Does Shakeology Have Green Tea Extract?

Shakeology is a whole nutrition supplement that can be used to replace an entire meal. And lets be honest it should for the price, but it does get the job done and tastes great. One of the best things about Shakeology is the many flavors everything from Chocolate to Peppermint Mocha and yes even Pumpkin Spice. On top of that it comes in the regular whey version and Plant-Based Vegan. There are a lot of questions as to what Shakeology actually contains including Green Tea Extract which is why we wrote this article.


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So does Shakeology have Green Tea Extract?

Yes it does have Green Tea Extract. It just isn't the Green Tea you are probably thinking of with caffeine in it like a regular Green Tea drink. It is a whole leaf matcha green tea along with an extract that is used in every Shakeology bag you receive. It does have a small amount of caffeine, but nothing you are going to feel like in a cup of coffee. 


What Is Matcha Green Tea?

Matcha does come from the same plant called Camellia Sinensis like green tea. It is taken from the young plants leaves and grinding them into a powder. This powder is then mixed and dissolved into hot water. This is where the texture differs from green tea as regular green tea bags you are basically boiling spinach like leaves.

The benefits of matcha comes from its antioxidants that are called catechins. The catechin it mainly consists of is EGCG which there have been studies that state it actually has cancer fighting effects on the body. Other health benefits include preventing heart disease, diabetes, and weight loss. There hasn't been any clinical studies these are just based on large amounts of population studies.

What Is Green Tea?

Green tea like matcha is made from the Camellia Sinensis leaves. It originated in China, but most all Eastern Asia companies produce it these days. Based on where and how you get it will differ on the product and the actual health benefits. Different companies process it differently so if you can always start with an organic version of the product. Do your diligence on the company who produces it and also read lots of reviews. If you don't have a local whole foods store you can look at getting Green Tea on places like Amazon and Walmart that have reviews that show you what real people are saying about it.

The benefits are similar to matcha where it may help with cancer fighting agents, cardiovascular disease, glycemic control, inflammation, and weight loss.

What Are The Differences Between Macha and Green Tea?

Outside of Matcha and Green Tea being derived from the same plant they do have a lot of differences. Green tea comes in the form of a teabag in a spinach leaf kind of substance where matcha is in powder form. With matcha being ground up it is much more potent then Green tea so you will need a lesser amount. They do share most of the same health benefits only that Matcha is over 10 times more nutritional and beneficial in these areas. Matcha has a whopping 137 times more antioxidants in it then Green Tea alone.


Yes Shakeology has Green Tea and Matcha which are both beneficial to the body. However, there isn't enough in it to really feel the caffeine affect which is fine. If you want caffeine you can have a coffee or Energize or even another tea. My new favorite tea is Green Tea Kombucha, but you may like a Black Tea or any other one. If you can try to start out with Tea and wait as long as you can on Coffee. Take Shakeology for a 30 day spin and see if you like the results. Be careful when you first start as it can get those bowel movements moving so I started by taking later at night and going from there.



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