Best Beachbody Workout After T25

Shaun T is an amazing trainer that can keep you motivated throughout the program. Even having said that you still need to like his style if you don't you can always go with another trainer if you do he has plenty of other options to continue on after you complete your T25 Beachbody Program.

So what is the best Beachbody program to do after T25?

After T25 you have two options depending on your goals stick with something Shaun T in this case we would suggest moving up to Insanity Max:30 for a 30 minute workout or Transform:20 for an intense 20 minute workout. If you are looking to skip the cardio and start lifting some weights go with LIIFT4 that is a mixture of intense lifting mixed in with high intensity interval training.

You also have a 3rd option and that is doing a Beachbody Hybrid workout. This way you can get the best of both worlds like LIIFT4 and Transform :20 Hybrid.

Transform 20 LIIFT4 Hybrid Calendar


What Should I Do After T25 According To BOD Users

We didn't want you to only take our opinion on what to do after T25 so we went out to Beachbody groups and gathered information from them as well. We curated this information and only changed spelling and grammar where needed.


1. Theresa “MBF” – Great program to do. I think Dec 18th is the regular release date. I got the early access. It might be exactly what you are looking for. Good luck.

2. Michelle “Transform 20 / LIIFT4 Hybrid” –Transform 20 / LIIFT4 hybrid is a great. Joel just shared his official liift4 and 10 rounds hybrid calendar on his Instagram. It looks pretty good.

3. Genesee “LIIFT4/10 Rounds Hybrid” – He just released a LIIFT4/10 Rounds hybrid. i just finished it. I loved it, it was out of my comfort zone and took me a week to feel coordinated but I plan to do again. I’m thinking of the hybrid with LIIFT4.

4. Emily “LIIFT4” – I’d suggest starting with just LIIFT4 and seeing what you think and then adding in something else if you feel you want more. LIIFT4 is definitely the perfect program to add things in depending on how you’re feeling and what you want! I love th

5. Katt “LIIFT4 Barre Blend Hybrid” – I did a LIIFT4 × Barre hybrid months ago. Highly recommend!

6. Kelly “LIIFT4 80 DO Hybrid”- I'm currently doing an 80DO + L4 hybrid… love it.

7. Becky “LIIFT4” – LLIFT4 alone …you can start with as low of weights as needed

8. Ashley “Insanity Max:30”

9. Kat “21 Day Fix” – 21 day fix is a good mixture of cardio and weights, you could try that or stick with what you're doing and add in running.

10. Ellen “21 Day Fix” –I personally hit a plateau after doing t25. I did 21 day fix and really stuck to the diet, I was able to lose 10 more stubborn lbs in 2 rounds. I’m a big fan of the program

11. Courtney “Core De Force” – You still want to incorporate strength if you’re trying to drop fat. CDF was my best results, and of course nutrition is most of it. But I’d let the idea of a goal number go away. Weight knows basically nothing about size or health. If you want to look toned, that means building strength and muscle, which are heavy.

12. Megan “Insanity Max:30” – Max:30 is way better to drop weight and tone faster and only 5 minutes longer

13.  Michelle “21 Day Fix” – 21,day fix, add in some extra cardio and weights if needed

14. Dawn “21 Day Fix Extreme” – I’m starting 21 day fix extreme today and I do cardio at the gym everyday.. sticking with the nutrition is key


LIIFT4 Hybrid – 36%

21 Day Fix – 28%

LIIFT4 – 15%

Insanity Max:30 – 12%

MBF – 9%

So as you can see LIIFT Hybrids were the overhwhelmingly favorite. So pick out a hybrid that interest you either the LIIFT4/Transform :20 above or a couple of the ones below. You should be able to do these as long as you have access to Beachbody On Demand. If you don't make sure you get the FREE TRIAL they have to get going on it.
LIIFT4 Barre Blend Hybrid Calendar LIIFT4 10 Rounds Hybrid Calendar



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