very good for you and for the 21 day fix counts as a protein so it goes toward your red container.

What Does Butter Count As On 21 Day Fix?

Yes butter all good if natural and organic and will count as one of your teaspoons. You can use alternatives like some zero calorie spray butter but I don't like the taste of that.


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