51+ Unforgettable & Fun 10th Birthday Party Ideas

As your child is about to enter their 10th year of life, you know they are getting one step closer to becoming an adult. A big milestone! And with that comes the desire for a memorable celebration. One that will create memories and make them feel on top of the world! Below are 51+ unforgettable 10th birthday ideas. Whether you want to throw a small intimate party or have a big bash with all their friends, these creative celebrations will be sure to please any little person celebrating turning ten years old!

Your child is celebrating their 10th birthday, which is a significant milestone! That implies you'll need to devise an amazing method to commemorate the occasion. There are several exciting and memorable methods to celebrate your child's tenth birthday. With these amazing 10th birthday party ideas, your child will have a birthday they'll never forget.

10th birthday ideas

51+ Of The Best 10th Birthday Party Ideas & Themes

A good idea for a child's birthday party is to choose a theme that represents their interests and passions. Your big kid will have a wonderful time celebrating their big day if you provide these exciting party themes.

Below are a list of the best 10th birthday party ideas

  • Movie theme – Have a movie themed birthday party complete with props, decorations, and foods that all relate to your child's favorite films!
  • Superhero theme – Let your child become their favorite superhero for the day with this fun and action packed party theme.
  • Sports fan theme – If your child loves sports, have a sports-themed birthday party complete with games, food, and decorations all centered around their favorite sport.
  • Fairytale theme – Transport your child into a magical world of fairies and elves with this enchanting birthday party theme.
  • Beach party theme – Have your child's birthday party outdoors on the beach for an extra special and memorable celebration!
  • Pool party theme – Throw a pool party for your child and their friends for an afternoon of swimming, games, and celebrating!
  • Animal theme – Have a zoo themed birthday party with games, activities, and food inspired by different animals.
  • Musical theme – Throw a music-themed birthday party complete with instruments, karaoke, and dancing!
  • Carnival theme – Create a midway style carnival for your child's birthday party with games, food, and fun!
  • Pirate theme – Set sail on the high seas for a swashbuckling pirate themed birthday party!
  • Las Vegas theme – Bring the glitz and glamour of Las Vegas to your child's birthday party with this over-the-top theme.
  • Clothing party – Have your child's friends come dressed in their favorite clothes from a certain decade or style to create a cool fashion party.
  • Art party – Let your child and their friends unleash their creative side with an art themed birthday party full of painting, drawing, and crafting!
  • Scavenger hunt – Plan a fun scavenger hunt for your child and their friends to participate in as they race to find all the items on the list.
  • Video Game Theme – Throw a video game themed birthday party for your child and their friends complete with games, food, and decorations all inspired by their favorite gaming characters!
  • Science theme – Have a science-themed birthday party full of experiments and fun activities that will teach your child about the world around them.
  • Dinosaur theme – Let your child travel back in time to the age of the dinosaurs with this fun and educational birthday party theme.
  • Easter theme – Celebrate Easter early with an Easter themed birthday party complete with bunny ears, eggs, and all things related to the holiday!
  • Harry Potter Theme – Throw a Harry Potter themed birthday party for your child complete with wands, spells, and magical creatures!
  • Laser tag party – Have a birthday party where your child and their friends can run around and play laser tag to their heart's content.
  • Sleepover party – Throw a slumber party for your child and their friends and let the games, laughter, and fun commence!
  • Taco party – Celebrate Cinco de Mayo early with a taco themed birthday party full of Mexican food and decorations.
  • Minion theme – Celebrate your child's birthday with this fun and wacky Minion themed birthday party!
  • Fortnite Battle Royale Theme – Throw a Fortnite Battle Royale themed birthday party for your child complete with games, food, and decorations all inspired by the popular video game!
  • Barbie theme – Have a Barbie themed birthday party for your daughter and let her dreams come true with a day full of pink, glamour, and fun!
  • Tea party – Throw a tea party for your child and their friends complete with fancy hats, delicious food, and plenty of tea to drink.
  • Cupcake decorating party – Let your child and their friends have a blast decorating cupcakes for their birthday party.
  • Cake decorating party – Same as above, but with cake instead of cupcakes!
  • Ice cream sundae party – Have a sundae making extravaganza for your child's birthday complete with all the toppings they could dream of!
  • Pizza party – Who doesn't love pizza? Throw a pizza themed birthday party for your child and their friends and let the good times roll!
  • Gymnastics party – Have a gymnastics themed birthday party for your little athlete and let them have fun showing off their skills.
  • Baking party – Bake some delicious treats with your child and their friends for a fun baking themed birthday party.
  • Slumber party – Same as sleepover party, but with less structure. Let your child's friends come over and do whatever they want!
  • Princess party – Throw your daughter a princess themed birthday party and let her dreams come true with a day full of pink, glamour, and fun!
  • Pajama party – Have a pajama party for your child and their friends and let the games, laughter, and fun commence!
  • Superhero theme – Let your child become their favorite superhero for a day with this fun and action-packed superhero themed birthday party!
  • Pirate theme – Have a pirate themed birthday party for your child and let them sail the seas in search of buried treasure.
  • Monster theme – Throw a monster themed birthday party for your child and their friends and let the games, laughter, and fun commence!
  • Silly theme – Go wild with a silly themed birthday party for your child and their friends that is sure to have them laughing all day long!

