Can I Do Deadlifts With A Curl Bar? (Real Weightlifter Opinions)

Deadlifts are a great workout and shouldn't be skipped if possible every week. Especially if you plan on becoming a powerlifter or pushing for huge gains with the big 3 (bench, squat, deadlift). If you don't have the right equipment in the beginning there may be some work arounds we can show you below.

So can you do deadlifts with an EZ Curl Bar?

Deadlifts are easy to do with an EZ Curl Bar. All you do is use a double overhanded grip with your feet around shoulder width apart and perform a normal deadlift motion. You unfortunately cannot do the sumo lift. Make sure to still keep your knee's slightly bent with your chest up and back straight before you begin your lift and as you lower. Start with lighter weight before increasing to make sure you can maintain form. 

There are many other alternatives to deadlift outside of EZ Curl bars as well if you don't have the equipment you can still get the job done.

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deadlifting with ez curl bar

EZ Curl Bar Deadlift

Well we didn't want you to only take our word for it on the EZ Curl Bar Deadlifts and how effective they can be. So we went out and asked actual weightlifters to get their opinions on this matter. This information was curated from several different forums, websites and Facebook Groups. The only thing that has been changed is any spelling or grammar where needed.

Real Weightlifters

1. NoExit “Watch out for weight limit” – I wonder what the weight limit on an EZ curl is, and what kind of look-of-disapproval you'll get for bending (straightening?) the hell out of it. If you are deadlifting at a decent weight. You might bend the EZ Curl Bar.

2. Manusson “Pickup old Olympic bar” – Not a good idea. Just take an unused Olympic bar from anywhere.

3. Tree-eeeze “I don't recommend it” – I don't recommend it. If there is a spare Olympic bar on the incline bench that rarely gets used just take it. How the hell someone could “disapprove” of that I don't know. Anyway, I monopolize the sh*t out of the powerrack at my gym because it has the only bar. I am more than willing to let people work in though. I don't see the EZ curl being a valid option for deadlift. It's going to make the grip too awkward.

4. Optamix “I have done it” – I've used that same bar several times. Seen other people do it too. You'll be fine.

5. Weighter1234″Better than Smith Machine” – I'm not sure how beneficial the smith would be; most of the people in the know dislike it. I would go with the EZ bar IF you can find a comfortable grip position. You should be starting fairly light anyways, so grip shouldn't be a huge factor at first. You should try to switch to a straight bar at some point though. Smith sucks for conventional deadlifts. However, I sometimes use it for stiff-leg deadlifts to mix things up; it's decent for really isolating glute/hamstring drive.

6. Exampo12 “EZ perfect for DL's” EZ Curl bar is perfect for deadlifts imo, used it on the 2nd day i did deadlifts because squat racks were all full and I didn't want to struggle with an olympic bar, but smith sucks for everything.. although I do it on alternate chest days, dumbbell bench the other, because I don't have a spotter

7. Soulshitter “DB's over EZ for DL's” –There's dumbbells though? I'd rather do dumbbell deadlifts than use the EZ bar

8. Mad_Physicist “Anything but EZ Bar” – If I were you I would start with rack pulls or deadlifts on the smith machine until you build up enough strength to do a full deadlift from the floor. You need to be a little bit strong to pull from the floor because the deadlift requires a 45lb (or 20kg) plate on each end of the bar to properly space the bar off of the floor. I personally wouldn't do deadlifts from with the ez bar because it'll probably set your wrists up at a weird angle.

9. Bannana “You can yes” – I have used both of these and either is a fine way to do deadlifts. I have at least two workouts that state specifically to use dumbbells for deadlifts on one day then the olympic bar on another day. As long as you are using correct form you are good. Using it will can be a pain in the but when you get to any reasonable amount of weight. The better option is to steal the bar off the bench and use that.

10. Y0urMom “Just keep good form” – As long as you are keeping good form, either should work fine. I've already used an EZ bar for Romania DL when in a pinch, not sure how well it would work for normal DL though.


57% of people that answered on using EZ Curl Bar for Deadlift answered they would or are okay with using it for this purpose. That is actually an overwhelming yes to the original question. Basically just always be working on your form and you shouldn't get hurt. You won't be able to do Sumo Deadlifts which I like to mix in from time to time, but that is okay.

What Bar Should I use For Deadlift?

When starting out with deadlift you should always start with the standard 7 foot Olympic Barbell. Use lighter bumper plates if you want to have the deadlift bar at the correct height or have it in an elevated position. Deadlift bars should be placed at the height they would be at with a standard 45 lb Olympic Weight plate.

If you don't have that option then use an EZ Curl Bar or a trap bar. If you only have dumbbells then use dumbbells just make sure you are keeping your form. You can even use resistance bands or a smith machine as a last resort. There are some cool resistance band kits out there that will get you some nice compound exercises.


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