40th Birthday Gifts for Your Wife: Unique Ideas on a Significant Day

Your 40th birthday is a significant event, and you deserve to celebrate with your best friend! 40th birthday gift ideas for wives are hard to find. There are so many options out there that it can be overwhelming. That’s why we’ve done all the work for you! We have 40th birthday gift ideas for wives, including unique gifts and experiences she'll never forget.

Doesn't matter how long you have been with your wife it is always tough coming up with the perfect gift for her. This is not only a big day it can be a difficult day with her turning the big 4-0. So make sure you come up with the perfect 40th birthday gift for your wife!

We have found 40th birthday gifts that she will love and cherish forever. You don't need to break the bank or go into debt over a great 40th birthday present for her. Remember this is about showing your appreciation, kindness and most importantly you showing how much you care for your 40-year old wife.

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What are the 40th birthday ideas for wives?

We have compiled a list of 40 presents she will love and cherish forever, so you don't need to worry about not finding the perfect present! We’ve searched high and low across Australia and found 40 unique 40th birthday gifts for her.

Here are 40th birthday gift ideas for wives that will make her 40 feel like the new 20!

  1. A day of pampering at a luxury spa
  2. Tickets to a show or concert she's been dying to see
  3. Customized jewelry with your initials or wedding date on it
  4. A 40th birthday weekend away
  5. A 40th birthday photo album of all your memories together
  6. A 40th anniversary trip to where you first met and fell in love!
  7. A 40th birthday party with all of her closest friends
  8. A 40th birthday cake that is specially made and decorated for her
  9. A 40th birthday gift basket filled with her favorite things!
  10. Personalized stationery with a note from you on each item
  11. Customizable wine glasses with the date of her birth and your names on it
  12. A 40th birthday trip to a wine country to learn about the winemaking process
  13. A day of pampering at home including her favorite food, drinks and massage!
  14. Framed photos of you both from your wedding day and throughout the years!
  15. Home baked cookies or cake with 40 candles
  16. A vacation getaway with her closest friends
  17. Birthday party with exactly 40 people there with 40 presents and stick with the 40's theme as much as possible
  18. A romantic night away from the kids overnight stay if possible.
  19. 40 handwritten tickets for things you can do like a massage, cook dinner, clean the dishes, clean the house, do the laundry. She will love this.
  20. Classes for her favorite thing to do: painting, cooking, spin classes, etc
  21. High-End Dinner
  22. Adventurous Excursion
  23. A Trip
  24. City Tour
  25. Tickets to her favorite concert
  26. Subscription Club For Monthly Gifts
  27. Wine Tasting
  28. Surprise Dinner Party
  29. 40th Anniversary Trip To Where You First Met
  30. Custom 40 Year Old Portrait/Picture
  31. Photo Album of All Your Memories Together
  32. Framed Photos of You Both From Your Wedding Day and Throughout The Years!
  33. A 40th birthday party with all of her closest friends
  34. Tickets to a Show or Concert She's Been Dying To See
  35. Customized Jewellery With Your Initials Or Wedding Date On It
  36. 40 Personalised Letters For Her 40-Year-Old Birthday (Not Numbers)
  37. Framed Photos Of You Both From The Day You Got Married
  38. Flower sent to her and her mother thanking them both for doing all that they do and mother for producing the most beautiful woman in the world
  39. A 40th birthday cake that is specially made and decorated for her
  40. Weekend Away At A Resort/Hotel
  41. Personalized Wine Glasses With The Date Of Her Birth And Your Names On It

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Getting Pampered At A Luxury Spa

Any wife definitely wants this 40th birthday gift! If you can afford it, book you both in at the spa for a full day of pampering. She will love being able to have some nice relaxation time with her 40-year old self and enjoy every second of this 40th birthday gift from you. If she has one close friend or maybe her mom maybe just do the both of them as well if she doesn't like doing things by herself.

Tickets To A Concert

This will be tougher to only do as a gift for her so you are going to have to go or her friends. So make that decision talk to her friends or mom and see what she is really interested in as far as singers go and what arena maybe. Or look at outdoor concerts and festivals to go to.

Customized Jewelry

Make this as much about her as possible put her birthdate, your wedding date, the first time you met date. Get your daughter or sons birthstone, her birthstone, mom or dads birthstone and of course yours in there somewhere. Along with a message or quote that reminds you of your relationship together. Do this on a ring, bracelet, or necklace or combine all three.

Weekend Getaway

If you have kids this is something you are going to have to feel out a bit. Does she need a break from the kids? Would she really enjoy herself if she is away from the kids? If yes plan a weekend away somewhere close that is more of an adult resort with adult entertainment if she likes that. Or a weekend getaway to a cabin and the great outdoors. If the kids aren't going anywhere go somewhere where they have daycare to watch the kids for a few hours while you get some alone time.

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Photo Album Of Memories Together

A great and simple way to do this is just for the last year before she turned 40. If you want to get in-depth find a picture from every year she has been alive that is really overkill but she will appreciate it. Want something else that will be fance get on a photo site like even Walmart and get her a calendar for the next year or maybe a throw blanket or collage. So many things that you can have somebody else do for a decent price that looks amazing.

Trip To Where You First Met

This can be really amazing especially if you were younger when you first met so it can bring back those great memories of youth and being younger. Hopefully it is somewhere somewhat romantic. Ours is right down the road from our farm at another farm so wouldn't work to well. But try to plan a weekend over overnight stay there if you can.

Surprise Birthday Party

Most women and men will definitely not like this, but it is okay to do for their 40th and they will get over it and appreciate if you do it right. Make sure it isn't too big just close friends and family and on a day when she is away or working that evening afterward. Can just be a quick dinner and cake doesn't have to be an all out party.

