Sledgehammer Tire Substitute (Quiet Alternatives)

Sledgehammer training is an amazing workout for the entire body not just the arms and core. All you need is to go to your local hardware store to grab a sledgehammer I would go with 12-14 lbs and then your local dump or a place like Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist to get a free tire. We usually do this movement naturally on the farm I live on either by pounding fence posts with a 14lb fence maul or chopping wood with a 12 lb go devil and axe.


Sledgehammer tire alternatives

So what are some sledgehammer tire alternatives? 

There are many sledgehammer tire alternatives below are just some and we will add to the list as we come up with more:

  • Orange Construction Snow Fence – roll up an pound away 
  • Rolled up old rug 
  • Horse stall or gym workout mats rolled up 
  • Mat over a medicine ball 
  • Cut wood with axe
  • Medicine ball slams 
  • Tile rugs or rubber mat cut up into tiles
  • Cardboard box stacked with old newspapers

You can use your imagination or you can read below to what others on forums, internet and sub reddits are saying to use for alternatives. Whatever best mimics this movement along with being applicable to your living situation will do. Maybe you can even make money off this movement for something like chopping wood people pay pretty well for doing so or you can at least get some free fire wood out of it.

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Sledgehammer Alternative Training Equipment

We didn't want you to take only our word for it on sledgehammer alternatives so we scoured the internet for crossfitters, weightlifters, bodybuilders and all the above to get their opinions and experiences on this matter. This information was curated so nothing has been changed besides any grammar or spelling where needed.

Real Sledgehammer Fanatics

1. Mikelieman “Split some wood” – Go find someone who needs wood split for the winter…

2. TheGhostOfBillMarch “Visit ross training for great alternatives” – He has a vertical tire version and no sledge hammer version called homemade tornado ball.


3. Rantifarian “Fine Sand” – sand, fine grained is best. Not fine enough beat it until it is.

4. Inibrius “Wrap towels around sledge to quiet it” – Check Craigslist for crappy free used car tires. If you can find one with a rim, great, put it hubcap side down, it'll weigh it down and keep it from bouncing too much (which is the big reason for the giant tire in the first place). Otherwise wrap a couple of towels around the hammer head (again to muffle the bounce from the hammer), lay a decent size piece of wood in the grass and hit that.

5. MarkyBhoy101 “Use a log” – I use a log that I hold in place with a couple of bricks each side. You'll have to get a replacement every now and again because it'll get smashed up and it makes more noise.

6. Lobstermagnet “Old heavy bag” – Get an old heavy bag, take some sand (or whatever) out of it, and wrap some rubber matting (like you'd use for a the floor at the gym) around the outside of it like a taco. You can just ‘loop' the rubber mat around it with holes in each corner of the mat and some rope to keep it rolled up. Also, you could go to your local heavy equiptment shop and see if they will sell you an old tire on the cheap.

7. MannyMan2817 “Free tires everywhere” – You can usually pick up tires for free just check around. But honestly just swing at some packed down dirt or grass, just might have to unstick it once in awhile

8. Xythian “Just get a tire if have space” – If you have the space for a DIY solution, then you should really just get a tire. Used tires can be had for free in most places by calling junkyards, tire yards, looking on craigslist, etc. Most people will gladly give you the tire if you haul it away for them. You don't need a giant tractor tire to hit with a hammer either, a normal truck tire will do just fine.

Otherwise, a sand pit seems like a pretty cost effective solution.

9. Ranky1234 “Punching Bag” – You can use a punching bag or rolled up rubber stall mat. I have a 4×6 mat rolled in my garage and it is about 2 feet high and weighs about 100 lbs so it isn't really going anywhere

10. Guyonthissite “Concrete” – Concrete. It's everywhere, streets, sidewalks, buildings…. And much more satisfying than hitting a tire.

11. LiquidCloud9 “Tee, baseballs and a bat” – Buy a tee, some baseballs, and a wooden bat. Way more fun than slamming a tire.

12. DanelawGCP “Rototill the garden with a sledgehammer” – I just smash a patch of garden to smithereens, and occasionally fill it back in.
If you really want to suffer, try and stop it before it hits the ground.

13. KimSte2 “Rogue Ballistic Block” – I have the Rogue ballistic block for about two years and you can use that for tire swings. I bought a 16 lb hammer and have been using that since I got with no problems.

14. Keoking “Heavy Bag” – A punching / heavy bag that you can hang would be ideal, assuming you could find one durable enough to take the abuse of a sledge hammer. Hitting it while hanging wouldn't be terribly tough on the bag, but the ground work would probably split any standard heavy bag.

15. Laggyunderpants “Half stall mat” – Buy one of the half size stall mats from Tractor Supply for $20. Cut it squares and bolt/screw/glue them together. = Rubber target


The heavy bag alternative is a favorite and this would be a lot quieter than a tire. This was a heavy favorite as well coming in at 23% overall. You could find a beat up free one on Facebook Marketplace I am sure or craigslist then just use duck tape to fix it up for the sledgehammer.



Rubber Block For Sledgehammer Workout

Rogue Ballistic Block is available weighing in at 70lbs and we have heard many users have done the sledgehammer workout on this for many years and it will take the beating and can be used for other means as well. So it is a very versatile block to use as an alternative to a tire.

Sledgehammer Workout Everyday

There have been some viral videos and workouts going around just like the situps, pullups and jump rope challenges. It is not okay to do the Sledgehammer workout everyday as your boy takes a beating and will need to rest and recoup. We do split wood quite a bit everyday when it is Sap Season (Maple Syrup) and it does mess with your joints and doesn't allow your body to recover. We will definitely be looking into a wood splitter in the future to help keep up.

Related Questions

How Heavy Should My Sledgehammer Be?

A sledgehammer should be at least 12lbs if you are going to use for different activities like pounding posts and also for working out. If you are just going to use for fence pounds we would suggest at least a 14lb fence maul. If just for exercise and have never done before go with a 10lb then you can always upgrade heavier as you get stronger. Used sledgehammers can be very cheap so check out your local ads and Facebook Marketplace.

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