10th birthday ideas

Top 10 Birthday Themes

Below are the top 10 birthday themed parties we have been too and we have been to a lot of them.

  1. Lego Theme – this can be as elaborate or simple as you want it to be. You can get bulk legos on ebay that are relatively cheap. This is all we did for our daughters birthday then you can get some themed legos like Star Wars or Frozen. They sell them by the 1,000 piece sets or in lbs so get a bunch and worst case you can always resell. Make sure you have some simple projects lined up for the kids to build. You can simply google easy lego projects for young kids and a bunch will come up.
  2. Fairy Tales – the best time to get your supplies is immediately after Halloween when all costumes are on sale for like 90% off. Stock up then if you can on all the prince and princess costumes along with any other fairy tale characters. From there you can get some simple backdrops to use along with a fort castle that you can have already built or you build it. You can incorporate the fairy tale as much as you want maybe a scavenger hunt that goes along with the movie for that fairy tale. Sky is the limit with this one.
  3. Magic – have a magician come and do a magic show these are the best and there are many good ones out there. Get some magic kits for the kids with simple tricks the magician can also teach them. Have a wand making party and set up a photo booth with some fun props. It will be like you are right in the middle of Harry Potter world. Harry Potter themed will work amazing for this as well.
  4. Superhero – these are always popular and there are many great themes out there that you can go with. If your child is into superheroes then this is the perfect theme for them. You can go all out with this one or keep it simple. If you are going to have a cake make sure it is a superhero cake. There are some great ones out there on the internet. Again the best time to get outfits would be the day or week after Halloween when things are 90%+ off.
  5. Backyard Movie Night – you can never go wrong with the supplies you need for a Backyard Movie night. Yes you can hire somebody to set everything up for ya for a one time fee. But why not buy it yourself for probably around the same price and get to use it over and over. The basics that you need are a screen, projector and a fire stick. You have a couple options with the screen the more durable the better. The projectors now are pretty cheap and all are in HD around $100-400 is how much they cost. Firt stick are around $20.
  6. Video Game – they have actual vans and buses that you can go with that are amazing. But even having a gaming tournament at the house or somewhere would be great too. Will really depend on what kind of games they are into. Most kids having gaming systems so it will probably just come down to the games if you go this route. Games you can still rent or they have cloud gaming as well.
  7. Dinosaur theme – These work best if you can time it with a traveling dinosaur park called Jurassic Quest. They put on quite the show and have so many activities. You need to simply buy your tickets which are around $20 (discount for bigger groups). They have lots of dinosaur exhibits, inflatables, can ride dinos, etc. Along with food there as well.
  8. Animals – you can use your imagination for this themed birthday. You can use real animals or fantasy ones like unicorns. We actually went to a zoo like place called animal adventures that had animals you can pet and feed. Along with private showing for the kangaroos and such. You can always bring the petting zoo to you as well, but going to the zoo is probably the best option.
  9. Movie Themed – this falls in line with the super heroes and fairy tale-themed, but this can be all just about one movie. Ours of course was about frozen so had the whole gang at our birthday party. Star Wars is one of the best ones we have been too with light saber competitions along with laser tag.
  10. Sports Themed – this can be a lot of fun, but be ready to use up all your energy joining in with the sports to be played. We just played wiffle ball, kickball, cornhole, badminton, soccer, and basketball. The supplies for these aren't too bad and we use for our family reunions and other parties still. Add slip and slides to the kickball to add some extra fun.

Final Thoughts

With so many great 10th birthday ideas to choose from, it can be hard to decide on just one. But whichever theme you choose, make sure that it is something your child will enjoy and be excited about. These 51+ fun and unforgettable 10th birthday party ideas are sure to create memories that last a lifetime!

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