Cutting Weight without Cardio

I can understand that high intensity cardio workouts are not for everyone. You might have physical issues or maybe you just don’t feel like doing it. But you have to keep in shape to look your best and most importantly to live your best. So, you might be asking yourself, can I cut weight without cardio?

Cutting weight without cardio is big-time feasible. Low-intensity indoor workouts such as resistance training and yoga help to improve metabolism and lose weight. Moreover, outdoor activities, namely- hiking, rock climbing, even cooking outside can help to lose weight. Following a regular healthy diet plan is also a good way to lose weight.

According to your preferences and needs, your decision to choose from all of these non-cardio fat loss methods can vary. What works for others might not work well for you. So, to help you decide your ideal workout plan, this article incorporates all the necessary information relevant to non-cardio exercises.

What are Some Outdoor Activities to Replace Cardio with?

Outdoors are not only there to offer the very best views for your spiritual uplifting. Outdoors can also help you lose weight without you needing to do any cardio. Have a look below to know what outdoor activities to choose to replace cardio with-

Rock Climbing

Rock climbing is the adventurous yet effective activity that is both fun and helps you lose weight super-fast.

Hey, wait! Don't get startled about rock climbing. I am not suggesting you climb natural rock formations. Because not everyone is professional rock climbers or Spiderman to do so safely. Keeping your safety in mind, you are suggested to climb artificial rock walls at any Boulder Park in your locality.

Rock climbing helps to burn fat and even tone your physique. How does it do so, you ask? Well, when you keep on climbing to make it to the top of the artificial rock wall, it increases your heart rate. And increased heart rate helps to burn the stubborn stomach and body fat faster.

The more you try to reach the top of the artificial rock wall the more your increased heart rate works as a catalyst for your body to use your fat to restore energy and burn fat.

Rock climbing can even tone your physique as rock climbing requires the use of every body part- be it your arms muscles, abs, and legs. So, if you regularly climb rocks your flabby arms, legs, and abs are bound to lose fat and become even-toned.

The best part of rock climbing outdoor activity is it is motivating, unlike cardio exercises. Most of the time, cardio exercises do not fuel your body with thrill and motivation to continue working on your weight loss. Because most of the cardio exercises are so insanely intense that you can feel drained easily which comes in the way of motivation to lose weight.

When you rock climb you almost can imagine yourself as a superhero climbing a mountain. That very thought or imagination fuels you with thrill and motivation to keep on climbing. Gradually this helps you to lose some weight.


Have you ever considered hiking to cut weight without cardio? No? Then it's time you give this outdoor activity a thought, especially if you are a nature-oriented soul who despises heavy workouts at a confined place.

When you hike on uneven terrains and trails the steep paths require you to put some extra effort to balance your steps and body. The extra efforts you put in require much of your energy and thus you burn calories.

If you carry a heavy backpack while hiking the weight of the backpack also causes you to burn fat and calories. Certainly, hiking will not bring about your even-toned physique faster but if you continue it you can see visible results in your arms, abs, and legs.

The scenic views hiking offers should be your motivation to continue hiking and with time you would see you have lost some of your weight without intense workouts.

Grilling Outside

I know to grill outside sounds like a smirk-worthy outdoor activity suggestion pertinent to weight loss. But it is a myth-busting fact that if you grill your meal outside, your food choices keep getting healthier. And when your food intakes are healthier your body stops building or storing fat and blood sugar spikes that resist weight loss.

Grilling outside leads you to look past processed foods with heavy sugar and preservatives. When you start eating healthy your body will stay healthy to fight the belly and body fat. Even if you do not have much time to grill outside every day, make sure to make this a semi-weekly activity of your weight loss journey along with other indoor or outdoor low-intensity workouts.

You should choose your outdoor activities according to your preferences. If you follow weight loss worthy outdoor activities regularly then you would drop your worry “Is it bad to do no cardio?” Because you would notice that you are losing weight with fun outdoor activities without doing any intense cardio exercises.

What Indoor Exercises to Do to Lose Weight without Cardio?