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Special Cake For A Special Day

Make the cake extra special by having a professional do it maybe with something from her childhood that brings back memories. For me it would be a horse-themed cake with maybe a woman riding a horse barrel racing on top of an arena-style cake. Since she used to do high school rodeo back in the day.

Big Birthday Basket

Now you can buy something from an online site all packaged which is great, but it can be pricey. If you can get a bunch of different things put together that she loves like: chocolate, lotions, perfume, shampoo, snacks, gift card, activities, etc. She will love the personalization if you put the time into it.

Personalized Stationery

Notepads yes notepads. If they are personalized everytime she uses them she will think good thoughts about you. This is a simple gift so you will definitely want to combine this maybe in a basket gift.

Customized Wine Glasses

Maybe your wife is a wino who loves that nightly glass after work or a long day. Also maybe with dinner so get some glasses that she can think about you while doing so. Don't forget some bottles of her favorite wine. Yes I said bottles as in plural as your wife deserves it.

Wine Country

This will depend on where you are here in the northeast where we live we have wineries just north of us. They do wine tastings and it is a big deal. Set this up with a limo, bus, van or whatever it may be with a designated driver so you guys can have some fun. The more people the better for this event. Drink lots of water.

Don't Go Anywhere

Give her a day at home of pampering if she doesn't like to go out. Clean the house, cook her breakfast, lunch, and dinner of course with some amazing dessert (along with cake). Favorite foods, drinks and a little massage get your practice in for the massage. Watch some videos read a book she will definitely appreciate it.

Photos From Wedding Day To Present Day

Frames photos of every year from being married on. This could be very easy of course if you haven't been married but if you have been married since 20 it may get a little tough. Tough isn't bad and will be appreciated much more though.

Baked Goods Go A Long Way

Don't like to cook? That's fine show your wife you love her by doing so. Just make sure you do a good job. Cook up some of her favorite recipes especially the cake and sweets she loves herself. Trust me this is the way back to her heart and she will be very happy.

Vacation With Her Friends

This might not be one to pull off especially on a budget. Maybe she has one close friend that will make it easier. Send them away for a day or two to some resort to do some shopping and have fun. This will send her over the edge with joy and love.

40's Theme Birthday Party

This will depend on how happy she is about her age, but you can stick to an all 40's theme. Invite 40 guests, 40 gifts, have 40 shirts all the same, etc. You can go as far as you want with this theme.

Romantic Night Away From Kids

So if you have kids we all need that break so this is that time to take that break. Take the kids over to the grandparents or siblings for the weekend and just get away for a bit. It will be worth it trust me.

Tickets For Everything

I am sure you have seen these tickets you can buy for certain things like doing the dishes, massage, laundry, etc. But women do really love this so they can get some time to relax. So fill out 40 ideas with duplicates of course especially when it comes to the massage.


If she wants to learn about something or loves doing things in a classroom format this is the thing to get her. It may be something a little different like a paint and sip party with her friends you organize. Yoga classes, cooking classes, fitness classes, spin classes, it doesn't matter as long as she will enjoy it.

High-End Dinner

A night out on the town with a nice expensive dinner. Get all dressed up and make sure you are dressed to impress because you know she will be. Maybe get her a dress if you know her size to wear out or at least get her favorite dress ready if you want it to be a surprise. Get ready to wine and dine never mentioning the price of anything.

Adventurous Excersion

If she likes the outdoors this could be for her. We always wanted to do a cattle drive where you get on horses and drive steer sleeping under the stars. Sounds romantic doesn't it lol. But whatever she wants to do maybe a hiking trip to some waterfalls, an overnight 4wheeler ride, skys the limit.

Just A Trip

It doesn't have to be a trip it can be any kind of trip. I remember my wife and I went years before we realized we hadn't been on a trip or date for so long. Then we just made a quick trip upstate from where we are to some beautiful waterfalls, hit up an apple farm and called it a day. Wasn't anything spectacular, but it doesn't have to be.

Tour of The City

Tour the city she has always wanted to tour or grew up in. Whatever you think she will love and then finish it off with dinner and a nights stay. New York City is the closest big city for us, but there are other further south just map it out and set it up.

Tickets To A Vegas Concert

This may be tough because may involve a flight or a long drive plus overnights stays, etc. But there are many concerts that you can see out there that you can't see anywhere else anymore like George Strait, Garth Brooks, Britney Spears, and Usher. You can make an entire night of it mixed in with some gambling if that is what you are into.

Subscription Club Gifts For Her A Plenty

The gift that keeps on giving. This can be anything like a game night a month, Ipsy, makeup, etc. There are clubs for every kind of woman including things like: stitch fix, fabfitfun, sips by, trade coffee, the bouqs co., Martha Stewart Win Club, Haus, Hello Fresh, The Sill, Book Of The Month, Kinder Beauty Box and the list goes on and on. Literally just google “what they love” and “monthly club subscription”.

Custom Potrait

Maybe you have that one pic that you both love while why not get it blown up into a full size poster portrait that you can hang somewhere in your house. You can even do a lot of photoshop-styled things to it to make it look very interesting like a move-style poster.

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Final Thoughts

These are just some of the top things we like. If you have other ideas let us know by emailing admin@healthyforbetter.com. You can combine any of these as well and the more you combine the happier she will be. Just be careful because she may expect the same or more in the future.

40th birthday ideas for a wife are always difficult to find. 40 is such an important number and you want to give her something that she will remember forever. Whether you're looking for 40th Birthday Gifts For Your Wife Ideas or 40 Inexpensive 40th Birthday Gift Ideas, we have what you need! We've compiled the best gift ideas from our blog posts and put them together in one handy list of 40 things your wife may like on this significant day.

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