If you were wondering “Can I lose stomach fat without cardio?” then I here to say that you surely can. There are plenty of exercises that require no cardio yet can help you lose fat.

Whether you have a fancy gym membership or not if you seek low-intensity indoor workouts that would keep you away from all the cardio nightmares then why don't you consider doing these activities listed below-

Strength Training

Strength or resistance training is an effective indoor activity to burn some calories. To name some exercises strength training incorporates are- weight lifting, resistance band workouts, and planks.

Weight lifting like dumbbells rows or pushups help to increase resting metabolism. And increased resting metabolism is one of the keys to burning calories. The more increased your resting metabolism is the more you burn calories when you rest. Gradually that helps to cut some weight.

Resistance bands facilitate your focus and control over your resistance band workouts namely- overhead press, lateral raise, and bicep curls. With more focus, you stay motivated to continue your weight loss journey. Such workouts can increase your heart rate- though not as intensely as cardio does. And increased heart rate helps you burn fat and lose weight.

You can just hit the gym or follow some YouTube instructions at home to do this low-intensity training regularly to lose weight.


Yoga does not only develop and uplift your spirituality it also helps to burn calories to lose weight and it is not an exaggerated saying. If you do not have much spare time to hit the gym and for hiking or rock climbing then yoga should be your best pal to help you lose weight.

Depending on your body type you can choose power yoga or beginner-friendly yoga to lose weight. Yoga reduces stress and improves metabolism which helps to burn calories. You should consider doing yoga regularly at home if you really want to lose weight without heavy cardio workouts.

What Diet Can Help You Lose Weight Without Cardio?

Workouts are not the only ways to achieve your fit and active body. Your food intakes also play a role in cutting weight. Consider following any of the diet listed below to lose weight without any workout

Can you get to 10% body fat without cardio? The answer is- yes you can. And intermittent fasting can help you achieve that.

Intermittent fasting includes regular to minimal food consumption and fasting. Intermittent fasting can be of many types but I would suggest you to choose the “eat stop eat” pattern.

The “eat stop eat” pattern of intermittent fasting requires you to consume a regular amount of food five days a week. And during the remaining two days of the week, you should fast. The five days you eat would help you in providing you the energy, minerals, and vitamins you need to stay healthy. And the fasting would help you to use your fat to store energy and burn the fat.

  • Keto Diet

The Keto diet requires you to consume low carbohydrate and high protein foods. This diet helps to deplete glucose and use up most of your body fat as an energy source. Therefore, you get to burn fat to lose weight.

If you plan to incorporate a Keto diet instead of cardio in your weight loss journey then consult a nutritionist. Your nutritionist can guide you better to chalk out your Keto diet plan. The Keto diet is more effective than cardio to help you cut weight.

Why Cardio is Bad for Weight Loss?

The short answer is because it is a high-intensity workout. The problem with a high-intensity workout is that it adds up your stress hormones. And stress leads to fat retention often. So, if you are a beginner or impatient then fat retention can drop your level of motivation to continue your weight loss journey.

One problem with Cardio is that it does not necessarily fix your sour mood- be it depression, anxiety or stress. And your sour mood, most of the time if not always work against your efforts you put into your cardio sessions to lose weight.

Often you would notice that there is not much of a significant change, and by chance, if you lose some weight your sour mood will again make you put on some weights. But with an outdoor activity that is not the case as it cures depression or anxiety. Because the outdoor activity is fun, thrilling, adventurous so it reduces depression and anxiety.

So, is cardio a waste of time? Well, the answer is no. Each individual is different. And what works and does not work can vary from person to person. And if you don’t think you have what it takes to take on such a high demanding workout then don’t do it. It will do more harm than good.


As the answer to the burning question “Can I Cut Weight without Cardio?” is yes. From low intensity exercises like to planned diet plans, there are plenty of other ways to lose weight without doing cardio. Some of which I’ve mentioned and explained in this article.

I hope this article was helpful in answering your queries. Thanks for reading. And best of luck on your journey to lose some weight.


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